Object recognition for side-scan sonar and video feeds

Finding something underwater is a challenging task, and side-scan sonars for seafloor imaging are the core tool for such missions. To identify an object, even an experienced operator sometimes spends hours reading the sonar images and must obtain visual data from different angles to get a better idea of the object in question. Naturally, the process can become exhausting, and leave the operator fatigued and prone to errors.

EvoLogics object recognition software brings AI technology to simplify the search for underwater objects: the AI-based system is an extra module that runs directly onboard EvoLogics Sonobot uncrewed surface vehicle and analyses raw side-scan sonar (or video camera) output.

Objects of interest are detected and visually highlighted in the operator’s control software onshore - all live during the mission.

The system can be trained for new object categories and opens new possibilities for automated search missions.