Thales Tool for ArcGIS Users

Thales GeoSolutions (Pacific) has introduced a new export utility, DXF Page Exporter, providing ESRI ArcGIS users with the ability to export a map frame or a page layout as a DXF file. In addition to enabling Geographic Information System (GIS) users to export data to DXF files, DXF Page Exporter now allows the export of a map to a DXF file at the same time, preserving the map symbology. DXF Page Exporter can export layouts and map frames from ArcMap, preserving line widths, line types, polygon fills and hatches. Layouts and map frames can be exported in inches or millimetres,... (read more)
2004-02-13 12:00:00

Grensmaas Project: River Survey for Flood Control

The planned widening of the Dutch Maas river (Meuse) represents a landscape correction that will prevent future flooding. Gravel barriers are being prepared in order to buffer any additional flow. Hydrography is imperative in this region. The river will be at its widest point at the town of Itteren.   PS Survey performed the underwater surveys. A sounding vehicle moved across the surface using multibeam sonar to collect millions of points to profile the river floor in 3D. These points were then imported into Pythagoras CAD software which converted the point-cloud into a digital terrain model (DTM).   Because of... (read more)
2011-09-29 12:00:00

HYPACK Enters UAV Data Collection Era

HYPACK, USA, has partnered with Infinite Jib, Velodyne and SBG to provide a mapping solution that represents a next evolution in the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market: NEXUS 800 UAV. This solution, powered by HYPACK, represents a full end-to-end solution, seamlessly harmonising Lidar data with photogrammetry. The NEXUS 800 is a turnkey system that integrates hardware and software to provide an advanced and seamless solution for Lidar survey planning, data acquisition, post processing and analysis and product creation. Powered by the HYPACK-HYSWEEP mapping software, the operator can plan, acquire, and process the Lidar and Photogrammetry data onboard a high powered Windows... (read more)
2016-10-25 08:51:57

Contract for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Marport has been awarded a contract valued at approximately CAD1 million to supply its SQX-1 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) to an international geodetic survey company. Karl Kenny, CEO of Marport said that no work in the offshore industry can proceed efficiently without proper subsea survey information. From initial surveys, through to the commissioning of offshore installations and pipelines, survey data is the critical link between the various pieces of a complex infrastructure.     Marport's SQX-1 AUV is a hydro-dynamically stable platform designed for reliable performance and low life-cycle cost. Employing a propulsion and control system based on thrust vectoring,... (read more)
2009-07-08 01:27:48

NaviModel DTM Software

NaviModel software for ocean mapping, data analysis and interpretation provides intuitive 3D visualiasation of infinite survey data sets by import of multiple data formats and sources using user-defined templates. NaviModel includes features for data cleaning either manually or through use of advanced semi or fully automated tools as well as creation of own filters by use of plug-in function. Digital terrain models (DTM) are displayed in real-time fly-through fashion featuring different color modes and palettes in addition to adjustment of light source. Difference models and volume calculations are visualised by colouring the resulting DTM in difference modes. Terrain manipulation is... (read more)
2010-02-18 09:34:00

ONR Extends Seebyte PATT Contract

SeeByte has been awarded a twelve month contract extension through the Office of Naval Research (ONR). PATT is a Performance Analysis & Training Tool developed by SeeByte which can be used to effectively evaluate Mine Counter Measure (MCM) capabilities.   The current ONR funded project was tasked with integrating the NSWC PC CAD/CAC software into SeeByte's PATT module and with the SeeTrack Military product. This contract extension to the current ONR funded project follows feedback from ONR and users of SeeTrack Military, and aims to target improvements to the current product.   The contract extension includes improvements to the current... (read more)
2008-08-05 12:40:23

Delivering a Subsea Lidar Virtual Reality Data Platform

3D at Depth, a global provider of advanced subsea Lidar systems and solutions, has partnered with iQ3Connect to deliver a new data visualisation tool to help clients build, maintain, map and monitor subsea assets, environments and resources. The partnership leverages the innovative features of 3D at Depth’s subsea Lidar data and the power of iQ3’s augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) platform to transform the value of offshore survey data. Powered by iQ3’s cloud-based software platform, customers can access 3D at Depth’s subsea Lidar data through a secure, optimised web-based portal. The technology creates an immersive VR environment with... (read more)
2017-12-12 10:23:04

Kraken Receives Canadian Development Grant

Kraken Sonar Systems Inc. will receive a non-refundable financial contribution of up to CAD1,470,000 from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP). In addition to technical and business advisory services provided by NRC-IRAP, the funding is being used to support the development of Kraken's underwater robotics programme, which involves development of a technology demonstration platform. The first phase of the programme will utilise the Fraunhofer Institute's DEDAVE autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) as the base platform. The AUV will be enhanced with hydrodynamic control system and payload upgrades. Karl Kenny, Kraken's president and CEO, said to appreciate... (read more)
2017-03-22 08:30:28

SeaZone Maps Route for Crossrail Waste and Helps RSPB

Crossrail has used detailed mapping of the Thames estuary from SeaZone to identify a safe and effective route for the transportation of waste material generated in the construction of a new railway for London and the southeast of England. The largest civil engineering project in Europe, the construction will generate 7.3 million cubic metres of surplus material. Crossrail has used detailed mapping of the Thames estuary from SeaZone to identify a safe and effective route for the transportation of waste material generated in the construction of a new railway for London and the southeast of England. The largest civil engineering... (read more)
2009-10-21 05:32:14

Oceanteam Boosts Multraship Commander

Oceanteam have secured the 57m Multraship Commander to boost the total resource capability package available from the company to its expanding client base. The Commander is available to support the operational activities with in-house facilities available for product enhancement and technology backup and development. The Bureau Verities certified DP1 Multraship Commander, measures 55.34m by 11.50m, with an operating draft of 3.5m. Main propulsion supplied by twin 370 KW Stork Werkspoors, a 468 KW bow and 350KW azimuth stern thrusters. With a capability for both DP1 and four-point mooring, the vessel is equipped for ROV operations, Oceanteam Carrera 4 trenching support... (read more)
2005-08-08 12:00:00
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