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Jack Dangermond is the co-founder and president of ESRI, a privately held geographic information systems (GIS) software company that is headquartered in Redlands (CA, USA). In 1969, he co-founded ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) with his wife, Laura. Originally, the company concentrated on land use analysis, but increasingly focused on developing GIS software. ESRI became a leader in the GIS industry during the 1980s and continues to develop and support the most widely used GIS technology.<P>   Can you describe the vision of ESRI, what are your ideas on the use of spatial information? While our software products and services... (read more)
2008-03-12 12:00:00

URISA'S Caribbean GIS Conference: Evolution and Next Steps

URISA is organising the 4th Caribbeean GIS Conference from 25 to 29 August 2008. The programme lists two special keynote speakers. On Wednesday 27th August David Maguire, the Chief Scientist at ESRI will address everyone at the conference opening ceremony. The second keynote speaker is Vanessa Lawrence of UK Ordnance Survey.   ESRI is showing through the speech of David Maguire the future direction GIS development will take. He will also be available later in the week to deal with technical and other questions "one-on-one" as part of the ESRI sponsor/vendor sessions.   Vanessa Lawrence already spoke at the ESRI... (read more)
2008-08-04 10:10:22

Special Achievement in GIS Award for MH370 Search

Geoscience Australia has been awarded the 2018 Special Achievement in GIS Award (SAG) by Esri, the global leader in Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. In San Diego to accept the award as part of Esri's User Conference on 11 July 2018, Geoscience Australia Chief Scientist Dr Adam Lewis said that while the data were collected for the sole purpose of locating the missing aircraft, it was important to recognise that this is some of the first high resolution data of this region, and will be valuable to the scientific community. The SAG award recognises the international benchmark Geoscience Australia set... (read more)
2018-07-19 10:08:04

Danish Hydrographic Office Turns to GIS for Automated Maritime Charting

A Radical Update Was Needed
Denmark has challenging seascapes to map and chart. It has a rich history of nautical charting that dates back to the seventeenth century, and many of its navigational products for Greenland were created in the 1960s. When GPS started to gain prominence, a radical update was needed. Apart from its 42-mile land border with Germany, the peninsular country of Denmark, with its scores of bays, straits, and fjords, is surrounded almost entirely by the North and Baltic Seas. Denmark is also composed of more than 400 islands, including the Faroe Islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean between the United Kingdom... (read more)
2019-12-19 02:23:42

Roberto Lucchi

Roberto Lucchi is product manager at Esri.  (read more)
2017-08-17 01:12:33

Marten Hogeweg

Marten Hogeweg is product manager at Esri. (read more)
2017-08-17 01:15:47

Jack Dangermond

A landscape architect by training, Jack Dangermond founded Esri in 1969 with a vision that a mapping and analysis framework could provide a deeper understanding of our world and help us design a better future. As founder and president of Esri, Dangermond's leadership and vision stimulate the ongoing innovation of GIS technologies that enable people to make insightful decisions and improve the quality of life everywhere. Dangermond has had a strong impact on the development of GIS methodologies, the GIS software market, GIS technology research and related analytical methods. He has received many awards reflecting the influence of his work,... (read more)
2017-08-17 01:04:22

Workflow for Comprehensive Bathymetric Data Management

Interactive Visualization Systems (IVS) 3D has joined ESRI's business partner program. This partnership will benefit organisations with workflows that visualise and analyse bathymetric data for use in the maritime community including the defense, petroleum, environment, and hydrographic sectors.     The two companies are working toward the ability to read and write from IVS 3D's Fledermaus suite of software directly into ESRI's geodatabase, the common data storage and management framework for ArcGIS. Fledermaus will be able to embrace a service-oriented architecture. Added benefits for ArcGIS users include the ability to perform sounding selection and surface modeling to international standards, as... (read more)
2009-06-02 01:59:42

Geography and GIS E-book

Essays on Geography and GIS, the latest offering from the Best Practices series published by geographic information system (GIS) software developer ESRI, is a collection of essays written by many of the top academics in the fields of geography and GIS technology.   Previously published individually in the company's ArcNews magazine, the collection of articles provides insight into the power of spatial thinking. Adds George Dailey, ESRI's K-12 Education Program manager, "This compilation is a blend of articles from authors peering into the intersection of geography and technology and their relevance and importance to our present and future in many... (read more)
2008-10-09 10:19:08

Improved Chart Production and Data Management

Esri, USA, has released a solution to support users in port management, maritime transport, coastal management, offshore energy, nautical chart production, and maritime defence. ArcGIS for Maritime: Charting and ArcGIS for Maritime: Bathymetry are part of the ArcGIS system and enable users to create, manage, and share maritime-related data and metadata. Together, these solutions provide a comprehensive geospatial platform for nautical chart production and bathymetric data management. Timothy Kearns, Maritime Programme Manager, says that in conjunction with Esri partner Quality Positioning Systems (QPS), this solution provides the market with the only end-to-end capability from collecting sensor data to publishing it... (read more)
2012-07-11 03:09:26
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