Hydrographic Elements of INSPIRE

Just before the INSPIRE Conference 2014 in Aalborg, Denmark, about 30 people sat together on board the Barkentina LOA, a beautiful tall ship. They discussed how to make better use of marine data within a Spatial Data Infrastructure. Professor Esben Munk Sørensen of Aalborg University and Ellen Vos of the Netherlands Hydrographic Service, Royal Netherlands Navy, organised this marine SDI workshop on Monday 16 June 2014. A short summary of the outcome is given below. As we know so little about the European waters and capturing marine data is costly, we need a European focus on marine SDI along the... (read more)
2014-09-02 11:44:14


1Spatial is exhibiting at a workshop being organised by the Association for Geographic Information (AGI) in London on 8th January 2009. The event will provide an opportunity for all parties with an interest in INSPIRE to learn more about the Data Specifications for Annex 1 (Reference Datasets). These have now been published by the European Commission for comment by registered organisations (such as AGI).     The AGI's INSPIRE Action Working Group is running the workshop with a view to sharing information and providing updates relating to the INSPIRE data specifications that have now been published to enable Legally Mandated... (read more)
2009-01-05 02:03:09

Free Trial of INSPIRE Compliant Software

With the release of Spatial Fusion Enterprise v5.6, CARIS is offering a free trial of its web mapping software. Along with new and improved features, Spatial Fusion Enterprise has implemented View and Feature Download Services in line with the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE) directive. The objective of this release is to provide hydrographic charting agencies with the software tools needed to share their data interoperably.     Peter Schwarzberg, marine solutions manager at CARIS in The Netherlands, says that Spatial Fusion Enterprise provides a seamless solution for sharing hydrographic data on the internet, making marine geospatial information... (read more)
2011-11-09 12:00:00

INSPIRE Conference 2014 Features Marine Contributions

From 16 to 20 June 2014, the INSPIRE conference is to take place in Aalborg, Denmark. Traditionally, most attention is paid to the land aspects of the spatial information infrastructures. However there are other interesting workshops scheduled as well. In the afternoon, an open workshop on ‘mSDI – the challenge of bringing lessons learned from landside to seaside’ is appropriately taking place on the barkentine Loa. This is an open workshop, and the room accommodates 30 people. This workshop introduces participants to marine Spatial Planning and marine Spatial Data Infrastructure and how it is under implementation on European level by... (read more)
2014-05-27 09:27:09

Industry Brings Innovation to Inspire the New Generation

Looking Below the Surface and Seeing What Lies Ahead
For the fifth year in a row, the Lake Survey was held in the Netherlands. This year Teledyne CARIS collaborated with Boskalis and Fugro in a one-week all-encompassing practical survey week. From 26 to 30 June 2017, 14 students worked with some of the most advanced equipment and technology that is currently available in the market. The organising committee had prepared a week with a varied programme. Practical sessions, demonstrations and presentations covered various subjects that the students are likely to encounter in their professional careers. After 5 days full of mobilisation, calibration, demonstration, information, innovation and recreation, it was... (read more)
2017-08-24 08:58:53

GIS Professionals Pack Eastern European Conferences

Geospatial software and services leader Intergraph recently welcomed record numbers of customers and partners to its user conferences in Eastern Europe to experience the latest in Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) technology. More than 500 GIS professionals from the government, defense and intelligence, public safety, utilities, communications, cartography, transportation and photogrammetry sectors attended Intergraph events to learn about the evolution of SDI and the impact of the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE) directive from the European Parliament on the geospatial market.     INSPIRE is designed to standardize spatial information services in the various EU Member States to improve... (read more)
2008-11-17 11:50:01

MSDI at the Flemish Coastal Division

Developing a Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure in Flanders, Belgium
The Flemish Hydrography, part of the Flemish government in Belgium, is currently setting up and integrating a Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI) for the Belgian coast, the canal Ghent-Terneuzen and the River Scheldt. This process will be done in three consecutive phases, of which the first is nearing its testing phase. The newly developed MSDI will harmonise the data between land and sea. Not only within the Flemish government, but worldwide a shift can be seen in the appreciation and implementation of SDIs. Spatial Data Infrastructures tend to prove their use in all sorts of fields, ranging from spatial planning... (read more)
2011-03-16 12:16:00

High-resolution DEM Released for French Waters

SHOM has recently produced nested multi-purpose digital elevation models (DEMs). The resolution ranges from down to 10 metres for topo-bathymetric coastal DEMs to 100 metres for regional bathymetric DEMs in the North East Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea. The DEMs benefited from a large amount of contributing data originating essentially from SHOM's database, local authorities, the UKHO Inspire data portal, crowdsourced data and the EU-funded EMODNET global models. These digital elevation models are available on SHOM's data portal: data.shom.fr.   (read more)
2016-01-19 01:14:46

E-boutique from SHOM

The French hydrographic service, SHOM, has launched a webshop for its products. Charts, maps, guides and other digital products can be downloaded online. Moreover, online services such as access to reference data and INSPIRE have been arranged through this channel. Nautical charts can be downloaded from the webshop as PDF and up to 5 copies can be re-used in an organisation. For bigger organisations, licences can be obtained by contacting SHOM. If updates are published within one year after the order, the user will receive an alert to update the product. The webshop only offers digital products; printed charts are available... (read more)
2013-06-06 09:19:07

UK Polar Research Ship Named 'Sir David Attenborough'

NERC's new GBP200 million polar research ship is to be named after world-renowned naturalist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough. Following a call for suggestions that sparked global interest, Royal Research Ship Sir David Attenborough has been selected as a name that captures the ship's scientific mission and celebrates the broadcaster's contribution to natural science. The name was revealed by the UK's Science Minister Jo Johnson, who also announced that the government will be investing up to GBP1 million in a new Polar Explorer programme to engage young people and inspire the scientists, engineers and explorers of the future. The decision... (read more)
2016-05-11 09:38:43
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