ENC Watermarker

Data producers and distributors must protect their chart products against copyright violations. Until now there has been no method available to prove copyright violations with respect to S-57 charts. ENC data could be illegally duplicated, completely or partially. To combat copyright violations, SevenCs has developed ENC Watermarker. It individually marks data in the S-57/SENC cells by means of a hidden watermark. Thus, if unauthorized copies of ENCs appear on the market, the originator can identify his/her mark using ENC Watermarker to show that this is in fact a copy of his/her ENC. These marks are indelible and will survive practically... (read more)
2006-04-27 12:00:00

ENC Sounding Checker

ENC Sounding Checker is a simple command line tool for MS Windows Operating Systems. It can be used to parse a single ENC (S-57 or SevenCs SENC) or multiple ENCs (if operated in batch mode) and check if there are soundings that are shallower than surrounding areas with depths attribution. ENC Sounding Checker does not modify the ENCs at all.   The affected features are reported and can be written to a log file. The log files can either: •be used as a manual reference for updating ENCs, or •imported in SevenCs ENC Designer software.   In February 2010 the... (read more)
2010-04-08 10:11:24

New Maltese ENC Coverage

IC-ENC released the first Maltese (MT coded) ENC on Friday 29 July 2016, with more to follow in upcoming weeks. Since the Ports and Yachting Directorate for Transport Malta joined IC-ENC in February 2016, IC-ENC has been working closely with Malta in order to develop its ENC production capacity.  This is a great step forward for Malta in terms of providing important coverage for the region. It means that IC-ENC has reached a significant milestone of having more than 6,000 ENCs in its folio, which now accounts for 40% of the global folio of released ENCs.   (read more)
2016-07-28 11:54:16

First Slovenian ENC Released

UK-based IC-ENC has released the first Slovenian ENC, produced by the Geodetic Institute of Slovenia. This ENC is available through the IC-ENC VARs. Following the release of the first ENC, the Port of Koper (Band 5), Slovenia plans to continue with ENC production covering the wider area of Bay of Koper (Band 4), and eventually covering the whole territorial waters of the Republic of Slovenia with another ENC of a smaller scale. The Geodetic Institute of Slovenia started the production of ENCs a few years ago and completed a substantial amount of work. They were unable to validate it properly... (read more)
2015-11-09 08:55:34

Hands-off ENC Production

Redefining High-density ENC Production
Imagine piloting a 398m container ship into port TODAY using an ENC updated with survey data collected YESTERDAY. Isn’t this order of turnaround time the ultimate dream of any ENC production agency? Modern echo sounders are able to provide a staggering amount of sounding data. Managing, and storing, the ever increasing volume of survey data is becoming a hot item on the agenda of many ENC producing agencies, including port and river authorities who have taken on the responsibility of creating and maintaining their own ENCs. Processing this data into high-quality, high-density ENCs requires a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use ENC... (read more)
2007-03-02 12:00:00

NOAA’s ENC Training Programme

The key objective of NOAA’s ENC Training Programme is to educate Hydrographic Offices (HOs) on ENC workflow in the Office of Coast Survey’s Marine Chart Division (MCD). The workflow includes: acceptance of new sources, data compilation, validation and quality control, distribution and contracting. A nine-day training session was held in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, from 1-9 March 2016. The attendees were cartographers from the Hydrographic Department at the Survey of Israel (SOI). By Dr Shachak Pe’eri, JHC/UNH and Sean Legeer, Office of Coast Survey, NOAA, USA The training began with a meeting between Limor Gur Arie, the head of the... (read more)
2016-03-29 08:52:08

ENC Analyzer Version 2.4

SevenCs and HSA have released of the latest version of ENC Analyzer. ENC Analyzer now checks edition 3.0 of the IHO’s recommended ENC validation checks, S-58, released February 2007, the new objects and attributes that have been introduced in S-57 edition 3.1.1 plus it allows users to create organisation specific custom rules. Whilst ENC Analyzer is continually being upgraded to align it with the latest standards, it is also being enhanced to cover all phases of production to ensure S-57 products are compliant and correct. Recent enhancements to the application have focused on the distribution and management of data and... (read more)
2007-04-04 09:35:26

ENC Web Service

French company Geomod and its UK-based business partner OceanWise Ltd have launched an ‘ENC Web Service’, delivering Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) direct to desktop and web GIS, and similar applications, using an OGC-compliant WMS (Web Map Service). The ENC Web Service is available as an online subscription, where the WMS software and ENC database are hosted by OceanWise, or as a managed system in a secure environment on customer premises. In either case, the solution is completely scalable with new users and ENCs able to be added at any time. ENCs are produced by different Hydrographic Offices and provide official... (read more)
2013-04-11 10:23:33

UKHO ENC Services

Two electronic charting services developed by the UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) will beunveiled at the Europort Maritime exhibition. The services will further strengthen UKHO's commitment to the Safety Of Life At Sea convention.   The first service the UKHO team will put in the spotlight is an improved updating method for Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC). The UKHO's ENC service is being improved to allow users to update their charts with the latest data remotely, which means they will have access to up-to-the-minute chart information over the Internet at any time and won't need to wait for the usual CD-ROM update.... (read more)
2007-10-03 03:47:05

ENC Life Cycle

From the quality perspective, an electronic navigational chart (ENC) as a product is more demanding than its paper predecessor. Quality control and quality assurance of an ENC is a complex matter. The task of ensuring ENC quality during practical chart production is much broader than the direct implementation of standards. Obviously, to meet the ENC challenge, different life-cycle steps must be taken.<P> Electronic navigational charts (ENCs) consist of digitised data conforming to the International Hydrographic Organization's (IHOs) S-57 ENC Product Specification that records all relevant charted features necessary for safe navigation, such as coastlines, bathymetry, buoys, lights, etc. An electronic... (read more)
2009-03-27 12:00:00
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