Fugro Marinestar to Sponsor Hydrographic Data Acquisition & Processing Weeks

Fugro Marinestar, provider of a range of GNSS positioning services worldwide tailored for the dredging and marine construction, navy and hydrographic, wind farm and oceanographic research sectors, has become official sponsor of the Hydrographic Data Acquisition & Processing Weeks organized by 'Hydro International'. The online event will consist of a dedicated web page, extra newsletters and the bumper-packed November-December issue of 'Hydro International', the global magazine for the hydrography industry. During the Hydrographic Data Acquisition & Processing Weeks (November 9 – December 21), which will be supported by an abundance of new articles, columns, Q&As, videos and other new content, the Hydro International community... (read more)
2020-10-21 02:59:09

Valeport Gets On Board with the Mayflower Autonomous Ship Project

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship, which is set to self-navigate across the Atlantic in Spring 2021, will be fitted with the new Valeport uvSVX and a Valeport altimeter to provide vital precise underwater depth data which will help to protect the vessel and the onboard technology on its epic journey. Sailing from Plymouth, UK, to Plymouth, USA, the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) will trace the route of the original 1620 Mayflower to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the famous voyage. With no human captain or crew, it will become one of the first full-sized, fully autonomous vessels to cross the Atlantic.... (read more)
2020-09-29 10:16:03

The Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project Enters New Partnership with IIC Technologies

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed between The Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project and IIC Technologies Ltd. The MOU establishes a new partnership between Seabed 2030 and IIC Technologies in recognition that both parties are working to increase humanity’s understanding of the world’s oceans. Seabed 2030 is a collaborative project between The Nippon Foundation and GEBCO to inspire the complete mapping of the world’s ocean by 2030, and to compile all bathymetric data into the freely available GEBCO Ocean Map. GEBCO is a joint project of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC), and... (read more)
2020-09-22 09:54:59

Valeport Launches New Sensors for Subsea Survey and ROV/AUV Operations

Valeport, a leading manufacturer of oceanographic and hydrographic instrumentation, has further expanded its portfolio’s capability with the launch of two new sensors for ROVs/AUVs and subsea surveys. Valeport has launched the new miniIPS2 and new uvSVX, which both offer operationally specific interchangeable pressure transducers that deliver enhanced accuracy for specific depth ranges. These field-swappable sensor heads make it easy for users to select the correct pressure range for their work and offer increased accuracy at any depth, alongside streamlining benefits to users who previously required different instruments for shallow and deep water.  Interchangeable Pressure Module The smart miniIPS2 underwater pressure... (read more)
2020-09-22 09:18:06

Largest Planned Tidal Stream Project in the World

Marine Mammal Monitoring Equipment Undergoes Intensive Subsea Testing
Balmoral Subsea Test Centre in Aberdeen, Scotland, has carried out hydrostatic tests on equipment that will be used to monitor the interaction between tidal turbines and marine mammals in the Pentland Firth. This project is currently the largest planned tidal stream project in the world and is the only commercial multi-turbine array to have commenced construction, explains Steve Gibb, group public relations manager at the Balmoral Subsea Test Centre. The linear actuators that were tested form part of a marine mammal monitoring station anchored to the sea floor. Utilizing both passive and active acoustic tracking techniques, the station will collect... (read more)
2020-08-24 10:09:15

Using the Apache Unmanned Survey Vessel

Techniques in Bathymetric Survey
This paper explores the various features of the Apache USV series for efficient seafloor-level mapping. The CHCNAV hydrographic survey software is used for data recording and analysis. It provides results in the form of 3D models of the ground, contours and depth. (This story is brought to you by CHCNAV) Bathymetry is the study and mapping of the seabed or lake bed. It consists of obtaining measurements of the depth of the ocean or lakes and is equivalent to the mapping of the Earth’s topography. In general, only limited information is known about the seabed and lake beds. Existing maps... (read more)
2020-08-05 10:38:58

Beagle Gulf Hydrographic Survey in Full Swing

Precision Hydrographic Services (PHS) has recently been contracted by the Australian Hydrographic Office (AHO) to undertake a hydrographic survey in Beagle Gulf, located in the Northern Territory of Australia, to determine the local bathymetry for navigational purposes. The hydrographic survey is taking place between the beginning of July 2020 and the end of August 2020, with two survey vessels, the Limitless and PHS Zephyr, both displaying flags (India over Romeo – conducting survey operations) while undertaking survey. The survey will be measuring oceanographic parameters including currents, tides and wave height in the immediate area, with oceanographic measurements recorded by utilizing... (read more)
2020-07-28 08:57:09

COVID-19 Threatens to Create Failings in Understanding Climate Change

Governments and oceanographic institutes all around the world have recalled nearly all of their oceanographic research vessels to home port due to COVID-19, and the impact on the ability to observe the ocean has been dramatic. According to the International Oceanographic Commission (IOC), this disruption in observation creates an ocean-data blind spot that could disrupt weather forecasts and hamper our understanding of climate change. Even where autonomous equipment such as moored buoys (fixed instruments that scan the whole water column from seafloor to the sea surface to provide a wide array of ocean data) or Argo floats (free-drifting floats that... (read more)
2020-06-29 04:17:37

Pushidrosal Prepared Safe Routes for Lombok and Sunda Strait

The Indonesian Hydrography Office (Pushidrosal) conducted large hydrographic surveys between 2016 and 2017 to obtain full coverage of bathymetry and other required hydro-oceanographic data of the Sunda Strait and the Lombok Strait. The survey used modern methods and equipment from KRI RIGEL - 933 and KRI SPICA - 934, not only for study material and design exercises for the new Traffic Separation Schemes (TSS), but also to provide a high level of trust for international navigation in both straits. New TSS and other routing measures in the Sunda Strait and the Lombok Strait, all in accordance with the United Nation Convention on the... (read more)
2020-06-26 12:55:34

COVID-19 and Deep Ocean Research

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, several researchers around the world have initiated investigations to understand the correlation between virus dispersion and environmental factors such as climate change and the anthropogenic impact in the modification of ecosystems, as well as the risk of new pandemics appearing. In this scientific field – so relevant to humanity – it is necessary to take into account oceanic research and consider investigations in the deep areas of the oceans. In the abyssal zones of the oceans, as is well known to the oceanographic community, thermohaline circulation takes place, which slowly renews the water masses in all the... (read more)
2020-06-18 02:12:16
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