2017-02-22 11:39:40

Crisis not Affecting Oceanography

Oceanology International has grown, even this year. The exhibition space increased with 5% compared to the last edition, two years ago. And there is optimism in the market, an informal survey by Hydro International amongst vistors and exhibitors shows. ‘The feeling of the market certainly not is in a crisis'. The general forecast and current feeling of the market is optimistic. A cause could be that research and governmental involvement are drivers of the sector. Young students of Willem Barentsz Maritime Intistute made their market survey together with the Dutch Ocean Group, giving them an insight on the development of... (read more)
2010-03-11 11:01:46

Oceanography Student Grants Available

NortekUSA and Nortek BV (the Netherlands) are soliciting innovative proposals from graduate students for annual student equipment loan and travel fund grants. Students interested in measuring currents or waves in the ocean, beach, estuary, lake or laboratory are encouraged to apply. At least two individual awards will be made to outstanding graduate students involved in any discipline of oceanography or engineering. Projects geared towards innovative coastal engineering or bio-physical applications are encouraged to apply.   The award recipients will receive a Nortek Aquadopp, Aquadopp Profiler, HR Profiler, AWAC, Vector or Vectrino velocimeter for a three-month deployment, as well a budget... (read more)
2009-11-02 11:33:06

Canoe-Borne Oceanography

ASL Environmental Sciences is used to unusual situations but it came across a new one with a recent request for a number of instruments from Interives, a company engaged in met-ocean studies based in Laval, Quebec. Jean-Pierre Savard of Interives needed a range of instruments (CTD, wave and current profilers, tide gauge and a weather station) for gathering data to be used for harbour development in several Inuit villages on Hudson Bay and Ungava Bay in Northern Quebec. This part of the world has few if any marine charts and the only safe way of deploying this equipment is by... (read more)
2004-06-02 12:00:00

New Navy Oceanography Centre

The US Navy established the Naval Oceanography Mine Warfare Center (NOMWC), 26th October 2007, at Stennis Space Center (SSC) with Cmdr. Paul Oosterling as its first commanding officer. Rear Admiral. John Waickwicz, commander of the Naval Mine and Anti-Submarine Warfare Command, was the guest speaker.   Oosterling is a native of Ontario (NY, USA), and a graduate of Florida Institute of Technology, the Naval Postgraduate School, and the Naval War College. He was the executive officer of the Naval Oceanography Operations Command before he was named NOMWC Commanding Officer. NOMWC provides ongoing support for the Navy's mine warfare forces to... (read more)
2007-11-07 09:41:56

National Oceanography Centre

Strategic Regional Coastal Monitoring Now Implemented Along England’s Coastline.
With effect from 1 April 2011, a coastal monitoring programme is in place for the entire English coastline via a national network of coastal monitoring programmes. In addition to the well-established programmes (Southeast 2002 and Southwest 2006), new regional programmes have started in the Northwest (led by Sefton Council), the Northeast (Scarborough District Council), East Riding of Yorkshire (ERY Council) and Anglia (Environment Agency). All programmes have been designed on a similar risk-basis, tailored to local requirements and collect similar types of data using the same specifications. All programmes are fully committed to the principle of making their data freely... (read more)
2012-04-02 09:27:46

Seagliders to National Oceanography Centre

Kongsberg Underwater Technology has recently supplied five new Seaglider autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) systems to the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) in Southampton, UK. The AUVs were ordered by NOC’s Marine Autonomous and Robotic Systems facility (MARS), and will become part of a fleet of underwater gliders that are made available to research institutes around the United Kingdom. With this delivery, MARS will now have 10 Seagliders in its pool of AUVs. MARS supplies and supports gliders for scientists at the NOC, as well as institutes and Universities around the UK, to carry out their research programmes. 2013 has seen significant... (read more)
2014-04-29 03:36:16

Oceanography Mission Data Now Available

Oceanography data that will help scientists around the world better understand climate change are now available. The data come from the Ocean Surface Topography Mission, also known as OSTM/Jason-2, a spacecraft developed jointly by NASA and the French space agency.   Launched 20th June 2008, the mission's first validated data products in support of improved weather, climate and ocean forecasts are now being distributed to the public within a few hours of observation. Beginning in 2009, other data products for climate research will be available a few days to a few weeks after observations are taken by the satellite. The... (read more)
2008-12-18 09:33:30
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