Kongsberg Adds Hydrographic Equipment to Portfolio

The EA440 singlebeam echosounder is developed for hydrographic use in shallow to medium-depth waters. It supports portable and hull-mounted sidescan and sub-bottom light for shallow waters. Kongsberg Maritime has also presented the portable acoustic positioning system µPAP (MicroPAP) for tracking ROVs, tow fish, divers and other subsea objects. With the EA440, users can cover several applications with a single system. Instead of running separate systems with syn­chronisation issues the EA440 can cover different applications simultaneously. Individual transducer channels may also be reprogrammed to use different frequency band. Up to eight high-power transceivers can operate simultaneously from the EA440 echo sounder.... (read more)
2015-08-03 10:32:24

Underwater Positioning Systems and Transponders

Kongsberg Maritime has launched during OTC a new range of acoustic underwater positioning systems and transponders, designed to harness the power of 'Cymbal' signal processing protocol whilst also being backwards compatible with the HPR 400 protocol and analog transponders. Other systems on display at OTC include HiPAP 501/451/351/351P, which are the second generation acoustic underwater positioning system offering improved position accuracy, longer range capability and faster data telemetry.  The new cNODE series of transponders consists of three models: Maxi - a full size transponder with large battery capacity, floating collar and release mechanism, and long life operation, designed primarily for... (read more)
2010-05-04 11:57:45

Wideband Signals the Future for Acoustic Positioning

The high accuracy and availability of GPS has enabled the offshore survey community to deliver benefits to customers and fuelled demand for a corresponding improvement in subsea acoustic positioning systems. This paper describes the benefits of Sonardyne International’s implementation of the same Wideband signal processing techniques that are used in GPS and discusses the fundamental difference between GPS measurement processes and acoustic positioning systems. Narrowband Limitations Until recently the majority of acoustic positioning systems used narrowband toneburst signals and analogue signal processing methods which have suffered from weaknesses: a limited number of operating channels, susceptibility to noise and interference, and... (read more)
2007-03-02 12:00:00

Two More Gavia AUVs Delivered

NCS Survey has expanded its growing autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) fleet with the purchase of two Teledyne Gavia AUVs. These vehicles are the latest in the Gavia Offshore Surveyor series and are equipped with high-resolution side-scan sonar, a multibeam echo sounder, a sub-bottom profiler, an ultra-short baseline positioning system, long baseline (LBL), GPS and an inertial navigation system.   The AUVs are used to provide ultra-high-resolution data for pipeline and platform inspections; scour monitoring surveys; cable and pipe route surveys; and offshore wind farm surveys. For three years, NCS Survey has operated these vehicles in difficult to access and remote... (read more)
2013-01-30 10:15:24

Noisy Acoustic Metrology Project Conquered

Fugro Chance Inc., USA, has provided 3D acoustic metrology on a spool piece that is 36 inches (91 centimetres) in diameter, despite environmental and logistical challenges. The highly accurate metrology was performed from a platform in Enlace Litoral Tabasco, Gulf of Mexico, at a water depth of 25 metres. Active lines from the platform created a noisy auditory environment and the shallow water depth provided additional challenges in the long baseline (LBL) acoustic operations. Once measurements were finalised, the spool piece was welded to the existing pipeline and then set back down on the seabed. With limited tolerance for such... (read more)
2013-08-14 12:00:00

New Office for Install

On 15 July 2013, Install srl opened the new operational office in Monte di Procida, Italy. This new and more spacious location measures over 200 square metres. The offices are in a spacious open-space area dedicated to processing, reception and recreation. There is meeting room and a warehouse area furnished as a laboratory for tests, checks and pre-mobilisation equipment and an area dedicated to the storage and to shipping/delivery of material/instruments. In the last year Install’s work experience has much increased and various projects concerning geophysical surveys and pipelines inspection have been carried out. The ability to successfully complete the... (read more)
2013-07-26 11:02:17

Ashtead Places £1.5 Million Order for Sonardyne Fusion

Leading equipment rental company, Ashtead Technology Ltd of Aberdeen, has placed an order worth £ 1.5 million (US$ 2.6 million) with Sonardyne International Ltd for the supply of Fusion wideband acoustic positioning systems. This is the largest single order placed to date by a rental company for Fusion equipment. The equipment ordered by Ashtead includes a variety of MF and EHF frequency Compatt 5 transponders, many of which will be supplied with instrumented endcaps for specialist subsea tasks including structure placement and spoolpiece metrology. These will be operated in conjunction with a number of RovNav 5 LBL transceivers and USBL... (read more)
2004-07-15 12:00:00

Ashtead Technology Increases Sonardyne 6G Rental Pool

Ashtead Technology has announced the purchase of GBP1.3 million worth of Sonardyne 6G acoustic positioning equipment. The announcement was made on the opening day of Ocean Business 2013 in Southampton, UK. To complete the order, Ashtead Technology also purchased Sonardyne’s new back deck acoustic transponder test and configuration device, iWand. This latest acquisition is the second significant order placed by the company for 6G in the last 12 months, further strengthening the Ashtead Technology fleet of Compatt 6 transponders, including various sound velocity, digiquartz and inclinometer sensors, GyroCompatts, RovNav 6 LBL transceivers and both omni and directional Wideband Sub Mini... (read more)
2013-04-09 02:39:17

Zupt and Sagem Working Together

Zupt, USA, has entered into an agreement with Sagem (Safran) for the development of the subsea hydrographic and oil & gas market for the Sagem BlueNaute product range. This will include standard subsea heading, pitch, roll and heave products as well as aided inertial options (USBL smoothing and Sparse LBL) to be combined within the subsea BlueNaute products. BlueNaute is based on hemispherical resonator gyros (HRG), a patented Sagem (Safran) technology that was initially used in spacecraft. This new‐generation inertial navigation system is already used in aerospace, which has very demanding reliability requirements. BlueNaute has been developed to be fully... (read more)
2014-03-12 01:05:01

Inertial Navigation for MBARI’s ROVs ‘Ventana’ and ‘Doc Ricketts’

Subsea inertial navigation technology supplied by Sonardyne Inc., Houston, USA, has been selected by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) for its deep-rated remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), 'Ventana' and 'Doc Ricketts'. The SPRINT systems will be used in conjunction with MBARI’s existing Sonardyne Ranger 2 acoustic tracking systems to improve the accuracy, precision and integrity of subsea vehicle positioning in water depths to 13,000 feet. The SPRINT for Ventana has already been installed and commissioned whilst the unit ordered for Doc Ricketts is scheduled to be delivered in the coming months.  Located in Moss Landing, California, MBARI is recognised... (read more)
2017-09-20 04:09:24
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