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IMCA Revises Subsea Metrology Guidance

Subsea metrology procedures are expanding rapidly to provide ever-higher-accuracy solutions, so the publication by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) of a revised version of ‘Guidance on Subsea Metrology’ (IMCA...

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Kraken Establishes German Subsidiary

Kraken Sonar’s German subsidiary, Kraken Robotik GmbH (KRG), will commence operations at the Bremen Innovation and Technology Centre from 1 January 2017. KRG will be led by Dr Jakob Schwendner...

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Acoustically Aided INS and Lidar

Aerial mobile mapping using Lidar and GNSS-aided inertial navigation has revolutionised the efficiency of land and shallow-water bathymetric surveying. Now, fast ultra‑high resolution subsea mobile mapping is approaching. Millimetre-resolution Lidar...

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