MacArtney Supplies System Solutions to German Geo Group

MacArtney Germany has effected the supply, installation and setting-to-work of several multibeam echosounder systems as well as navigation equipment for hydrographic survey applications. The turnkey, customer-specific concept includes installation and training in hardware and software to support Geo Group, Germany, in mapping subsea areas. Being an internationally operating company providing solutions ranging from classic geoengineering services onshore to special tasks offshore, the Geo Group consists of 18 subsidiaries in Germany and Poland. Scope of supply The deliveries made by MacArtney have been distributed to four Geo subsidiaries. Geo Ingenieurservice Süd has taken delivery of Teledyne Reson SeaBat T50-P, SBG Ekinox2D, Valeport... (read more)
2018-04-09 10:40:02 Adds Big Data Management Systems Category has recently added Big Data Management Systems to its product categories. MEIXNER IMAGING is the first supplier in this category. In addition to general specifications, detailed information is given about database information, data handling and distribution. is the independent geomatic and hydrographic product comparison website featuring detailed spec-based comparisons and user reviews for more than 850 products in 34 product categories. The website guides users through the maze of specifications and gives them the opportunity to compare products from different suppliers and read other professionals’ reviews in order to reach a balanced judgment before buying.  The website brings together the... (read more)
2015-05-20 08:30:00

Geo-engineering and Sea-level Rise over the 21st Century

Scientific findings by international research group of scientists from England, China and Denmark just published suggest that sea level will likely be 30-70 centimetres higher by 2100 than at the start of the century even if all but the most aggressive geo-engineering schemes are undertaken to mitigate the effects of global warming and greenhouse gas emissions are stringently controlled. Most scientists agree that anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions contribute greatly to global warming, and that these emissions need to be controlled if damaging future impacts such as sea-level rise are to be averted.Scientists have proposed ways of ‘geo-engineering' the Earth system... (read more)
2010-08-26 10:40:22

Meet and Greet Hydro International and at Hydro16

Hydro International will be present at Hydro16, to be held from 8 to 10 November 2016 in Rostock-Warnemünde, Germany. Feel free to arrange to meet Joost Boers to discuss your interests and concerns, advertising options or other developments within your company. Herma Lenten will be representing This is also the moment for questions concerning subscriptions, or just for airing remarks and suggestions to help us make the publications even better. Pre-schedule a meeting by sending an email to Hydro International’s editorial manager Joost Boers or account manager Herma Lenten.   (read more)
2016-11-02 08:38:53

Shallow Inland Water Bathymetry Meets IHO S-44 Special Order

Application of the Kongsberg GeoSwath System
For many years, the GeoSwath system from Kongsberg GeoAcoustics has been providing an efficient simultaneous swath bathymetry and sidescan seabed mapping solution with accuracies that meet the IHO S-44 Special Order standard for hydrographic surveys. GeoSwath systems have been fitted to a number of small crafts and have been utilised to conduct bathymetric surveys of lakes, ponds, dams and rivers. This article describes two of the vessels that have been employed to undertake this area of work. The use of Unmanned Surface Vessel (USVs) allows surveying in locations and situations in which deployment of conventional platforms is not practical or... (read more)
2018-02-27 01:01:18

GeoAcoustics now a Kongsberg Company

Kongsberg Maritime has signed an agreement to purchase GeoAcoustics Ltd.. The acquisition will enhance Kongsberg Maritime's market position as GeoAcoustics' products will complement Kongsberg's product portfolio. GeoAcoustics has 30 years of experience in underwater acoustics. It has an excellent reputation in the market, especially for side scan sonars and technology for sub-bottom profiling. GeoAcoustics' main product within side-scan sonars is the GeoSwath that includes bathymetric dataprocessing. In 2007/08 GeoAcoustics had a turnover of approx. GBP4M and has 43 employees, including its subsidiaries in Mumbai and Singapore.GeoAcoustics believes that joining forces with Kongsberg Maritime will further strengthen the current market position.... (read more)
2008-09-05 01:36:12 Expanding Activities, headquartered in Belgium, has been growing steadily in recent years and now employs upwards of 50 staff. owns and operates its own fleet of vessels equipped with modern survey equipment. In 2009, the subsidiary in France was established and in 2010 Stema-Survey-Services BV (The Netherlands) joined the family of companies. Stema-Survey-Services BV has been operating as BV since 1st January 2012. Meanwhile, Ltd (UK) has recently been established to enhance the UK and group activities. continues to invest in bespoke vessels, precision equipment and skilled personnel. Early in 2012 the company will... (read more)
2012-01-05 12:00:00

GeoSwath User Seminar in Qingdao

Over 60 Chinese surveyors, engineers and survey managers attended a GeoSwath product seminar in Qingdao (China) from 11th to 13th March 2009. The delegates came from all over China to learn about the capabilities of the GeoSwath wide swath bathymetry and side-scan sonar from GeoAcoustics. Live demonstrations were followed by lectures on the sonar theory and best survey practice and expert tips were given on processing survey data using the GeoSwath Plus software.   The Qingdao seminar was organised by Mike Zang of China-ORES Ltd, GeoAcoustics' agent in China, and lectures were given by Dr. Tom Hiller, Product Manager at... (read more)
2009-03-25 04:36:30

Hypack - GeoSwath Interface

GeoAcoustics and Hypack have improved the integration between GeoAcoustics' "GeoSwath Plus" interferometric sonar and Hypack's Hysweep module for multibeam data collection and processing.   Hysweep can now log and re-process raw data using filters optimised for data collected using the GeoSwath Sonar. The enhanced integration of the GeoSwath sonar will become a standard feature in the next Hysweep release.   (read more)
2007-09-06 01:37:56

Compact Dredge Monitoring System Released

CT Systems, The Netherlands, has officially released its all-in-one dredging computer called GeoDredge. GeoDredge houses all necessary components in a rugged and compact housing, offering maximum installation and maximum user friendliness. It acts as a hardware platform for the tried-and-tested Viking software. With the combination of the user friendliness of the Viking Software, and the installation and maintenance simplicity of GeoDredge, CT Systems offers a revolutionary total-solution package. The goal is that virtually any operator will be able to operate the system without any prior extensive training. With the advent of GeoDredge it is no longer necessary to install separate... (read more)
2014-06-18 12:51:31
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