New Ownership of RESON A/S

LD Equity 2 has acquired the shares of the Steenstrup family in RESON A/S, and consequently, a new CEO and President and a new Board of Directors have been appointed. The goal of the shareholders is in cooperation with the Board and the new Management to accelerate and continue the development of a newly finished technology platform. This new platform will be the core in the expansion of RESON’ product range and will also allow the Company to expand the use of its sonar systems into new market areas. Mr Allan J. Vestergaard has been appointed CEO and President of... (read more)
2006-02-02 12:00:00

IHO Seeks Feedback On Publication S-44

The current edition of S-44 - IHO Standards for Hydrographic Surveys was adopted in February 2008. The organisation wants to determine whether S-44 requires review or revision, as well as any need to include new or additional material that reflects contemporary or emerging requirements. This feedback can then be considered by the IHO Standards and Services Committee (HSSC) that next meets in November 2011. If there is a requirement, the HSSC will re-convene its S-44 Working Group to carry out the revision process.   In the case of S-44, the IFHS, its affiliated societies and other Hydrographic Societies contain a... (read more)
2011-06-02 12:00:00

Leadership Challenges of Managing H, S & E

The Health, Safe and Environment (H, S & E) aspects of hydrographic surveys in the energy sector are a significant part of the planning and project management of any survey, which does not end with the paperwork (vital as it is) but entails visible safety leadership and, in this context, we need to realise we areallleaders.<P>   Twenty years ago, I witnessed first-hand the worst disaster in the history of the oil and gas industry, when Piper A blew up and 167 men lost their lives, including one of my colleagues. At the time of the incident, I was on... (read more)
2008-05-30 12:00:00

SevenCs Launches S-101 Reader for FME

SevenCs, the company behind the world’s leading ECDIS software kernel, has announced the release of its S-101 Reader for FME (Feature Manipulation Engine). The development and release of the S-101 Reader is an important step in the industry’s move to the S-101 data standard. The SevenCs S-101 Reader is available as a free third party plugin for all editions of FME Desktop. FME by Safe Software is the data integration platform with the best support for spatial data worldwide. FME allows users to convert data between over 450 formats and automate integration workflows. Developers are able to build custom workflows... (read more)
2020-07-13 10:14:13

Entry-level Multibeam Echosounder WASSP S3

The WASSP S3 multibeam echosounder is purpose built for the survey and mapping market and is shipped with WASSP software for 2D/3D mapping and Polar view. The S3 will be officially launched on stand S121 at the Oceanology International exhibition in London from 15 March 2016 and shipping will commence at the same time. The WASSP S3 features new DRX digital/wideband hardware platform, touch screen compatible software, a flexible transducer cable for portability, making it easier to install in a pelican case. Users benefit of simplified installation and commissioning. There are turnkey packages available which include position/heading and motion sensors.... (read more)
2016-03-01 08:44:59

CodaOctopus F180s for Fugro

CodaOctopus has recently delivered two new F180 position and attitude systems to Fugro Survey Pty in Perth, Australia and conducted on-site operator training for twenty surveyors and engineers, including classroom and at-sea instruction. The Octopus F180 was selected by Fugro Survey after lengthy and intensive trials which established it as a credible and cost-effective solution for precision attitude and position data, ideally suited for multibeam survey. Providing high accuracy pitch, roll and heave data, together with inertia-aided position and heading, the F180s will be used in conjunction with Fugro's Reson multibeam sonar. With applications ranging from large vessel deepwater survey... (read more)
2004-02-02 12:00:00

Swathe Services to Distribute AUV-S

Advanced Undersea Vehicles and Systems (AUV-S) LLC, based in Houston, Texas, USA, has appointed Swathe Services as exclusive sales distributor for the UK and Europe. AUV-S provides the offshore industry with safe and reliable autonomous products including the highly versatile multi-purpose unmanned surface vessel (MUSV). Swathe Services has recognised that the future of the survey industry lies amongst products that are able to produce high-quality, cost-effective surveys whilst increasing safety, which is precisely what can be seen in the products that AUV-S manufacture. In addition to this the MUSV complements Swathe Services’ existing range of products from manufacturers such as... (read more)
2014-09-29 10:27:07

Echoscope Meets IHO S-44 Criteria

CodaOctopus, UK, has conducted the necessary survey and research work to demonstrate that the Echoscope is capable of comfortably achieving bathymetric survey data that meets the various orders of the IHO S-44 standard under typical survey conditions. CodaOctopus can further meet these orders (Special Order) through the use of the in-built post-processing steps in the Underwater Survey Explorer software package. Although the Echoscope is widely used for real-time visualisation work – since it produces real-time 3D images – its bottom detection algorithms do not assume a single height per XY position. Therefore although the sonar is not designed exclusively as... (read more)
2014-11-04 09:59:32

The New IHO S-102 Standard

Charting a New Frontier for Bathymetry
Soundings and contours are the only official way data producers can push bathymetric information to the wide hydrographic community. The introduction of the S-102 standard for bathymetry will enable many possibilities within the community of bathymetry users. Liaising with the International Hydrographic Organization’s (IHO) TSMAD working group, the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) and the US Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVO) led the development and practical testing of this revolutionary standard, officially called the Bathymetric Surface Product Specification S 102. In partnership with IIC Technologies, GeoNet Technologies, and CARIS, CHS created one of the first prototypes of S 102 datasets, using the... (read more)
2012-05-02 04:49:07

REMUS 100-S AUV for Offshore Survey

Hydroid has announced its new AUV, the REMUS 100-S, at the Shallow Survey Conference in Wellington, New Zealand. The 100-S is an evolution of the REMUS 100 system configured specifically for hydrographic and offshore surveys. The REMUS 100-S features the Kongsberg Inertial Navigation System, which includes a Honeywell Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), the NavP navigation processing suite, and a payload processor, which is used to initialise and control all sensors.     The 100-S also features a new Vx Works Operating System, updated version 7.0 of VIP software, a field-replaceable antenna, a precision GPS sensor and 1 GBit Ethernet, allowing... (read more)
2012-02-23 09:40:59
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