Metal Geochemistry Meets Machine Learning in the North Atlantic

Surveying the seabed is still an enormous task. So far, only 20% of the regions under water have been mapped with echosounders. This refers only to the topography, not to the content, i.e. the composition of the seafloor. “The existing sampling efforts are virtually just tiny pinpricks in the vast amount of uncertainty that has so far covered the seafloor,” says Dr Timm Schöning from the Deep-Sea Monitoring group of GEOMAR, who led an iAtlantic expedition aboard the German research vessel Maria S. Merian in autumn 2020. Over a period of four weeks, a team of geochemists and data scientists... (read more)
2020-11-27 11:25:25

Major Funding for Remote Operations Survey Processing Project

Teledyne CARIS, a Teledyne Technologies company, has announced significant funding from Canada’s Ocean Supercluster award to develop software for remote operations survey processing. This is in alignment with the company’s leading AI strategy. Canada’s Ocean Supercluster will contribute CA$944,000 to the CA$2.1-million project. The CARIS Cloud Technology Project will break down technical barriers to entry for hydrographic processing and charting in support of remote operations. Teledyne CARIS’ project aims at three targeted deliverables: 1. The enhancement of its desktop-based product line to leverage the cloud to deliver consistent access for global users in every possible circumstance2. Support for remote mapping... (read more)
2020-11-27 10:00:36

New Online Service MarineDash Plans to Connect the Marine Industry

MarineDash is a newly launched online service designed to connect vessel owners with prospective charterers. The service will cater initially to vessels for hydrographic and geophysical survey, ROV and dive support, geotechnical sampling and environmental studies. The company owners believe MarineDash will satisfy a growing industry need, particularly within the offshore renewables sector. With considerable experience within the industry, they understand the difficulties faced both by charterers and vessel owners. Company director Heather Blackford comments: "During my time managing tenders for a geophysical survey company, finding the right vessel for a project was an ongoing challenge. We never had a... (read more)
2020-11-24 10:28:09

High-resolution Survey on Versatile USV

Skansen is a historic area in the city of Trondheim in central Norway and home to the Skansen Bridge, a 52m span bascule railway bridge that opens for marine traffic to access the Trondheim Fjord. The Skansen Bridge was built in 1918 and designed by structural engineer Joseph Strauss, who also designed the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The displacement of rocks and other objects in shallow waters over time can result in structural integrity issues for bridge piers such as the Skansen Bridge and hazards for vessel traffic, so that regular inspection of the structural integrity is required... (read more)
2020-11-23 04:09:52

Fugro Wraps up Offshore Field Programme for Mayflower Wind in US

Fugro has successfully completed a large site characterization field programme off the coast of Massachusetts for Mayflower Wind, a joint venture between Shell New Energies and Ocean Winds (the global offshore wind collaboration of Engie and EDP Renewables). The six‑month programme involved comprehensive, high‑resolution geodata acquisition within the project’s 520km2 lease area and along the export cable routes. This data will support permitting, design and installation of the proposed wind farm, which could generate up to 800MW of renewable energy for over half a million homes. Fugro’s work on the project began in April and comprised four vessels and one aircraft... (read more)
2020-11-23 11:56:12

New Hydrographic System for Shallow-water ‘Gap-filler’ Surveys

Hydrographic survey technology provider Subsea Europe Services GmbH has introduced a new compact version of its integrated Hydrographic Survey System (iHSS). Called iHSS-Compact, it meets the growing demand for shallow-water ‘gap-filler’ marine surveys and simplifies the acquisition of commercial grade marine data for users of any experience.  iHSS-Compact leverages Subsea Europe Services’ technology integration expertise to provide a low-cost, turnkey marine survey package for deployment on almost any vessel. Designed for customers seeking an easy-to-access alternative to commercial survey vessels for on-demand shallow-water projects, the system is delivered in a single, ‘person-portable’ Pelican case for fast deployment and streamlined set-up.... (read more)
2020-11-23 11:45:24

Hydrospatial and the Marine Environment

The First Steps to Going Beyond Charting
Hydrographic offices (HOs) today exist in a world of accelerating technological change that is influencing human behaviour and creating new needs and ways of exploiting data to understand our world. HOs have traditionally been the producers of nautical information for safety of navigation. By the end of the 20th century, with the appearance of the IHO S-57 Standard, their main challenge was to evolve into a central database production system. Now, the critical challenge and opportunity is to evolve from there into a true geospatial agency, developing a hydrospatial information system (HIS) capable of providing products and services for multidimensional... (read more)
2020-11-23 11:19:07

How an Ocean of Curiosity Led BCIT Geomatics Student to Pursue a Career as a Hydrographic Surveyor

A reflective gaze toward the open sea might be how some of us ponder one of life’s riddles or dream away a warm holiday afternoon. However, for a creative Vancouver Island student enrolled in the BCIT Geomatics Engineering Technology diploma programme, a curious glance across the waves is often to imagine what topographic mysteries lie below. Sian Cornwell loves the ocean and has a passion for topography. One of her favourite pastimes in high school was to convert topographic maps into 3D wooden terrain models. “It was art with real topographic maps,” she said. “I started to really enjoy it.” Using the... (read more)
2020-11-20 02:22:36

New Zealand Ports Benefit from National High-tech Seabed Survey

In New Zealand, high-tech seabed surveying of the approaches to Port Taranaki began this week. The survey area extends along the coast from Ōkato to Waitara and approximately 7km from the shore. The survey is part of the Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) annual work programme to update New Zealand’s nautical charts for commercial and recreational mariners. LINZ Manager Hydrographic Survey Stuart Caie says the data gathered during the survey can be used in other ways to benefit the Taranaki region. “While our primary goal is safety of navigation, the data collected can also be used for marine science and... (read more)
2020-11-17 10:27:39

USF and NOAA Launch Cooperative Ocean Mapping Center

The University of South Florida’s College of Marine Science has been awarded a five-year, US$9 million cooperative agreement by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Office of Coast Survey to launch the Center for Ocean Mapping and Innovative Technologies (COMIT). COMIT, located on the USF St. Petersburg campus, will develop new technologies and approaches to ocean and coastal zone mapping in line with NOAA’s commitment to building resilient coastal ecosystems, communities and economies.  “This partnership between the University of South Florida and NOAA will enable us to deliver detailed maps of the seafloor in the Gulf of Mexico,” said... (read more)
2020-11-17 10:00:26
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