High-definition Imaging Sonar

US-based Sound Metrics has launched its newest product, the ARIS Explorer line of high-definition imaging sonar. The device offers detailed and video-like resolution. There are three ARIS Explorer models: the 3000 (3MHz) for highly detailed close-up inspection, the 1800 (1.8MHz) for general purpose detection and inspection, and the 1.2MHz which allows long-range location, detection and inspection. An additional diver-held model along with several market specific software modules and enhancements are to follow. For over ten years, Sound Metrics been offering the DIDSON imaging sonar which is in use in many underwater projects, ranging from protecting endangered fish species to oil... (read more)
2012-06-05 02:17:35

Large Imaging Sonar Order

BlueView Technologies has received an order for one hundred (100) high-resolution P Series Imaging Sonar systems. In the coming months BlueView will deliver the compact, low-power 900kHz imaging sonar systems to VideoRay for integration onto their microROV systems providing their customers with real-time underwater search and navigation capabilities.     BlueView’s P Series Imaging Sonar are available with 3 field-of-view options – 45º, 90º, and 130º (the widest available), and operate in low or zero visibility conditions minimizing downtime due to water clarity conditions. Engineered to operate while in motion or from a stationary position, BlueView 2D Imaging Sonar enhance... (read more)
2011-02-07 12:36:49

Multibeam and Imaging Sonar Demonstrations

Teledyne Odom Hydrographic and Teledyne BlueView will be performing demonstrations onboard the survey vessel Meon Surveyor during all three days of Ocean Business 2013 in Southampton, UK. Teledyne Odom will be demonstrating its new Dual Head MB1 Multibeam with integrated Hemisphere Heading RTK Positioning module, and Teledyne TSS DMS-05 Motion Sensor. Each MB1 multibeam installed on the Meon Surveyor features 120° swath width, 170 - 220kHz user selectable frequency range, 24-bit resolution, 60Hz ping rate and up to 512 beams. This new fully integrated model enables users to install and calibrate the system in a fraction of the time of... (read more)
2013-03-28 09:48:00

4,000m Gemini Imaging Sonar

Following the success of the shallow-water real-time imaging sonar, Gemini 720i, Tritech has launched a deep-rated version of the popular sonar, Gemini 720id. Available in 300m and 4,000m versions, Gemini is a forward-looking sonar which utilises an array of transducers to provide a 120º field of view, for a real-time sonar image of the underwater scene ahead. The company most recently achieved a nomination for the Subsea UK Innovation and Technology Award.   Gemini’s rapid and dynamic visualisation of the underwater scene makes it perfect for deep-water applications where successful navigation and obstacle avoidance is required. Gemini provides instant feedback... (read more)
2011-02-08 03:02:59

Humminbird Side Imaging Sonar Training DVD

Black Laser Learning, USA, has released the 'Not in the Manual Guide' to Underwater Search OPS with Humminbird Side Imaging Sonar on DVD. This launch is in response to numerous requests for specialised training on the Humminbird sonar system by law enforcement and other marine search and rescue organisations across North America, particularly with respect to the difficult task of locating drowning victims. Fish finders and echosounders have historically been used for this purpose, but they cover only a small area and produce down-looking profile images of structures that are not high quality resolution. And while more sophisticated sidescan sonar... (read more)
2013-07-22 04:46:56

Small 2D Multibeam Imaging Sonar

Teledyne BlueView has completed initial shipments of its smallest, full-featured 2D Mulitbeam Imaging Sonar system, the M Series. Recipients of the all-new M Series sonar included Global Diving & Salvage, Seattle, and Oceanographic & Geophysical Instruments, Sandwich, MA, USA. The new M Series is significantly smaller than Teledyne BlueView’s P900 Series and includes the same features and functionality that made the P900 Series so popular. It is engineered to fit where other sonar systems cannot to deliver crisp, real-time high resolution sonar imagery for underwater navigation, monitoring and target tracking. The system is available with 45°, 90°, or 130° field-of-view... (read more)
2012-10-31 09:01:39

Teledyne BlueView M900-130 Subsea Imaging Sonar for Oceanscan

Oceanscan has recently made a significant investment with Teledyne BlueView for a number of M900-130 (1,000m and 4,000m rated) subsea imaging sonar. Engineered to fit in small, tight spaces, the M Series is 30% smaller than the older P Series and delivers the same crisp, real-time, video-like sonar imagery. The Teledyne BlueView M Series is commonly used as a pilot aid when navigating unmanned underwater vehicles especially in turbid and low light conditions and is also widely used for inspection, monitoring and mapping applications. Adil Ali, Oceanscan Subsea Sales manager added: “BlueView’s subsea technology is well known, proven and widely... (read more)
2017-04-07 09:34:01

STR Invests in Tritech’s Gemini 720is Multibeam Imaging Sonar

Subsea Technology & Rentals Ltd (STR) has purchased Tritech’s latest Gemini 720is multibeam imaging sonar at the launch of this year’s Ocean Business Exhibition (at stand G7). This purchase represents a further investment in next-generation technology from STR as it continues to increase its equipment rental inventory. Scott McLay, sales director at Tritech, said the newly acquired Gemini 720is multibeam sonar provides real-time, crisp imagery for applications including obstacle avoidance and target detection and offers significant enhancements over the earlier Gemini 720i. With a 120-degree field of view (10-degree tilt) and a fast update rate of 30Hz, the Gemini 720is... (read more)
2017-04-04 01:03:59

Full-ocean-depth, Multi-beam Imaging Sonar in Development

BlueView Technologies has been commissioned to develop the first full-ocean-depth (11,000 metres), multi-beam imaging sonar system for historic exploration projects by Virgin Oceanic and film director and 'National Geographic Explorer in Residence' James Cameron. The new imaging sonar system will be integrated onto revolutionary manned and unmanned submersibles destined for the deepest locations on earth, including the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean.     At more than six miles deep, the BlueView imaging sonar will withstand immense pressure, more than 8 tons per square inch. Using hundreds of razor-thin acoustic beams, the 2D imaging sonar system will aid real-time... (read more)
2011-10-03 02:06:23

Towards a New Sonar Imaging Concept for Survey

Side-scan Sonar or Synthetic Aperture Sonar
Since the 1970s and the emergence of the first analogue systems, the sidescan sonar (SSS) has experienced several major revolutions. Signal digitization in the 1990s has significantly improved signal quality and robustness. Dual-frequency and interferometric systems have allowed better analysis of the seabed. In the mid-2000s, a significant development was the appearance of multibeam SSS with dynamic focusing. These systems, as well as the integration of the first gap fillers, have allowed considerable productivity gains and improved imaging quality. (by Frédéric Mosca and Didier Charlot, iXblue, France) SSS Limitations But SSS has not evolved much over the past decade. Although... (read more)
2018-03-23 01:14:00
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