Enhanced ENC Standard for Port Operations
The management of larger vessels within the confined, shallow and/or tidal environments of ports requires precise chart information. However, current ECDIS and Inland ECDIS standards do not meet the more stringent regulations in terms of up-to-dateness, scale, accuracy (especially of the topography) and chart objects and attributes required for such port operations. Port ECDIS is the name of the successful work package of the EU-funded project Effective Operations in Ports which aimed to design, develop and test enhanced Port Electronic Navigation Charts (PENCs). With the carriage of ECDIS becoming mandatory for deep-sea vessels within a couple of years, the adoption... (read more)
2010-09-13 12:10:10

Cape Lambert Port Expansion

Royal Boskalis Westminster nv has been given a notice of award for a contract with Rio Tinto for the expansion of its iron ore port facility at Cape Lambert in Western Australia. The contract will be worth approximately EUR145 million and is due to be completed in the second half of 2010.   The assignment includes the dredging of new berth pockets, turning and departure basins and an access channel and will be executed with a combination of cutters and hoppers. The contract is conditional on Rio Tinto obtaining various approvals, including environmental. Global demand for maritime infrastructure continues to... (read more)
2008-08-05 12:14:42

Aberdeen Port Expansion Study

Aberdeen Harbour Board, UK, has commenced a major feasibility study into the potential expansion of facilities at the port. The potential for expansion will be considered alongside specific criteria, with the need for efficient and effective access links and minimising traffic being of prime importance. The study, involving external consultancies working alongside the Harbour’s management team, is designed to explore the future requirements of present and potential port users while also assessing what could be physically provided in order that a comprehensive and clear business case can be considered. The initial findings are expected in the new year. Continued growth... (read more)
2012-09-12 02:30:18

Suez Canal Port Contract

The Port Said Port Authority (PSPA) and the General Authority for Industrial Development have commissioned DHV to draw up a masterplan for the new port and industry complex to be developed to the east of Port Said. The project partners are the Dutch ECORYS and Nile Consultants from Egypt.   Port Said is located on the Mediterranean side of the Suez Canal, through which 30% of the world's container transport and 13% of the world's trade flows. DHV will be responsible for the analysis of the port and industry complex development required for the stimulation of economic growth in Egypt.... (read more)
2007-09-17 11:40:08

Enhanced Port Survey Operations

Marine and engineering company Tyne and Wear Marine (TWM, UK) has used Tritech’s StarFish 990F for a survey of the dock wall on the Tyne River in Newcastle during a port survey and inspection project. Operators at TWM captured clear and representative images of the dock wall. In post processing, the operators were then able to overlay the data onto a photographic image of the dock walls. StarFish Seabed Imaging Systems use the latest in advanced CHIRP (Compressed High Intensity Radar Pulse) acoustic technology and digital-signal-processing (DSP) techniques to offer greater image clarity and range resolution compared to conventional fixed-frequency... (read more)
2012-06-12 04:56:39

Port Security Tour

VideoRay and BlueView Technologies are teaming up for a Summer 2009 United States Port Security Tour. They present hands-on demonstrations of next generation underwater port security imaging and inspection systems and solutions at US Ports and Inland Facilites across the country between July and September 2009, throughout the US.     Port environments across the country play host to a number of challenging underwater conditions and situations. Low visibilty, high current or flow, emergency situations, and constant threats. Applications such as diver interdiction and tracking, berth and hull IED detection, harbour bottom inspection, search & recovery, and infastructure inspection can... (read more)
2009-06-29 09:08:26

Port Hedland Survey Completed

UTEC Survey Australia Pty. Ltd. (Perth) is completing a five-month bathymetric survey campaign for the Port Hedland Port Authority's channel and harbour capital dredging campaign. The hydrographic survey work, which is expected to be finalised by mid-July, is being carried out offshore Port Hedland in North West Australia using the dedicated 21-metre 'No Limit' survey vessel . The "No Limit" is fitted with a high resolution Reson 8125 multibeam, navigation, acquisition, hydrographic personnel and full charting systems. The vessel also has towed side-scan sonar and reflection seismic capabilities. The vessel will be available in late July to undertake hydrographic and... (read more)
2010-07-12 11:20:47

South Australian Port Development

Two GeoSwath wide-swath bathymetric sonars are being used for regular hydrographic port surveys around the South Australian coast, providing bathymetry and side-scan data for use in the development and maintenance of this national infrastructure. Recent projects include the pre, progress, and post-dredge monitoring of the major shipping channels to Port Adelaide and Port Giles which were deepened to accommodate panamax vessels.   HydroSurvey Australia is the hydrographic survey business arm of Flinders Ports, with the core task of performing recurrent surveys of navigational channels and berths for design and maintenance purposes. As well as using the GeoSwath data for planning... (read more)
2009-04-15 03:00:04

Port Expansion in Australia

Royal Boskalis Westminster has been awarded the contract from Fremantle Ports for the deepening of the port of Fremantle Inner Harbour in Western Australia. The project requires the deepening of both the port basin and the access channel. A total of 3 million cubic meters of sand and rock will be dredged and the project will be executed with a large hopper and a cutter suction dredger.   The contract value is approximately EUR45 million and the work is scheduled to be executed in the first half of 2010.   Over the last few months, prior to the award, Boskalis was... (read more)
2009-09-28 11:46:06

Mumbai Port Contract for Boskalis

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. (Boskalis, The Netherlands) has acquired a contract with port operator Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) for deepening and widening the port and access channel of JNPT in Mumbai, India. The contract has a total value of approximately EUR175 million. The dredging work will commence in September 2012 and is expected to take two years to complete. The expansion comprises the deepening and widening of the 33.5 kilometres’ long access channel, the port basins and turning basins. In total, approximately 67 million cubic metres of sand, silt, clay and rock will be removed. For this project, a... (read more)
2012-08-03 12:00:00
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