GMGS ROV for Trials

Amidst -3°C temperature and snow, ISE commenced trials and testing on the China Geological Survey ROV for its first test dive in the ISE pool. Named "Sea Lion", the ROV is an ISE HYSUB 130HP ROV scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 2009. Sea Lion is the first ROV for Guangzhou Marine Geology Survey (GMGS), a division of China's Ministry of Land and Resources.   It has a depth rating of 4000 metres, suitable for reaching the depths required for the mineral exploration the vehicle is designed to perform. The Sea Lion ROV comes equipped with eight hydraulic... (read more)
2008-12-31 12:00:00

Untangling Underwater ROV Cables

The risk of cable snarl-up during multiple ROV operations beneath the waves is avoided in a tether management system (TMS) design breakthrough. The solution came from a joint project mounted by Subsea 7, one of the world’s leading subsea engineering and construction companies, and world-leading ROV manufacturer, Saab Seaeye.     Together they solved the problem of entanglement posed by shifts in current during operations when a number of TMS cages carrying their ROVs are lowered from a single vessel.    With up to six TMS systems working at any one time, an operator has to contend with a multi-dimensional... (read more)
2009-09-02 09:30:47

Hydroserv Buy AC-Rov

HydroServ have purchased an AC-ROV underwater inspection system from manufacturer Ac-Cess Co. HydroServ is a multi-disciplinary marine organisation supplying a variety of construction, engineering, vessel and consultancy services to the Marine sector in Ireland the UK and Europe. With extensive near-shore and offshore experience in marine operations; vessel charter & management; marine construction and underwater operations including ROV inspection, HydroServ are well placed to gauge the benefits of the micro ROV and its unique characteristics. The unit can be in the water in 2 minutes, after the deployment the system is stowed away in one hand carry case – it’s... (read more)
2007-07-11 09:54:07

Stats Purchase AC-ROV

Specialist engineering group Stats have initially purchased one AC-ROV underwater inspection system for use on their various pipeline integrity projects.The company were actively searching for a genuinely work capable micro submersible. Sighting the systems size (critical to Stats applications), versatility, manoeuverability, and durability, the AC-ROV is for Stats a genuine micro 'work class' ROV that allows serious inspections of confined underwater areas. A convenient detail was found in the fact that the AC-ROV is manufactured in Aberdeen, Scotland, just a few miles from Stat's HQ. (read more)
2006-10-20 12:00:00

New ROV Survey Package

Kongsberg Maritime has introduced an EM 3002 ROV Survey Package. It consists of a complete suite of imaging, positioning and communication hardware and software, and has been designed for straightforward installation and mobilisation on any ROV. The package includes: EM 3002 single- or dual-head multi-beam echosounder HIPAP 500 or 350 (P) SSBL acoustic positioning system Hydro Acoustic Inertial Navigation (HAIN) and motion-sensing system bathymetric sensor doppler log. Based on the EM 3002 multi-beam echosounder, this new package is capable of providing highly detailed pictures for close-up inspection work and detailed and accurate mapping, as well as acoustic imaging of the... (read more)
2005-12-05 12:00:00

Seabed AC-ROV Distributor

Ac-cess Co UK has appointed Seabed (Amsterdam, Holland) as a new distributor of the AC-ROV underwater inspection system for the Benelux countries. Seabed BV has a long history serving the local Dutch and international subsea market. Integrating their in-house manufactured acoustic, sensor and logging solutions with complimentary partner products, Seabed have built a solid reputation based on technical knowledge and reliable products and services.   Seabed Sales Manager, Mr Vincent van Santen views the AC-ROV as a powerful addition to Seabed's capabilities. He says the AC-ROV micro ROV unit is as tough as a brick, as mobile as a helicopter... (read more)
2007-07-10 09:45:15

Sixth Edition ROV Publication

The new edition of Remotely Operated Vehicles of the World has been published by Oilfield Publications Limited (OPL). This sixth edition is, according to the publisher, the most comprehensive yet and provides full details on the worldÕs ROV fleet, vehicle operators, suppliers of products and services and ROV support vessels. In eight hundred pages the book gives technical and performance data on 460 ROVs, including 94 AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles), 116 tracked, towed and free flying burial and trenching systems, 37 towed underwater surveying systems and 215 general work, inspection and observation vehicles. Also included is extensive information, with full... (read more)
2004-03-03 12:00:00

Fly-out ROV

Working in conjunction with their engineering partners All Oceans, the AC-ROV 3000 offers visual inspection support for host vehicle operations in busy, congested and high-risk operating environments. The support this provides can be categorised into two vital roles: as buddy watching the host vehicle or as scout, going out and explore further. As a buddy the AC-ROV 3000 can keep a watching eye on the host vehicle. Duties include checking the tether, giving added perspective on any tool deployments and generally providing an overview of operations. This adds up to reducing risk, limiting host vehicle movement and increased productivity.As a... (read more)
2010-03-04 10:15:39

First Parametric ROV Echosounder

Adaptation has begun of the Innomar Technologie SES-2000 parametric echosounder for use on ROVs. The advanced sounder functions with a pencil-thin acoustic beam that is a highly effective tool in penetrating mud and sediment to provide high resolution sub-bottom profiles. Aquadyne is project-managing the work of Innomar and DeepOcean in developing the first parametric echosounder capable of deployment on an ROV down to 2,000 metres. The development is being initiated as part of a contract that DeepOcean holds with Statoil and, as project manager, Aquadyne responsibilities also include raising finance for the work. Completion of the project is scheduled for... (read more)
2003-11-11 12:00:00


AC-CESS has announced the delivery of an AC-ROV Underwater Inspection System to CDF Commercial Diving Fankhauser / TAF Taucharbeiten AG (CDF / TAF). This company specialise in underwater construction, engineering, industrial cleaning and inspection.     Managing Director Mr André Fankhauser was quick to see the potential of the AC-ROV system: "Of all the system's we looked at, the AC-ROV was the best suited to our requirement. A portable one case system, the AC-ROV is highly suited to confined industrial environments, its ingress capability, mobility and robustness really set it apart from other systems. It is the ideal visual tool... (read more)
2008-11-24 11:27:47
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