2017-02-22 11:40:19

Hybrid ROV

Sperre, Norway, is developing a new ROV concept (H-ROV) that is expected to make remotely controlled underwater operations more efficient. The concept distinguishes from ordinary ROVs is that its thrusters can swivel round their own axes to provide optimal driving power in the direction of travel as well as compensate efficiently for current and cable drag. This offers an improvement in performance of anything from 30 to 50% compared to all conventional ROVs currently in production. High Efficiency  It means that the H-ROV will be particularly suitable for subsea dynamic positioning and autotraction operations. The buoyancy element with its thruster(s) will... (read more)
2010-11-18 10:56:03

Versatile ROV

Mariner Underwater Electronics has launched its newest electric powered ROV, the Ippodamus. It has a depth rating of 800 metres which can be increased considerably for custom-made orders. It has been designed to be used for professional inspection and survey operations (observation, inspection, tunnel penetration etc). The Ippodamus can carry sensors as well as small manipulators, making the vehicle a very useful tool in the hands of experienced and professional operators. It has a high resolution colour camera with internal green laser and a video overlay system. (read more)
2010-03-26 03:02:57

ROV Simulator

Marine Simulation released ROVsim O&G, an undersea simulator specifically designed for oil and gas industry inspection and working class Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV). Besides being their first offering in the working class ROV/oil and gas industry, ROVsim O&G includes a number of new features and capabilities.     A complete ROVsim O&G simulator includes three separate software applications: the main ROV Simulator, a separate navigational SONAR Module, and an instructor's Control Module. The main ROV simulator encompasses a mission area of over 25 sq. km (10 sq. miles) and includes a complete oil platform, 8 km (4 miles) of submerged... (read more)
2009-09-17 10:03:52

Thinking ROV

Engineers at Saab Seaeye, UK, have created a new development in ROV architecture, ‘The Intelligent Control of Nodes’ (ICON). The concept allows each device within the ROV to think for itself and talk remotely to operators and engineers through a gateway into the heart of the vehicle.     It gives users remote access to diagnostics, software upgrades and system inventory directly on board the ROV, via an enabled web interface, from anywhere in the world. ICON makes this possible by enabling each microprocessor (node) to operate as a sensor and report its unique status to the central control system.... (read more)
2011-04-15 12:00:00

Noordhoek Expands ROV Fleet

Noordhoek Offshore has ordered 2 new Sub-Atlantic Mohican ROVs and 3 new Seaeye Falcon ROVs. The decision to order new ROVs is another step within the growth strategy of Noordhoek, which already has two new vessels under construction; a DPII Saturation Diving Support Vessel for delivery Q4 2009 and a dedicated DPII ROV Survey Vessel for delivery Q1 2010.     This order continues Noordhoek´s fleet rejuvenation programme and adds 5 units to Noordhoek's ROV fleet, operating mainly in the inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) market. The delivery of these new ROVs is scheduled for the second quarter of 2009.... (read more)
2009-03-24 02:37:30

MERMAC ROV Winch Series

The MacArtney Group (Denmark) has upgraded the MERMAC R series of ROV winches. Featuring power and speed, minimal maintenance requirements, a rugged and compact design, Active Heave Compensation (AHC) and a unique Remote Diagnostics Tool - the MERMAC R series has been developed for ROV systems and tasks of all types. Selecting the right winch system for a specific vessel, ROV system and task portfolio can be complex. Employed for work class and inspection ROV systems alike, MERMAC R winches are available as standalone systems, as part of launch and recovery packages or as part of complete vessel moon pool... (read more)
2013-10-18 11:08:04

ROV for SNK Ocean

ISE has delivered a new Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) for SNK Ocean Co. Ltd., a Japanese marine services company based out of Tokyo, Japan. SNK has other ISE equipment. The HYSUB ROV, the ‘Hakuyo 150-3000', is designed to perform functions including cable burial, salvage, research and survey. It is SNK's deepest-diving ROV, rated to an operational depth of 3,000 metres. It will compliment SNK's existing HYSUB ROV that operates to depths of 2,000 metres. The vehicle is equipped with four lateral and three vertical thrusters, two manipulators, a full sensor package, and ISE's customised control system, ACE.The ROV is also... (read more)
2010-10-25 03:15:50

Ultraheavy-duty ROV Sales

Schilling Robotics has sold two additional Schilling UHD ultraheavy-duty hydraulic ROVs to Geoconsult AS of Bergen, Norway, for delivery in March 2006. This order followed quickly upon Geoconsult’s initial September order for two UHD systems. Like the first systems ordered, these additional systems will feature 150shp and can operate at depths up to 4,000 meters. The systems will be delivered with features including Schilling’s new Digital Telemetry System, automatic control functions such as StationKeep, and Schilling’s new XE hydraulic TMS, with over 800 metres of tether. Geoconsuelt has also taken an option for four additional UHD systems. (read more)
2005-12-05 12:00:00

Prodive Purchase AC-ROV

Prodive Services (Tuzla, Romania) have purchased an AC ROV underwater inspection system from ACCESS Co UK. The 80m tether-remotely operated vehicle was specified to include a rear view camera and light system and an additional 100m tether with custom reel.   Mr Christian Vlad, owner director of Prodive is delighted with the micro ROV's performance, with a series of jobs successfully completed, for example confined access in hazardous environment jobs, ranging from a reservoir pipe, ship's hulls and harbour inspections in the Tuzla area to ongoing inspections at the Cernavodã Nuclear Power Plant, Romania's only nuclear power station.   For... (read more)
2007-07-27 04:21:21
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