Beidou Satnav System Operational

On 27th December 2011, Chinese officials confirmed that the country's Beidou satellite navigation system was operational, albeit mainly in China, and on track to meet the goal of offering free, global coverage by 2020. At a press conference, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation said that Beidou is providing location data and SMS messaging using a network of ten satellites currently in orbit, and another six launches are planned for 2012.     Once fully operational, they should cover most of the Asia/Pacific region, and will form the backbone of a global system of over 30 satellites that should... (read more)
2011-12-28 10:14:13

CenterPoint RTX Post-processing Service Adds Galileo and BeiDou MEO Satellite Preview

Trimble, USA, released a preview version of its CenterPoint RTX post-processing service at ION GNSS 2013, enabling GNSS observations using available Galileo and BeiDou Middle Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites. Powered by Trimble RTX technology, the free CenterPoint RTX post-processing service provides better than centimetre-level positions. The existing CenterPoint RTX post-processing site uses data from the GPS, GLONASS, and QZSS satellite systems. Through a link accessible from the post-processing website, users can enter a preview site and derive positions that also use data from available open service Galileo and BeiDou MEO satellites. With the addition of Galileo and BeiDou MEO support,... (read more)
2013-09-19 09:00:11

Fugro Launches G4 Satellite Positioning Augmentation Service

Fugro has further extended its technology leadership in the field of GNSS augmentation systems for offshore positioning applications with the launch of its G4 service. The satellite correction service is the first to take advantage of all four global navigation satellite systems (GNSS): GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo. GNSS augmentation services improve position accuracy compared with unaided GNSS receivers. By using all available GNSS satellites, Fugro’s G4 service is designed to improve availability and reliability of offshore positioning and will thus enhance the safety and productivity of a wide range of survey and other activities offshore. G4 represents an advancement... (read more)
2015-02-17 09:22:02

Fugro’s G4 Satellite Correction Service Optimises Latest Galileo Launch

Users of Fugro’s G4 satellite correction service will be among the first in the world to benefit from Galileo’s ‘initial services’ launch. This week, Fugro takes full advantage of Galileo’s operational milestone. The launch of Europe’s satellite navigation system’s new ‘initial services’ capability means that all Fugro’s G4 satellite correction service users will instantly benefit from much greater accuracy and reliability. Fugro’s G4 service, launched in February 2015, was the first to utilise all available global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) – GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou. From its launch date the service was prepared for Galileo and Fugro’s G4 users now... (read more)
2016-12-19 10:06:19

Integrated GNSS Survey Receiver Improvements

Trimble, USA, is applying functionality updates to its integrated GNSS survey receiver portfolio, which includes the Trimble R4, Trimble R6 and Trimble R8 GNSS systems and is rounded out by the recently released Trimble R10 GNSS system. The updates include increased satellite tracking and Real Time Kinematic (RTK) performance. These improvements modernise the integrated receiver portfolio to add functionality, flexibility and capability as well as more options for surveyors. Trimble R8 GNSS System As an industry-leading GNSS system, the Trimble R8 includes integrated Trimble Maxwell 6 ASICs offering 440 channels. Powered by Trimble 360 technology, the Trimble R8 provides consistent... (read more)
2013-02-28 09:03:52

GNSS Receiver for Time and Frequency Transfer Applications

Septentrio has launched a GNSS receiver for dedicated time and frequency transfer applications: the PolaRx5TR. The PolaRx5TR has 544 hardware channels and supports all major satellite constellations including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS and IRNSS. A calibration circuit is incorporated into the PolaRx5TR to measure and compensate for the internal delay. This feature removes the need for calibration using external equipment and ensures measurement latching is always accurately synchronised with the PPS input. Septentrio’s PolaRx5TR is compliant with the format CGGTTS version V2E of Consultative Committee for Time and Frequency (CCTF) recommendations. Also included as standard is Septentrio’s Advanced Interference... (read more)
2016-09-12 10:45:59

RTK-capable GNSS Compass Smart Antenna

Hemisphere GNSS has introduced the RTK-enabled Vector V320 GNSS Compass. The Vector V320 smart antenna supports multi-frequency GPS, GLONASS, Galileo (future firmware upgrade required) and BeiDou. Designed for the professional marine and marine survey markets, the Vector V320 is characterised as a multi-frequency, multi-GNSS, all-in-one smart antenna capable of both RTK-level positioning accuracy and better than 0.2° heading accuracy in a simple-to-install package. The Vector V320 is the latest in a popular line of GPS/GNSS compasses, including the multi-frequency, multi-GNSS Vector VS330 receiver as well as the Vector V102, Vector V103, and Vector V104 compass smart antennas. The Vector V320... (read more)
2015-04-14 09:57:48

PGS Chooses Fugro for Three-year Positioning Contract

Fugro has been awarded a three-year contract by PGS for the provision of precise satellite positioning systems for its entire seismic vessel fleet. PGS is a global provider of marine seismic and electromagnetic services, data acquisition, imaging, reservoir services and multi-client library data. Fugro will supply PGS vessels with a number of completely independent Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). These systems include Fugro’s recently launched Starfix.G4, its GNSS service utilising all available GNSS systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou), giving sub-decimetre accuracy - and Starfix.G2+, a global service offering centimetre accuracy in both position and height. In addition to precise... (read more)
2015-12-09 09:28:27

Training and GNSS Handbook

During the Oceanology International event in the UK, Skilltrade and N-Sea welcomed professionals and students at morning survey training sessions. Skilltrade also received several questions about certification and competence, as the market seems to be becoming increasingly aware of the new requirements. GNSS Handbook As the GPS Handbook had completely sold out, Skilltrade decided to create a fully revised edition: the GNSS Handbook. Back in 2007, only GPS was fully operational whereas nowadays there are also Glonass, Galileo and BeiDou. The first part of the revised handbook focuses on the general layout of GNSS, its errors and its practical use.... (read more)
2016-03-23 09:15:23

GNSS Improvements for Offshore Applications

Fugro Marinestar G4+ PPP-RTK Developments
Currently, there are four global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) available: GPS, Glonass, Beidou and Galileo. These satellites can be used directly, but accuracy is greatly improved when using orbit, clock and UPD correction signals. Fugro Satellite Positioning operates a worldwide network of more than 100 GNSS reference stations capable of tracking the GNSS. This network is used to calculate precise satellite orbit and clock corrections for all four constellations in real-time for hydrographic applications. The corrections are broadcast to the maritime users by geostationary L-band satellites providing worldwide coverage. This article describes recent developments and the resulting accuracy of specifically the... (read more)
2016-11-29 02:10:57
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