Dredging and Reclamation Contract in South Korea

Royal Boskalis Westminster (Boskalis, headquartered in The Netherlands) has been awarded a contract by Daewoo E&C for the dredging and reclamation of new land for Songdo International City on the waterfront of Incheon, South Korea. The total value of the contract amounts to approximately EUR80 million. The project consists of reclamation of new land which will be used for residential and commercial developments in Songdo, Incheon. This will be achieved through the hydraulic fill of around 23 million cubic metres of sand. The sand will be sourced from the navigation channels approaching the existing and new Ports of Incheon. A... (read more)
2013-08-07 09:50:22

Water Quality Monitored at Dredging Sites

Fastwave’s OceanStar system has been commissioned to monitor the water quality on ten sites located off Port Hedland on Australia’s North West coastline. Port Hedland is a key export location for Australian iron ore exports. BHP Billiton is carrying out a 100-million-tonne/year outer harbour expansion at the port. OceanStar enables real-time monitoring of various water quality parameters required for environmental-compliance reporting associated with activities such as dredging and marine construction.     GHD, a global engineering and environmental services firm, commissioned the system in order to provide marine water quality data from monitoring sites located in areas surrounding the port dredging operations.    ... (read more)
2012-05-11 12:00:00

Angolan Capital and Maintenance Dredging Project

Royal Boskalis Westminster has been awarded a contract for the capital and maintenance dredging of the Soyo LNG port in Angola by Angola LNG Ltd. The total contract value is approximately EUR155 million in which Boskalis has a 50% share. Work is set to commence in 2010 and capital dredging is set to be completed by mid 2011. Included in the contract is an optional maintenance contract running from early 2012 until early 2014. The capital dredging work scope includes the deepening and widening of the 4.5km access channel and port basins. The capital dredging involves the removal of approximately... (read more)
2010-08-19 10:15:32

Major Taiwanese Dredging Contract for Van Oord

Van Oord has been awarded the dredging contract for the Kaohsiung Intercontinental Container Center Phase II in Taiwan. The client is the Port of Kaohsiung, Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC). The contract value amounts to approximately EUR130 million. The preparations have already started and the execution period runs until January 2018. The project involves the dredging and reclamation of 37 million m3 of sand for the extension of Kaohsiung Port. Van Oord will deploy one of its largest trailing suction hopper dredgers. Kaohsiung, located on the South China Sea, is the largest Taiwanese port and plays an important role in... (read more)
2015-08-13 03:03:01

Port Maintenance Dredging Contract in Argentina

Royal Boskalis Westminster (The Netherlands) has been awarded a contract for capital and maintenance dredging in the port of Bahía Blanca, Argentina. The contract value is approximately EUR90 million and was acquired together with the Jan de Nul Group, Belgium. Boskalis' share of the total contract is approximately EUR55 million.   The project scope includes capital dredging and a five-year maintenance contract to maintain the depth. The capital dredging work will be performed in 2012, and 5.5 million cubic metres of firm soil will be removed with a large seagoing cutter suction dredger. This firm soil consists mainly of shale.... (read more)
2012-02-23 09:33:07

Measuring Buoy Monitoring Turbidity at Dredging Sites

Transmitting turbidity data every half hour, blinking at dusk and being anchored with a 100kg weight: these are the characteristics of a buoy intended for long-term turbidity measurements. Dredging is a common and economically viable solution for the removal and subsequent treatment of contaminated sediment. Turbidity is thus an ideal surrogate for simple assessment of general water quality and effects of sediment disturbance. MacArtney’s German subsidiary, MBT GmbH, has manufactured this turbidity monitoring buoy, which is intended for deployment for accompanying environmental monitoring during dredging. Being deployed as a surface buoy, the compact sized, autonomous buoy system intended for determining... (read more)
2016-09-29 01:46:52

Dredging Contracts in Australia and Vietnam

In Melbourne, Australia, Boskalis has been awarded the dredging contract for maintenance dredging. In Vietnam, meanwhile, Boskalis has acquired a contract from a consortium led by Petrovietnam Technical Services Corporation, a subsidiary of the National Vietnamese Oil Company Petrovietnam. An approach channel and port basin for a new refinery and petrochemical complex will be dredged in Nghi Son. The dredging activities in Australia are to commence in March 2013 and relate to the maintenance of the port basin and sections of the 60 kilometres access channel. For this project a medium-sized trailing suction hopper dredger and a backhoe will be... (read more)
2013-03-11 04:21:10

Dredging Contract Awarded for Brazilian Santos Port

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. (Boskalis) and joint venture partner Van Oord have been awarded a contract by The Brazilian Ministry of Transport, Ports and Civil Aviation for the capital and maintenance dredging of the Port of Santos, the largest port of South America. The contract carries a total value for the joint venture of approximately EUR 110 million. The dredging activities are expected to be completed in 2018. In the coming months, studies will be undertaken and the design of the navigation channels and berths of the port will be reviewed. Subsequent dredging operations are expected to commence later this... (read more)
2017-02-08 09:55:08

Dredging Solutions for Port of Grangemouth

UK marine environmental consultancy ABPmer has identified cost-effective dredging solutions for the Port of Grangemouth, which has experienced increased siltation around the entrance to the impounded port in recent years. The maintenance of navigable depths in ports, harbours, marinas and shipping channels is a statutory requirement for most harbour authorities. Where sedimentation occurs, maintenance dredging is undertaken to preserve water depths. ABPmer was contracted by Forth Ports Limited to determine a preferred practical, environmental and cost effective way to manage the present siltation and, therefore, future maintenance dredging requirements. Peter Whitehead, associate marine scientist at ABPmer, explained that using existing... (read more)
2014-09-10 01:26:43

Seminar on Dredging and Reclamation Singapore

The International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) decided some years ago to develop an "International Seminar on Dredging and Reclamation". The seminar is continually updated and provides information. This 35th edition of the Seminar will be held in co-operation with the National University of Singapore and take place at the Grand Park City Hall Hotel in Singapore from Monday 8th to Friday 12th November 2010. Early bird discount expires 15th September 2010.  The course is given by recognised experts from the world's leading dredging companies and is aimed at (future) project managers, project staff and decision makers in governments, port... (read more)
2010-09-01 02:49:16
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