Hydrographic Survey Data Integration

Combining independent data sets to present the full picture
The next step in the presentation of hydrographic survey data is the integration of separate data sets into navigable three-dimensional models. Software tools now available allow contractors to produce geo-referenced presentations of various data sets including bathymetry, sonar imagery and sub bottom information. By combining these data sets together into a three dimensional model the contractor can provide the end user with tools that allow informed decisions to be rapidly made about the suitability of an area for the proposed purpose. These presentations also provide the contractor and end users with a powerful tool for gauging the quality of the... (read more)
2008-01-01 01:00:00

Large-scale Hydrographic Survey

MMT AB (Marin Mätteknik AB) has been awarded the 2009 Mareano survey contract by the Norwegian Hydrographic Service. The survey will commence in mid-May 2009 and will cover an area of almost 5000 km2.   The survey will include bathymetric data acquisition and processing in an area near Eggakanten outside the Troms region in the Norwegian Sea, WNW of Tromsø, Norway. The area to be surveyed is within the depth range from 200 to 1000 metres. Apart from the hydrographical survey the assignment also includes gathering reflectivity data and a gravimeter survey. The assignment will be conducted by MMT AB... (read more)
2009-04-22 10:51:07

Hydrographic Survey Charting Using GIS

PD Ports is streamlining the way it shares hydrographic data by using GIS software from British software developer, Cadcorp, at Teesport. Handling around 40 million tons of cargo per annum, Teesport is a major deep-water complex and one of the largest container ports in the north of England. The first priority is to ensure the safe movement of the considerable amount of river traffic handling that cargo. Teesport relies a lot on hydrographic survey charts which provide an up-to-date record of the depth of the river in berths, approaches and channels. Captain Jerry Drewitt, Harbour Master for Teesport and Hartlepool,... (read more)
2015-02-18 12:34:09

USACE Hydrographic Survey Boat Named

The U.S. Army Corps Buffalo has named the latest addition to its high-tech hydrographic survey fleet after retired Command Sgt. Maj. Micheal L. Buxbaum of the U.S. Army on 23 June 2015. The addition of the survey vessel Buxbaum enhances Buffalo District’s ability to support USACE’s navigation mission with a third survey vessel equipped with a multibeam sonar system to meet increased production goals during peak periods. The Buxbaum will a part of the multibeam sonar be equipped with a vessel-mounted Lidar system. The Optech Ilris 3D laser scanner has the capability to collect data in a terrestrial (static) mode... (read more)
2015-06-30 01:00:00

Hydrographic Survey of the Normandy Beaches

In the summer of 2013, several companies and individuals volunteered to conduct a hydrographic survey off the D-Day beaches of Normandy, France. The first phase of the survey was conducted over the course of 27 days. The purpose of the survey was to collect as much data as possible with multibeam sonar to create a map of both bathymetry and sidescan data. Throughout the survey the survey lines were adapted as the end neared to ensure that the dataset was complete without any gaps. This required assessing the importance of some areas to determine whether they should be eliminated or... (read more)
2014-06-04 10:01:30

NOAA Begins 180th Hydrographic Survey Season

As sure as spring arrives, NOAA vessels and independent contractors are hitting the seas for the USA's 180th hydrographic surveying season, gathering data for over two thousand square nautical miles in high-traffic U.S. coastal waters. Survey planners consider requests by marine pilots, port authorities, the USCG, researchers and others when setting the year's schedule. Alaska's Kodiak Island is one priority this year, and NOAA ships Rainier and Fairweather will update old and sparse depth measurements in response to increased demand. Rainier will also work in Cold Bay, charting potential areas of refuge for ships approaching the harbour when currents are... (read more)
2014-04-23 09:11:51

CARIS Unveils New Software for Hydrographic Survey

CARIS has announced today the release of Notebook as part of its ongoing commitment to making the hydrographic survey and production workflow easier. Notebook will create efficiencies in land and hydrographic surveys that have never before been possible. A digital alternative to the traditional paper field book, Notebook fills the gap between post processing of hydrographic survey data and output to hydrographic products such as Electronic Navigational Charts. With minimal system requirements, the lightweight software application includes tools for the addition of new georeferenced field survey objects, field notes and observations, as well as for data validation of new data... (read more)
2004-05-14 12:00:00

NOAA Sets Focus for 2012 Hydrographic Survey

Responding to requests from the maritime industry and the U.S. Coast Guard, Coast Survey is prioritising tasks for the 2012 hydrographic survey season. The mission is to acquire hydrographic data and update navigational charts for areas with high levels of commercial traffic and passenger cruise ships, and in areas important to the development of strategic resources.   The true Arctic lies ahead for the Office of Coast Survey hydrography and charting in 2012. This year, Coast Survey will venture the furthest north it has gone in fifty years, with NOAA Ship Fairweather planning to survey the sparsely and inadequately measured... (read more)
2012-01-26 09:29:33

Hydrographic Survey Linked to Mass Whale Stranding

A mass stranding of melon-headed whales occurred in May-June 2008 in the Loza Lagoon system in Madagascar. About 100 open-ocean mammals mysteriously entered the shallow estuarine system. Recently, a report by an independent scientific research panel of the International Whaling Commission examining the cause of the stranding was presented. It points to a hydrographic survey that was taking place about 65km offshore using a high-power 12kHz multibeam echosounder. The research report excluded seismic airguns being used in the offshore and oil industry as they were working after the stranding took place. The hydrographic survey was concentrating on the shelf break abouit... (read more)
2013-11-27 12:29:14

Fugro Awarded Hydrographic Survey Services in Canada

Fugro has been awarded a Supply Arrangement by the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) to provide vessel-based hydrographic survey services. Under this contract CHS will procure hydrographic surveys as needed, anywhere in Canada, to enhance its capacity for data acquisition and processing in support of its nautical charting programme. Hydrographic survey data from ports, harbours, nearshore and offshore regions will be acquired and processed using Fugro’s vessels, equipment and personnel. The resulting data will be used by CHS ultimately to update its nautical charts. Multi-platform for Hydrographic Surveying This Supply Arrangement, together with the Supply Arrangement for Airborne LiDAR Bathymetry (ALB)... (read more)
2016-04-26 08:28:55
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