UK National Oceanography Centre Joins World Ocean Council

The National Oceanography Centre (NOC, UK) has joined the World Ocean Council (WOC), the international, cross-sectoral leadership alliance on ocean sustainable development, science and stewardship. NOC executive director, Professor Ed Hill, commented that the NOC share the same aim of ensuring the sustainable use of the marine environment by the businesses active in the maritime space. With the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development predicting that the blue economy will more than double its contribution to global value added, reaching over USD3 trillion by 2030, strong growth is expected. A key part of the mission of the NOC is to... (read more)
2017-03-10 08:47:59

Giant Piston Corer for First Institute of Oceanography

OSIL has produced a 30m Giant Piston Corer for the First Institute of Oceanography (FIO), State Oceanic Administration (SOA), China. The OSIL Giant Piston Corer and handling package was supplied to the FIO by JESSN Marine Equipment Co., Ltd (Ningbo, China). The Giant Piston Corer from OSIL (Ocean Scientific International Ltd.) is a rugged and reliable system, which can achieve up to 60m core samples in soft cohesive sediments and muds. The system is a modular construction with a unique integral piston, which reduces internal friction and prevents plugging. The corer can be manufactured from carbon steel or stainless steel,... (read more)
2017-01-04 12:11:45

National Oceanography Centre to Work with Royal Navy

The National Oceanography Centre, UK, and the Royal Navy have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enable cooperation on a variety of activities relating to marine autonomous systems with a particular focus on gliders. The Royal Navy does not currently have a mature glider capability, so working with the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) will provide the basis for trialling gliders and understanding how they can best be used.   Currently the NOC has the largest marine autonomous systems fleet for science in Europe, and with recent acquisitions the NOC also operate by far the largest glider fleet in Europe for... (read more)
2014-04-01 03:22:33

Geraint West Global Business Manager for Oceanography at Sonardyne

Subsea technology company Sonardyne International Ltd., UK, has appointed Geraint West as its Global Business manager for Oceanography. Geraint joins Sonardyne with immediate effect and brings with him extensive experience gained over 32 years with the Royal Navy, Fugro and most recently, the National Oceanography Centre (NOC). Geraint’s early career as a hydrographic surveyor included a posting to the US Naval Oceanography Office, and culminated as Charge Surveyor in the ice patrol ship, HMS Endurance.  He then moved to Fugro as project manager for the US Army Corps of Engineers airborne laser hydrographic survey system. At NOC, Geraint held a... (read more)
2016-01-19 04:10:47

Navy Oceanography Signs Three-year Agreement with Esri

Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet, commander of the US Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command (NAVMETOCCOM),has signed a three-year Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with Esri. Gallaudet said the CRADA is to provide battlespace awareness and environmental information to the warfighters that yields better decisions made faster than the adversary. The Esri software and system allows detailed geospatial data to be analysed with all its time and geographic references. Strong spatial analytics and enterprise collaboration capability link Navy METOC resources with Navy commanders at sea. This marriage of analytics with METOC data help achieve the NAVMETOCCOM goal of Battlespace on Demand.... (read more)
2014-09-11 08:42:20

Catherine Allen Appointed Associate Director UK National Oceanography Centre

The UK National Oceanography Centre (NOC) has announced the appointment of Catherine Allen as Associate Director for Government International & Public Engagement. Catherine will join NOC in June and brings a huge range of experience both as a communicator and senior leader with a sustained record of success in the private, public and charitable sectors. She joins NOC from a regional cancer charity, where she is currently chief executive and until 2015 was chief executive of the National Association of Round Tables of Great Britain and Ireland, an international community-based organization. Press and Public Relations After graduating from the University of Lancaster... (read more)
2020-03-20 04:10:22

New Partnership Creates Combined Hydrography and Oceanography Portfolio

Subsea Europe Services (Hamburg, Germany) and Cyprus Subsea Consulting and Services (Nicosia, Cyprus) have entered into a new strategic cooperation to share knowledge and services that will simplify the acquisition of high-quality marine data for clients across Europe. The agreement, which was signed on 1 January 2021, is the foundation for matching the extensive autonomous and long-term water column survey experience of Cyprus Subsea and Subsea Europe Services' seafloor surveying expertise to provide a harmonized hydrography and oceanography portfolio from a single, Europe-wide source. Additionally, both companies will share knowledge on the continuing development of autonomous solutions for marine surveying,... (read more)
2021-01-15 11:06:26

The Naval Oceanographic Office

Global operational oceanography
The Naval Oceanographic Office is proud of the role that it plays within the international hydrographic community. It traces its roots to hydrographic origins: the Depot of Charts and Instruments that was founded in 1830. The Depot evolved through time and, in 1962, the Hydrographic Office was renamed the Naval Oceanographic Office. An article by LCDR Brian Connon, USN, earlier this year proclaimed, ‘U.S. Navy Hydrography is Back’. A natural question might well be, ‘What were you doing while you were gone?’ Given the nature of this special edition, the present article will describe what we were doing while you... (read more)
2008-01-01 01:00:00

Hydrographic Engineering Conference in Portugal

From 20th to 22nd of June 2012, the week which includes World Hydrography Day, a Hydrographic Engineering Conference is to take place in Lisbon, Portugal. This conference is intended to provide an open space for the scietific and technical community involved in hydrography and those who interact closely with hydrography, in particular related to navigation, geology, marine data management and marine chemistry.   Abstracts can be submitted until 2nd March 2012 to Paper topics can cover hydrographic processes, hydrographic cartography, methods for safety of navigation, operational oceanography, physical oceanography, geological oceanography, chemical oceanography, marine geology, geographic information systems and... (read more)
2012-02-20 09:57:03
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