Unmanned Systems Special 2016

cover Unmanned Systems Special 2016

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Main topics in the Unmanned Systems Special are:
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Oceans of Earthquakes - real-time detection
Autonomous Vessel as Enforcer
AUVs in Hydrography
Communicating with a AUV
Autonomous Vessel Delivers in Challenging Environment
... and more


Feature: Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Autonomous Underwater VehiclePage 12-14: This last year has seen an increase in Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) sales and prospects for new sales. The lower than usual oil price may be responsible for much of that growth. Faced with operating in an increasingly harsh market where cost efficiencies can be the difference between success or failure for a business, Oil and Gas companies have had to look for ways to operate profitably.

Feature: Oceans of Earthquakes

earthquakePage 15-17: - Real-time Detection of Seismic Event- Globally, the proliferation of sensors and resultant explosion of data is growing at exponential rates. Every digital device and sensor is expected to be available day/night to provide instantaneous results. This is possible if sensors are land or space based. This is not the case for ocean data. 

Feature: Autonomous Vessel as Enforcer

Autonomous Vessel Page 18-20: There are currently 13764 Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) jointly covering over 2% of the oceans. One such MPA is Malaysia’s newly formed Tun Mustapha Park comprising 1 million hectares of marine park and shark sanctuary in northern Borneo. Governance, management, effective real-time situational awareness and enforcement are essential for the preservation of the resources in these water spaces and especially the hundreds of fish species that they support. 

Feature: Communicating with a UAV

communicate with uavPage 24-27: The prospects for an increased future use of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) in the Maritime & Offshore sector are high, mainly due to the search for cost effectiveness. AUVs reduce the need for large crews, divers and vessels in the operational area. AUVs are already operational for bathymetric and environmental mapping, pipeline tracking and mine hunting, and there is a trend towards their use for inspection and environmental monitoring.