Hydro International: March 2016

Hydro International magazine: March

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Main topics in the March issue are:
OI 2016 Gives Update on Ocean Technology 36
Raw Data as information Source
Telepresence Technology
Interview Rodney Norman
Acoustically Aided INS and Laser/Lidar
History: The Bering Sea Survey
Visited: JICA Group Training Course

Feature: OI 2016 Gives Update

OI 2016Page 36-53: Hydro International traditionally prepares a preview of Oceanology International so that you can prepare for the highlights of what businesses on the show floor will be presenting. These pages offer you a selection of the more than 350 companies from 32 countries that will be present at the trade show. The total surface is over 8,000m2 so consider wearing your walking boots!

Feature: Raw Data as Information Source

3D modelPage 16-22: For hydro- and topographic surveying companies it is common to gather data in the field and process it into formats for presentation. Nowadays, technology  provides more and more solutions that enable analysis of the extensive amounts of measured data points directly, instead of the post-processed data and figures. Hence, using the raw data with fewer processing steps

Feature: Telepresence Technology

Illustration of the ship-to-shore connectionPage 23-25: Telepresence, in this context, refers to the suite of technologies and operational methodologies required to allow key mission personnel to be located onshore while conducting ship-based oceanographic research and exploration. The technology required to support telepresence largely consists of a high-powered satellite-tracking antenna, advanced networking infrastructure, video/audio broadcast equipment and a suite of software tools for data sharing across the satellite network.

Interview: Rodney Norman, Project Coordinator

Rodney NormanPage 12-15: On 1 February 2016 a European consortium launched a new Horizon 2020 project: Blue Nodules. This project addresses the challenge of creating a viable and sustainable value chain to retrieve polymetallic nodules from the ocean floor. It will develop and test new highly automated and sustainable technologies for deep-sea mining that exert minimal pressure on the environment. 

ASV Global C-Enduro

ASV Global C-Enduro

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