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The product survey on CTD Probes can be found in the Product Survey Section   (read more)
2011-07-18 02:05:09

Citadel CTD

Teledyne RD Instruments has stepped outside of its core Doppler technology with the introduction of their new Citadel CTD (Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth) product line. The comapny recently purchased the entire line of Conductivity, Depth, and Temperature (CTD) products from Falmouth Scientific Incorporated (FSI).   The CTD line includes the patented non-external inductive cell (NXIC) that has acquired a solid reputation for robust operation in shallow, fouling environments. This product line delivers technology that is complementary to Teledyne RD Instruments ADCP products. The addition of this product line represents an opportunity for Teledyne RD Instruments to expand its product offerings... (read more)
2009-09-14 12:28:19

CastAway-CTD Award

A new CastAway-CTD has been presented to a researcher and academic expert representing the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, United Kingdom. Dr. Simon Boxall accepted the CastAway during a brief presentation held August 2010. It is the first of two systems that were part of a special giveaway drawing, held earlier this year during Oceanology International 2010 (Oi10), London. Boxall's CastAway was among the first official batch of new systems shipped to dozens of customers. YSI European Regional Manager, Darren Hanson, was on hand for the official presentation and said Dr. Boxall is looking forward to using the CastAway in wider... (read more)
2010-09-21 04:04:07

Sea-Bird CTD Order

Ocean Scientific International (OSIL) has placed an order for three Sea-Bird SBE 911 CTD instruments and associated equipment for its client, the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD). The instruments replace the existing CTD suite on UK ships in order to maintain the MoD’s capability in high-quality oceanographic data collection. OSIL is currently under contract to the MoD to support its oceanographic operations, with the service, repair and calibration of CTDs and salinometers along with personnel training.   (read more)
2010-03-22 11:46:56

Geo-matching.com Adds CTD Systems

Geo-matching.com has recently added ‘CTD Systems’ to its product categories. The added category currently features 35 CTD systems from 11 different manufacturers. In addition to general specifications, detailed information is given about the sensors, observation performance, recording and display and software functionality. In the CTD Systems products group users also can search on characteristics and add their own experiences in reviews.  Geo-matching.com is an independent product comparison website featuring detailed spec-based comparisons and user reviews for more than 500 products. The website leads users through the maze of specifications and facilitates comparisation of products from different suppliers and read other professionals’... (read more)
2013-07-04 09:00:34

At-Sea Underway CTD Demonstration

Oceanscience will conduct a hands-on demonstration of the revolutionary Underway CTD system on Monday 5 May 2008 in Oceanside. Dr. Jochen Klinke will lead the at-sea demonstration; it promises a full day of operation and handling plus an in-depth look at CTD from a moving vessel.   Topics will include underway profiling principles, probe interface and control, data products and accuracy, and comparison with towed instruments and expendables. This is a must-attend opportunity if you are interested in making high quality CTD measurements. Boat space is limited so please assure your seat with Sandra Maring at +1 7607542400 x 12. (read more)
2008-03-20 11:20:42

New CTD Plus and New SV Plus

Updated versions of Applied Microsystems' CTD Plus oceanographic instrument and SV Plus sound velocity profiler will be commercially available by end-of-summer of 2004. Major new features of this release include: - Share Remote Sensors: any remote sensor purchased for use with the new Plus can be used with other Applied Microsystems Plus or Micro instruments - USB Data Download: the new Plus comes standard with USB download capability to accelerate access to data once the instrument has been removed from water. Access to the USB port is via a removable threaded cap, which will expose the USB connector. The USB... (read more)
2004-07-28 12:00:00

3’’ Micro CTD for Shirshov Oceanology Institute

FSI has, through its Russian representative, Technopole, shipped a 3” Micro CTD to the Shirshov Oceanology Institute of the Russian Academy of Science. The CTD will be deployed in the Baltic Sea, up to 500 meters. The CTD was equipped with various sensors including an AMT Dissolved Oxygen sensor, AMT pH sensor, Seapoint Chlorophyll Fluorometer sensor and Seapoint OBS/Turbidity sensor. The FIS 3” Micro CTD is a high-accuracy CTD with either direct digital output or 2MB datalogging capability. (read more)
2004-05-27 12:00:00

CTD Sensor with Integrated UV Antifouling LED

A UV-LED (ultraviolet, 250-300nm @500µW, light-emitting diode) is integrated into the conductivity sensor quartz cell (patent pending) of Idronaut’s 305Plus CTD probe. The UV-LED sterilises the early growth of biofouling, thus eliminating environmental drift in a conductivity sensor. The Idronaut 305Plus CTD Probe complies with the European rules which do not permit the use of Tributyltin (TBT), a very toxic and poisoning (carcinogenic) substance which has been banned by the international government agencies. It is mandatory to protect any recessed conductivity cell, which presents a very small diameter and may get contaminated or even clogged. It also operates in polluted... (read more)
2014-12-22 09:15:00

New CTD, Multi-channel and Single-channel Loggers

Canada’s RBR is showcasing its new Generation³ CTD, multi-channel and single-channel loggers at Oi18. Generation³ is the complete renovation of the core product line, encompassing the standard loggers RBRvirtuoso, RBRduo, RBRconcerto and RBRmaestro, the compact loggers RBRsolo and RBRduet, and the standalone sensors RBRcoda.  Two primary factors can sum up RBR’s Generation³ instruments: 1) As an industry first, all RBR’s Generation³ instruments will now feature the USB-C connector as the standardised connector, making it easier for users to have one cable that fits all, and 2) Any type of AA batteries – from alkaline to lithium – can be used on every instrument. In addition, all... (read more)
2018-03-13 11:29:25
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