World ECDIS Day 2019: Challenges, Solutions, and Advantages of Digitization - 03/07/2019

World ECDIS Day (WED) has announced its 2019 event date - 25th September 2019, and programme outline. The 2019 conference, a one-day event in Hamburg, will look at insights and debate on ‘Digital Culture Beyond ECDIS’. The challenges, solutions, and advantages of digitization will be addressed with representatives of different stakeholder groups and the conference will be moderated by Capt. Paul Hailwood

World ECDIS Day brings together key stakeholders who are playing an important role in developing the future of marine electronic navigation. As a not-for-profit initiative, WED’s goal is to provide a forum for individuals engaged in the e-Navigation industry to openly and candidly discuss the challenges and opportunities in the sector.

Programme and Awards Ceremony

WED’s 2019 programme, now available at, will cover key developments in e-Navigation, including the digitization of navigation, compliance, voyage optimization, and risk assessment. ECDIS-related discussions, seminars, and workshops will also be open to attendees.

2019’s programme topics include:

  1. ECDIS - Essential for Digital Transformation
  2. Digital Transformation – Essential for Voyage Optimisation
  3. Voyage Optimisation – Essential for Compliance
  4. Compliance – Essential for Planning and Risk Assessment
  5. Risk Assessment – Essential for Autonomous Shipping

In addition to the conference programme, an evening Awards ceremony and reception will be made at a rooftop location close to the Elbe-river.

The first World ECDIS Day took place in Hamburg, Germany in 2015; aiming to be the only dedicated conference dealing with ECDIS, Electronic Navigational Charts and Digitalisation. The event is an industry initiative which brought together stakeholders involved in ENC production and its use.

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