SHOM Data Available as Open Data Online

In mid December 2013, a new version of the portal was launched during the meeting of the Interministerial Committee for the Modernisation of the Public Governance. From now on, SHOM data will be available as open data from the maritime geographic information portal, which is indexed on SHOM aims to create an ecosystem that stimulates innovation around the data it produces and distributes. The public can participate in the preparation of a Hackathon organised by the Digital Café Brest and the Faculty of Literature and Social Sciences. The Digital Café Brest aims to facilitate the exchange and... (read more)
2014-01-09 09:41:19

Open Standards for ­Interoperable Maritime Data Exchange

What Can We Learn from the Aviation and Defence Domains?
The adoption of open standards for Maritime data exchange is just the start of a long journey. With increased vendor support, a potential reduction in costs, as well as enabling innovation as some of the benefits, implementing open standards such as S-100 and Geography Markup Language (GML) within the Maritime domain is bringing the industry a step closer to truly interoperable data exchange. When it comes to data exchange for the Maritime industry, S-100 is shaping up to be the interoperability stimulus, but it is just the start. S-100 is intended to support a wide variety of hydrographic-related digital data sources,... (read more)
2013-05-23 02:39:41

Open Source Software and Hydrographic Survey Data

3D Point Cloud Editing for Quick Seafloor Extraction Analysis and Visualizations
Hydrographers and data processors are expected to produce high-quality deliverables with a swift turnaround in this present age of data collection and technological refinement. However, the cost of proprietary commercial software processing programmes has excluded many in the past. Such programmes incorporate finely-tuned tools suites and nested algorithms that have been polished and distilled over the years. However, the financial hurdles are not as high as the passion and love that these individuals carry for this explorative industry and, thankfully, open source resources and collective intelligence are changing the game. Processors are often given large datasets with requests for end product... (read more)
2020-12-01 09:08:59

Open-source Software for the Environmental Data Science Community

Cohort company SEA has developed innovative data visualisation software and made it available as open-source for the environmental data science community. The software, developed by SEA’s Research and Technical Support (RTS) division, enables users to access environmental data from servers over the internet and view it in different ways. The interactive data viewing enables rapid analysis and understanding of the features of complex, high-dimensionality data. RTS has used it for analysing oceanographic data variability in order to better understand military sonar performance in complex underwater environments.  RTS has engaged with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and Royal Navy... (read more)
2017-05-08 11:31:18

Offshore Survey Registration Open

The Offshore Survey 09 conference will be held alongside Ocean Business 2009 at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton from 1 to 2 April 2009. The conference features two days of technical presentations focusing on the essential sciences and data management critical to any offshore exploration or development project: from the first requirement of precise positioning to the acquisition and processing of geophysical data below the seabed and wider.   "The impact of dramatic oil price swings on the global Ocean Industry business make Offshore Survey 09 extremely timely. Over two days the OS09 Conference programme includes papers on market opportunities,... (read more)
2009-01-08 10:44:27

TUSExpo 2015 Registration Open

In just a couple of months' time, TUSExpo will open its doors from 4-6 February in the World Forum, The Hague, The Netherlands. Unmanned systems professionals are encouraged to attend event. The online registration is now live. The event is a fully integrated European Unmanned Systems industry tradeshow and conference attended by manufacturers, component suppliers, system integrators, regulators, industry experts, buyers and decision-makers. For a limited period delegates can register for free entrance to the tradeshow. This offer is valid until 28 January 2015. Tickets can also be purchased on each day of the exhibition at the gate for EUR75.... (read more)
2014-12-10 09:46:20

HYPACK 2017 Registration Open

The 24th HYPACK Training Event in New Orleans, USA is to take place from 9-12 January 2017. This training event will offer instruction on the newest features of HYPACK 2017 as well as comprehensive training for both novice and experienced users. Registration has opened and until 30 September 2016 applicants can make use of the early bird rate. This event is an opportunity for attendees to receive unparalleled training in HYPACK's hydrographic software packages, HYPACK, HYSWEEP and DREDGEPACK. HYPACK certified trainers and programmers will also be present for one-on-one sessions, giving attendees the opportunity to discuss any project specific questions.... (read more)
2016-07-19 09:46:58

Open Geophysical releases OpenCPS 3.0

Open Geophysical has released the OpenCPS 3.0 software platform delivering production seismic data processing for land and marine data. The 3.0 release brings processing capabilities spanning from field QC through PSTM imaging. New marine workflows include 3D SRME and Fourier-domain regularisation. New land workflows include crooked line support and FXY deconvolution for cross-spread gathers. The software infrastructure has been enhanced to support the industry's largest data volumes and computing systems. Open Geophysical was acquired by Dolphin Geophysical in 2012. Subsequently, Dolphin has installed OpenCPS 3.0 in its London processing centre and on its four vessels for onboard quality control and... (read more)
2013-04-05 05:05:00

Enhancing Open Ocean Observatories Services

Marine Optics Lab, Remote Sensing and Biogeochemical Applications, Oceanographic Observatory of Villefranche-sur-Mer
Ocean observing systems maintain real-time surveys and high-quality measurements of the ocean state with the aim of monitoring marine ecosystems exposed to changing climate and human pressures. The Marine Optics Lab of Villefranche is one of the leading groups that coordinate this observational effort and, thanks to their partnerships with industrial projects for innovation, contribute to the enhancement of marine services. On behalf of the Oceanographic Observatory of Villefranche-sur-Mer (CNRS / UPMC), the Marine Optics Lab develops non-intrusive optical methods to describe the stocks of particulate and dissolved material in the ocean, and to study the underlying biogeochemical processes that... (read more)
2014-07-17 02:57:22

North Sea Open Science Conference

This conference will highlight knowledge, solutions and prospects to enlarge the scientific basis for an ecosystem-based management of the North Sea. Two main pillars with associated themes will structure the content of the conference: Scientific fundament, comprising spatio-temporal patterns and marine ecosystem processes; Science for management and policy, comprising ecosystem assessment, assessment tools, and socio-economic relevance The conference is open to fundamental and applied research, lessons-learnt from both successes and failures in marine management, and innovative measurement and data handling concepts from within and beyond the North Sea.The conference will equally cover biodiversity and physico-chemical environmental aspects of the North... (read more)
2016-03-29 04:28:21
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