Impact Subsea Launches ISM3D AHRS

Impact Subsea has announced the launch of a groundbreaking underwater Attitude & Heading Reference System - the ISM3D. It utilises high-grade MEMS-based accelerometers, angular rate gyroscopes and magnetometers that feed into a fusion engine driven by a dual-core micro-processor. The unit provides heading to ±0.5° of local magnetic north with pitch and roll to ±0.05° accuracy. For optimal performance, a hard and soft iron calibration can be performed on the unit once installed on the ROV, AUV or other underwater platform. This ensures that a consistently accurate heading is provided at all times. In areas where a large amount of steel... (read more)
2017-03-07 02:55:36

Dual Head Echo Sounder Installation

MMT Group has purchased and installed a Kongsberg EM2040D dual head multi-beam echo sounder on its survey and ROV vessel IceBeam. By operating an EM 2040 dual head, MMT is even-better prepared to perform surveys that meet the IHO-S44 special order.   According to Kongsberg, this is the first multi-beam echo sounder to combine all of the advanced features of deepwater echo sounders to the near-bottom sounding environment. Such features include dual swath per ping to maintain a high survey speed; FM chirp to achieve a much longer range capability; complete roll, pitch and yaw stabilisation and near-field focusing both... (read more)
2011-10-31 11:24:26

iXSea Signs €1.5m Deal with French Navy

iXSea announced that a contract for €1.5m has been signed with DCN (Direction des Constructions Navales) on behalf of the French Navy. This contract is the second part of a large contract signed last year and will involve equipping OCTANS and PHINS products for navigational and combat systems on different types of French Navy surface vessels. OCTANS III, an IMO-certified gyrocompass and still the smallest of its class in the world will be installed on the F70 and F67 Frigates and will also be equipped on the A69 corvettes, helicopter carriers and oil tankers. Maintenance free, it is based on... (read more)
2005-01-31 12:00:00


Applied Acoustic Engineering has announced the full scale launch of their new Ultra-Short Baseline (USBL) tracking system, first seen at Oceanology International 2004. The UK based company has designed EASYTRAK as an economical solution for tracking a variety of targets including ROV’s, towfish and divers. EASYTRAK is compatible with all of Applied Acoustics’ transponders, with the added versatility of being able to track most other makes. 94 standard frequencies are pre-programmed into EASYTRAK, with the facility to set up an additional 4 user defined channels. A built in pitch roll and heading sensor has been added for automatic position compensation,... (read more)
2004-06-07 12:00:00

Update for SonarMite Driver

The SonarMite.dll is a singlebeam echosounder driver for the Ohmex SonarMite SBES. Having remained unchanged since it was first written years ago, it has now been updated. It appears also to give an output of roll, pitch, heave, battery condition and a current depth relative QA value in its string. Hypack has modified the drive so that it now displays the battery status in real time while in survey mode without being logged in the raw file. The new driver will now also record the quality code as a second depth in the raw file which can be displayed in... (read more)
2014-03-27 12:00:00

See It, Feel It

At Ocean Business, you not only have to listen to the sales pitch of the exhibiting companies or to look at the brochures. There are plenty of opportunities to see the equipment in action, to see what they do and to compare their work in reality. You can book for vessel demos or trials in a test tank.   Hydro International was invited to join Reson on Monday afternoon, before the opening of the show, to see the Reson sonars in action. Surveying the harbour of Southampton on board of Southampton's Port Management Protector, a few remarkable features were discovered... (read more)
2009-03-31 12:33:19


For nearly two years the sales team at VT TSS had been receiving orders for a combined installation of its Meridian gyro-compass and its Dynamic Motion Sensor (DMS). It was, therefore, suggested to VT TSS that it would be easier if the two units could be combined in one box. They would be easier to install and easier to use, and so the company developed the Meridian Heading and Attitude System (MAHRS). One notable new attribute is the deck plane correction, which was made possible by the use of an internal algorithm that can correct the gyroscope with highly accurate... (read more)
2003-10-23 12:00:00

iXBlue to Equip Submarine Programme for Swedish Navy

Saab, Sweden, has entered into a seven-year contract with iXBlue to equip the two type A26 next-generation submarines with MARINS units, including fibre-optic gyroscope technology. Scheduled to be operational in 2024, the A26 is a high-tech submarine with proven modular design. The iXBlue MARINS inertial navigation system enables stealth autonomous navigation, providing very accurate heading, roll, pitch, speed and position, under severe GNSS-denied environment. Built by Saab, it is considered today as the world’s most modern submarine program. As the submarine will be specially built to operate submerged for extended periods, with excellent manoeuvrability in all waters, the inertial equipment... (read more)
2016-02-24 09:43:31

Planet Ocean to Distribute Seastick

Planet Ocean has announced its partnership with Italian autonomous underwater vehicle manufacturer GABRI covering the UK and Ireland. The GABRI Seastick AUV incorporates several features that set it apart as an AUV and it can also be used with a tether turning it into a powerful remotely operated vehicle. The all-plastic construction gives it an extremely low magnetic signature. Together with the traditional forward dive controls and stern rudders the SEASTICK incorporates two, variable pitch thrusters using low power, silent, frictionless, magnetic induction motors which allow hovering and vertical movement in the water column. Fully customisable payload drawers and choice... (read more)
2015-06-22 10:51:19

Payload Upgrade for Bibby Tethra

In addition to performing planned five-year vessel maintenance, Bibby HydroMap has also upgraded a number of key systems on the 27.5m DP1 catamaran, Bibby Tethra. The most notable is the installation of a dual-head Kongsberg EM2040 multibeam echosounder, providing superior sounding density along track at a reasonable vessel speed. The single transmitted, dual receiver system allows surveying of up to 10 times water depth, thus matching the capability of the dual head Teledyne Reson 7125 on Bibby Athena. After being announced as the first buyers of Sonardyne's Mini-Ranger 2 USBL in April 2015, the high performance of the unit has... (read more)
2016-05-09 08:33:15
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