Hydro International: Business Guide 2018

Hydro Business Guide 2018 cover

This years’ Business Guide contains a mix of feature articles that will help you do better business in 2018! Topics we cover include recruitment and management for companies active in our industry, which is a very important factor in the successful lifecycle of a company. We also give you an update of the latest insights Hydro International gathered by surveying our community. How will the business develop in 2018 and beyond? 

In this issue: 

Optimistic Outlook for Hydrographic Market (p. 7)
5 Questions to... (p. 11)
Business Profiles (p. 17)
Hydrographic Data Science (p. 31)
General Management at Geo-ICT Companies and Data Acquisition Companies (p. 35)
Recruitment: Freelance Professional Staff Should Be More than Just Workforce (p. 41)

Optimistic Outlook for Hydrographic Market

Optimistic Outlook for Hydrographic MarketHow is the hydrographic profession doing as a business? Running up to the start of 2018, Hydro International decided to turn its sounder on and to listen to the voice of professionals. What do they think of the market position? What are the commonly-felt challenges? And what are opportunities in the near future? Does the sector have plans to expand and are there investment initiatives? We are proud to present the outcomes of our survey in this article. Read now...


Recruitment‘Must have GWOs and be able to mobilise in the next 24 hours for 3 – 4 week cable project based in UK waters’. How often do you see these words on an advertisement? Let’s consider this - is the fastest response the right response? Every day we see recruitment businesses posting advertisements online and on social media quoting URGENT, MUST HAVE, MOBILISE NOW! Of course, this often results in clients reaping the rewards of utilising a flexible workforce and having the skills when they need them. Read now...

Hydrographic Data Science

Hydrographic Data ScienceModernisation and new thinking are being applied to dramatically change the way hydrography is collected, processed and served out to users. With new techniques and equipment in constant development it is possible to see hydrographers who are office bound and do not go to sea at all. This article provides you with examples that are currently in use that point toward a significantly reduced hydrographic corps at sea. Read now...

General Management at Data Acquistion Companies

General Management at Data Acquisition CompaniesThis article is intended for current or future ‘ultimate responsible persons’ (URPs) within geo-ICT companies and data acquisition companies, and their advisors, including within geo-related units in the non-profit sector. The URP can differ from one company to another, although one can usually indicate this intuitively (director-major shareholder, managing partner, general manager, managing director, director, departmental manager, etc.). Read now...

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