Hydro International: October 2016

Hydro International Cover October 2016

The focus of the Hydro International October 2016 magazine is on underwater communication. You’ll find a broad range of articles on products, applications and applied techniques – in addition to regular columns like Insider’s View, History and news. Do you like it better to have the magazine in your hands? Get the print edition!

Main topics in the October issue are:
Underwater Wireless Video Communication
Subsea Internet of Things to Transform Amount of Information Available

Hydrography for Continental Streamflow Modelling
Can I Communicate With My AUV?
Bionic Solutions for Underwater Communication

Underwater Wireless Video Communication

Participant controls the AUVPage 20-22: This article presents the development, production and testing of wireless underwater acoustic video communications, which is unique in the world today. It also discusses the implementation of this technique on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles to perform inspections of underwater oil and gas pipelines. The achieved characteristics, limitations and upcoming prospects are presented.

Interview with Brendan Hyland

Photo of Brendan HylandPage 12-13: ‘Subsea Internet of Things’ to Transform Amount of Information Available. Hydro International interviews Brendan Hyland, founder of WFS Technologies: pioneers of underwater wireless communication.

Continental Streamflow Modelling

Tethys Streamflow Prediction Tool, showing Strimonis River basin in Bulgaria and Greece.Page 23-25: Hydrography for Continental Streamflow Modelling. Land surface hydrography now supports the modelling of continental-scale streamflow at high resolution and in near-real-time: 12 minutes for the USA.

Underwater Communication

Diver with EvoLogics systemPage 30-31: Bionic Solutions for Underwater Communication. EvoLogics GmbH is a private high-tech enterprise with headquarters in Berlin, Germany. The company designs and manufactures underwater information and communication systems, as well as hydroacoustic sensors. Its core values are rooted in bionic concepts that combine state of the art engineering with the best ideas found in nature.

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