Hydro International: May / June 2016

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Main topics in the May / June issue are:
The Art of Bathymetry
Oceanographic Research Vessels for Indonesian Navy

Insides of Side-Scan Sonar
Interview with Antti Castrén
History: Mountains in the Sea
New Tool to Process Sound
... and more

Feature: Oceanographic Research Vessels

The Ship RigelPage 26-29: In December 2013, SHOM and OCEA French shipyard decided to enter into a technical cooperation for the construction of two modern 60m aluminum hydrographic/Oceanographic research Survey Vessels (OSVs) ordered by the Indonesian Navy, after an international competition won by OCEA.  These two OSVs are dedicated to the exploration of Indonesian waters for a better knowledge of hydrography, oceanography, halieutic resources, and a better Exclusive Economic Zone supervisory.

Feature: The Art of Bathymetry

Multibeam WreckPage 18-21: Great advancements have been made in three dimensional printing over the last few years and have made an impressionable impact across a variety of industries. 3D printings’ versatility can be incorporated into any industry that has some form of three dimensional design. An exciting application is to model point clouds from survey techniques to create three dimensional scaled models for visualisation and communication. 

Insider's View: What's in a Name

Sir David Attenborough BoatPage 6: Research vessels are a huge investment. They are developed to meet current standards and even move the bar as they are also a national showcase of science and technology. The United Kingdom has been developing an Arctic icebreaker research vessel that will be operating in the North and South Poles exploring depths that are often hidden by a layer of ice, even though this layer is becoming thinner. The investment by the National Environment Research Council (NERC) amounts to GBP200 million. And of course, she needs a name

Feature: Insides of Side-scan Sonar

side-scan-sonarPage 30-33: Although today’s multibeam echo sounders come with a backscatter option the more traditional Side-scan Sonar (SSS) still has many advantages when it comes to bottom imaging. Over the past years, SSS technology has gone through an evolution rather than a revolution. 

ASV Global C-Enduro

ASV Global C-Enduro

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