Research-grade CTD Profile to 2,000m in 50 Minutes

Technicians from NOAA’s National Data Buoy Center (NDBC, USA) working on the Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis (DART) project became the first UnderwayCTD users to attain a cast depth of 2,041m cast during a mooring service cruise on the M/V Bluefin in July 2012. Using the UnderwayCTD from a stationary vessel, a technique perfected by the NDBC technicians, represents the fastest way to gather true research-grade CTD data through the upper 2,000m of the water column. This record cast took 50 minutes from start to finish, beating the same group’s 1,563m cast a year earlier. Made possible by some... (read more)
2012-08-13 09:25:32

Idronaut Achieves Breakthrough with Ocean Seven 310 Multi Parameter CTD

Idronaut's Ocean Seven 310 multiparameter CTD represents a real breakthrough in the concept of miniaturisation, integration and performance. Thanks to the adoption of a new generation of electronic devices, the OS310 can interface with up to 14 analogue sensors and up to 2 digital sensors (see list) and can guarantee sampling rates up to 28Hz. The OS310 CTD can be easily integrated/adapted to third-party systems like floating profilers and/or oceanographic moorings, ROVs and AUVs. The OS310 does not require pumps or any other external device to flush the sensors, which minimises its power consumption. The OS310 is characterised by drift-free sensor... (read more)
2017-05-22 01:57:21

Winch and CTD Packages for Turkish Research Vessels

MacArtney Underwater Technology and Sea-Bird Scientific have joined forces to deliver four complete oceanographic instrumentation solutions to research vessel operators in Turkey. A common denominator for the type of oceanographic package procured by these Turkish research clients is the combination of MacArtney CORMAC Q winches and Sea-Bird Scientific CTDs and water-sampling systems. In addition to this, clients have opted to mix-and-match different instrumentation options including the range of optical and water quality sensors from WET Labs and Satlantic offered by Sea-Bird - to form turnkey CTD packages corresponding with their specific scientific measurement needs. In extension of this, all installation,... (read more)
2015-03-12 08:30:00

FSI’s Ships 3’’ CTD to Shirshov Oceanology Institute in Russia

FSI has recently shipped a 3” Micro CTD through its Russian representative, Technopole to Shirshov Oceanology Institute if Russian Academy of Science. The CTD will be deployed in the Baltic Sea up to 500 metres. The CTD was equipped with various sensors including an AMT Dissolved Oxygen sensor, AMT pH sensor, Seapoint Chlorophyll Fluorometer sensor and Seapoint OBS/Turbidity sensor. FIS’s 3” Micro CTD is a high-accuracy CTD with either direct digital output or 2MB datalogging capability. (read more)
2004-05-14 12:00:00

5th U.S. Navy Order For FSI’s DT-705/B CTD Sensor

Falmouth Scientific, Inc received its 5th quantity order for the U.S. Navy’s DT-705/B sensor. FSI developed and tested the unit under a Teaming Agreement with International Transducer Corporation (ITC) for use as time-of-flight sound velocity sensor on U.S. Navy submarines. The DT-705/B system uses a shock-hardened version of FSI’s patented non-external inductive conductivity sensor, which is commercially available as the FSI NXIC CTD. The U.S. Navy units are rated Class A naval equipment, capable of meeting the Critical Item Product Specification and environmental requirements. (read more)
2006-05-12 12:00:00

FSI Receives 4th Order for the U.S. Navy’s DT-705/B CTD Sensor

Falmouth Scientific, Inc. announced that it has received its 4th quantity order from International Transducer Corporation (ITC) located in Santa Barbara, CA for the U.S. Navy’s DT-705/B. FSI, under a Teaming Agreement with ITC, designed, developed and tested the new unit, which replaces the current time-of-flight sound velocity sensor used on U.S. Navy submarines. The DT-705/B system uses a shock-hardened version of FSI’s patented non-external inductive conductivity sensor, which is now commercially available as the FSI NXIC CTD. The U.S. Navy units are rated Class A naval equipment, capable of meeting the Critical Item Product Specification and environmental requirements. (read more)
2005-06-16 12:00:00

Valeport fastCTD Profiler

Valeport’s fastCTD Profiler is designed to deliver high-quality CTD casts at rapid drop rates. Created for coastal and oceanographic profiling, this profiler is an evolution of Valeport’s popular miniCTD instrument. The system incorporates Valeport’s world-class technology to allow the fastCTD Profiler to deliver the highest-quality profiles in a lightweight and robust package. The fastCTD Profiler uses a conductivity cell designed for optimum flow-through, a high accuracy, fast response thermistor temperature sensor and a 0.01% pressure sensor synchronously sampling at up to 32Hz to attain the most accurate measurement data.  Completely programmable, no data is logged until the programmed trigger depth... (read more)
2016-02-04 12:49:35

UnderwayCTD Customers Gather 'The Deadliest Data'

Oceanscience has waved goodbye to the 50th UnderwayCTD system off its production line. Recent deployments have taken place in the 'worst ever' conditions of 40kt winds and to depths of over 1,500m.     Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution put their two brand new UnderwayCTDs to good use with 400 casts to 400m on the annual Stratus cruise. In challenging North Atlantic conditions, researchers from the University of Rhode Island easily took the title of the 'Worst Ever UnderwayCTD Deployment Conditions' in over 40kt winds. Teachers at Sea programme members, on board the R/V Knorr (see image) filmed a video of... (read more)
2011-08-29 11:13:41

Faster Profiling Using RapidCTD with Bluetooth

Valeport’s new rapidCTD uses automated wireless Bluetooth data transfer to deliver the highest-quality CTD casts from underway profiling and eliminates the survey downtime normally associated with profile gathering. Designed initially to operate autonomously with the Teledyne OceanScience rapidCAST automated underway profiling system, the new Valeport automated profiler offers SV casts without the requirement of an operator on deck and delivers near real-time sound velocity profiling data. Primarily for use with deployment systems and targeted at the shallow water survey market, the highly accurate rapidCTD incorporates Valeport’s world-leading technology and can also be compatible with other winch systems. The robust automated... (read more)
2016-07-29 10:37:51

New Valeport Software Includes Bonus Utilities

Valeport’s latest operating software, Datalog X2, has been released and is now available for online download at no cost. This software is designed to interface, configure and download data from both legacy and new products and also includes bonus utilities. Datalog X2 ensures Valeport products will work across new software platforms, and an embedded Terminal X2 programme offers wider functionality to those not able to use other Terminal packages such as Hyperterminal. Terminal X2 will work with any Valeport instrument that communicates via serial RS232, although functionality maybe limited with some older instruments. Datalog X2 and Terminal X2 have been... (read more)
2015-02-04 11:54:29
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