Caris Now at Maritech Training Centre

The Maritech Group has added CARIS software products to the portfolio of courses offered at the Maritech Training Centre. The arrangement was agreed recently between Mr Arron Burrows, Innovation Manager of Maritech and Mr Maarten Peters, Sales Manager of CARIS BV, and commenced with two fully booked CARIS HIPS/SIPS courses during June and July. The CARIS software is being utilised on the National Seabed Survey of Ireland for which Maritech were awarded the personnel supply contract. These initial courses are being run to train and update both Maritech and The Marine Institute of Ireland personnel specifically for this three-year project.... (read more)
2003-10-23 12:00:00

New Gardline Subsidiaries

Gardline Surveys, an Offshore Survey company based in Great Yarmouth, UK, has undergone a major organisational change, developing new subsidiaries to focus on particular market sectors. Organic growth over the years has helped Gardline to grow in stature and capability. However, so that it can better serve client needs, separate companies have been established. George Darling, the company founder, remains Group Chairman. Gardline Marine Sciences Limited will undertake head office duties Gardline Geosurvey Limited will concentrate on traditional marine geophysical and hydrographic surveys for oil and gas companies, submarine cable companies, scientific institutes and government authorities Gardline Geoscience Limited will... (read more)
2003-10-25 12:00:00

Monitoring Seabed at Hong Kong Airport

A significant area of the new Chep Lap Kok airport in Hong Kong is on reclaimed land. Annual surveys have to be made to provide assurance of seabed stability on the airport perimeter. Emu, in association with Geomatic Surveyors Ltd, is contracted by the airport authority to provide these annual surveys under necessarily stringent quality control procedures. These are met by Emu’s ISO 9002 accreditation. The surveys involve running heave-compensated single beam echo sounder bathymetric surveys with line spacing of between five and 25 metres, as well as sidescan sonar surveys to confirm the integrity of retaining walls and associated... (read more)
2003-10-25 12:00:00

Registering Climatic Variability

To increase our understanding of climatic variability it is vital to be able to measure changes in nature. One way of doing this is by measuring sea temperature, current speed and direction over time. Aanderaa Instruments in Norway has just delivered thirty Recording Current Meter RCM 11s (a Doppler Current Meter) for long-term ocean observation experiments. The aim is to study the world’s ocean circulation and climatic variability. The instruments will be placed in four key areas of ocean circulation in the world: The Canary Basin The Irminger Sea, Labrador Sea The Mozambique Channel East Indonesia During the next five... (read more)
2003-10-25 12:00:00

Emu Survey for Thames Dredging

Emu Ltd, UK, has completed a study in the Thames Estuary to provide comparative data for a dredging programme. The Port of London Authority commissioned Emu to monitor background dissolved oxygen (DO2) and suspended sediment levels in support of a maintenance dredging project in the Princes Channel on the southern side of the Estuary. The Emu-gathered data will be compared with data gathered during dredging to determine the effect of dredging activity on the marine environment. The data was obtained from a custom-designed seabed-mounted frame with sensors positioned one metre above the seabed. (read more)
2003-10-25 12:00:00

Thales Completes Thames Measurement Programme

Thales Geosolutions environmental and metocean services division has recently successfully completed a thirteen-month long oceanographic measurement programme in the outer Thames estuary. The programme was conducted for Hydrosearch and is part of a pre-development study for the erection of an offshore wind farm. Using its dedicated data processing facilities based at its offices in Cape Town, Thales delivered a comprehensive range of product services to complement the measurement programme. In addition to using manufacturer-supplied software, Thales has developed Matlab-based data processing software to conduct rigorous quality control on data and present it in whatever format is required by the client.... (read more)
2003-10-25 12:00:00

Marine Geospatial Data Industry Seminar

The Marine Geospatial Data Industry seminar held at the UKHO at beginning of July attracted representatives from government departments and agencies, academia and from the commercial sector. The purpose of the seminar was to stimulate discussion on the potential development of a Marine Geospatial Data Infrastructure (MGDI) for the UK, the role stakeholders will play and how the initiative might be moved forward. Visits to key operational areas within the UKHO and product and service demonstrations offered a chance to see the UKHO in action and provided insight into the future of the UKHO, including its wider markets programme. Dr... (read more)
2003-10-25 12:00:00

Versatile Tide Gauge

Valeport Ltd, UK, has introduced a seabed-mounted tide recorder that makes precise water level measurements where conventional units attached to piers and jetties are not practicable. Applications are in oceanography, hydrography and marine civil engineering projects. Called the MIDAS Tide Recorder, the new instrument is also designed to be part of an in-line mooring. The high accuracy (±0.01 per cent) pressure sensor and temperature sensor is housed in acetal rated to 1,000m water depth. The MIDAS Tide Recorder has a wide range of sampling regimes and rates. It can sample at 1, 2, 4 or 8Hz and can log/output data... (read more)
2003-10-25 12:00:00

New Magnetic Survey System

Innovatum has announced availability of a new magnetic survey system for a wide variety of applications Ð the SEARCHER system. This is a new towed array tool providing highly detailed magnetic mapping, both on land and in marine environments. It consists of an array of magnetic sensors mounted on a frame, which may be towed over land or on the seabed or mounted on other underwater vehicles. A wide tracking swath allows a vessel to tow the array along a linear target such as a pipe or cable. High-speed data acquisition means the speed limitations of previous towed arrays are... (read more)
2003-11-13 12:00:00

USGS Upgrades to SWATHplus

The US Geological Survey Center for Coastal and Marine Geology, located at Woods Hole, Massachusetts has recently taken delivery of a SEA SWATHplus, upgrade to the Submetrix 2000 system purchased in 2000. The centre will be using the SWATHplus for near-shore mapping and identification of seabed geo-morphology. The SWATHplus electronics package is augmented with a much improved software suite that gives easier real-time control and processing, along with enhanced QC tools and 3D visualisation. (read more)
2004-03-03 12:00:00
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