Platform Decommissioning

Survey Opportunities to Optimise the Task
Oil and gas fields in the North Sea and elsewhere in the western world developed rapidly during the oil crisis of the seventies, when this commodity quadrupled in price. Now the first of approximately five hundred platforms have reached the end of their technical lifetime and need decommissioning. Heerema Marine Contractors has been involved in removing several complexes and here describes two cases, illuminating the survey aspects. Removal of facilities is very much an engineering challenge whereby safety and environmental issues play an important role. Historically, their installation involved surveyors who provided all precision positioning, dedicated equipment and proprietary software... (read more)
2007-05-09 12:00:00

Completing Frigg Sealines Decommissioning

The Sonsub Division of Saipem UK has recently completed the offshore campaign for the Total Frigg Sealines Cessation Plan, resulting in a successful conclusion to the project. The Frigg field straddles the boundary between the Norwegian and UK Continental Shelves in the North Sea, with the project involving the decommissioning of all sealines within a designated 500m zone.   The Sonsub scope of work comprised the engineering, preparation, removal and disposal of all infield sealines, plus all power cables, umbilicals, communication lines, grout bags, sand bags and concrete mattresses, saddles and blocks. Additional scope included rock berm smoothing and general... (read more)
2009-02-05 09:32:23

Decommissioning Contract with Hess

Subsea service company DOF Subsea UK has secured a contract with Hess to provide diver-less decommissioning services from its new multipurpose support vessel, the Skandi Skansen in the Ivanhoe / Rob Roy Field, North Sea. The project will last for approximately 21 days and is scheduled to start in Q3 2011 representing a revenue of approximately GBP5 million.   The scope of work includes a decommissioning program which involves the engineering and recovery of 4 mid water arches, 8 flexible risers and associated structures and umbilicals.   Garry Millard, Managing Director, DOF Subsea UK says "We're delighted to of been... (read more)
2011-05-25 01:55:05

ROV 'Mother Ship' Solves Decommissioning Challenge

Saab Seaeye customer Stinger Technology has developed an idea to penetrate the labyrinth inside offshore production tanks in search of environmental contaminates prior to decommissioning. The company has managed to squeeze an underwater robotic systems configuration loaded with sampling technology through a 150cm-square hatch to search a tank’s internal maze of baffles and navigate along 25.5cm-diameter pipe runs of curves and bends. Stinger’s idea turned the compact Saab Seaeye Falcon into a ‘mother ship’ from which is launched an even smaller fly-out VideoRay and tiny fly-out Stinger Nano. The Norwegian company has dubbed the trio 'Mother', 'Daughter' and 'Little Sister'.... (read more)
2017-06-01 01:34:00

3D Real-Time Technology for Decommissioning Tasks

The 3D sonar technology of the Coda Echoscope is set for new decommissioning projects in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Echoscope's 3D capabilities, bringing real-time visualisation to the underwater working environment, were substantiated in a successful role in a recent ‘plug and abandonment' task in the Gulf of Mexico, underlining its suitability for entry into the decommissioning arena. Echoscope technology generates a real-time three-dimensional image from one acoustic transmission, or ping, and from a single ping over 16,000 range and bearing points are generated. The total viewing angle measures 50° x 50° and within this acoustic volume,... (read more)
2010-09-14 02:01:32

Decom North Sea Lunch & Learn Event

Decom North Sea (DNS), the offshore oil and gas decommissioning forum, will be hosting a lunch and learn event to provide attendees with an insight into supply chain companies’ decommissioning capabilities. This event is to take place on 19 June 2013 at the Palm Court Hotel in Aberdeen, UK, from noon-2pm, where three companies will give presentations on their expertise and raise awareness of their services. The event is one in a regular series of talks to allow both members and non- members of DNS to attend presentations from major operators and contractors, along with an opportunity to collaborate and... (read more)
2013-06-18 04:56:23

TSMarine Adds Five Wells

TSMarine Ltd has secured a series of new contracts to add five new wells to its North Sea multi-client well abandonment programme. In April this year TSMarine was awarded contracts by Tullow Oil and Centrica to decommission three Category 2 suspended subsea wells as part of a multi-client well abandonment programme. The new contracts, awarded by Genesis, Perenco and DNO International ASA, bring the total value of the abandonment programme to over GBP4 million.     With the programme set to commence in the third quarter of 2009, these three additional contracts bring the total number of wells for abandonment... (read more)
2009-06-24 04:32:39

New-build Polar Icebreaker

Canadian Coast Guard's (CCG) largest and most capable icebreaker, CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent, is scheduled for decommissioning in 2017. The only other heavy icebreaker, CCGS Terry Fox, is scheduled for decommissioning in 2020. Consequently, Budget 2008 has provided funds for the acquisition of a new Canadian-built, multi-purpose polar icebreaker.     The new polar icebreaker will be named after former Prime Minister John George Diefenbaker (CCGS John G. Diefenbaker), one of Canadian history's great champions of developing and protecting Canada's North.  CCGS John G. Diefenbaker will be one of the centrepieces of the Government of Canada's high profile Northern Strategy,... (read more)
2012-01-04 12:00:00

Red7Marine Offshore Expands in North Sea

Red7Marine Offshore Ltd (UK) is expanding into the North Sea decommissioning market. Offering a broad range of services comprising engineering, survey of existing infrastructure, excavation, subsea severance, removal and onshore waste disposal, Red7Marine Offshore is able to provide its clients with a bespoke turnkey solution according to their specific needs. Decommissioning work will primarily be performed using Red7Marine Offshore’s comprehensive in-house fleet of assets which include its newly acquired DP2 saturation diving support vessel, the Red7 Alliance, offshore support vessels the Red7 Tonjer, Red7 Reel and daughter craft Red7 Tempest, from all of which air diving can be performed. Additional... (read more)
2015-03-04 01:11:22

Re-deployable Met Mast

Offshore Marine Management (OMM) has developed a new meteorological mast (‘met mast’) concept which can reduce costs for offshore wind developers and have a lesser impact on the environment. This design allows the mast to be refitted after decommissioning allowing it to be used up to a further four times, significantly reducing operator costs. The concept also eliminates the requirement for the base of the mast to be drilled into the seabed, potentially leading to less disruption to the marine environment. The new met mast design by OMM removes the need for specific front end engineering as a number of... (read more)
2012-03-26 09:19:53
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