cover hydro international business guide 2017

The Hydro International Business Guide 2017 is a reference issue for the year. It has been created to support you with your business. Do you like it better to have the magazine in your hands? Get the print edition!

In this issue: 

  • GNSS Improvements for Offshore Applications
  • Trends in Hydrography
  • Company Profiles
  • Interviews with Leaders from the Business
  • Interviews with Leaders from Organisations
  • Interviews with Leaders from Education
  • And more!
GNSS Improvements

Page 6-11GNSS Improvements for Offshore Applications. Currently, there are four global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) available: GPS, Glonass, Beidou and Galileo. These satellites can be used directly, but accuracy is greatly improved when using orbit, clock and UPD correction signals. Read on for a more detailed description of the recent developments and the resulting accuracy of specifically the precise point positioning (PPP) real-time kinematic (RTK) solutions. Read now.

Trends in hydrography

Page 37-42: Trends in Hydrography. It’s often a cliché to say that everything offshore has changed since the introduction of GPS, but I really think it’s true, almost everything has changed since back then in the 1980s. The other transformational technology has been computers and computer processing that has totally and radically changed our lives. What lessons can we take when considering today’s technical developments, revolutions and the ever evolving trends? Read now.

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