Automated Target Recognition Options for Gavia Vehicles

Teledyne Gavia, a global leader in the manufacture of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), has introduced Charles River Analytics’ AutoTRap Onboard AI-based object detection software as a new capability onboard their Gavia marine vehicles. As underwater operations become more complex and dangerous, AI technology has emerged as the clear solution for delivering the consistent and accurate results that have proven elusive until now, due to the challenges of ever-changing marine environments. The new partnership with Teledyne Gavia expands the boundaries for underwater unmanned sonar operation. Now, operators can acquire Teledyne Gavia’s best-in-class unmanned underwater vehicles with AutoTRap Onboard software inside. “AutoTRap... (read more)
2020-09-22 09:33:34

Valeport Launches New Sensors for Subsea Survey and ROV/AUV Operations

Valeport, a leading manufacturer of oceanographic and hydrographic instrumentation, has further expanded its portfolio’s capability with the launch of two new sensors for ROVs/AUVs and subsea surveys. Valeport has launched the new miniIPS2 and new uvSVX, which both offer operationally specific interchangeable pressure transducers that deliver enhanced accuracy for specific depth ranges. These field-swappable sensor heads make it easy for users to select the correct pressure range for their work and offer increased accuracy at any depth, alongside streamlining benefits to users who previously required different instruments for shallow and deep water.  Interchangeable Pressure Module The smart miniIPS2 underwater pressure... (read more)
2020-09-22 09:18:06

Spectra Geospatial GNSS Receiver Chosen for Solo Around-the-world Yacht Race

The Spectra Geospatial SP90m GNSS receiver has been selected by the racing yacht Maître CoQ for the 2020 Vendée Globe, single-handed, non-stop around-the-world yacht race. The Vendée Globe is an extreme endurance test for both sailor and boat and widely considered the ultimate challenge in ocean racing. The SP90m provides the skipper of the Maître CoQ, Yannick Bestaven, with precise position and boat heading information. The SP90m information is integrated into a separate attitude information source, and the entire package of the position, heading and attitude is sent to the boat’s autopilot. Bestaven, responding to the changing sea and wind... (read more)
2020-09-22 10:34:16

Veripos Launches SPAN GNSS+INS for Hydrographic Survey Applications

Veripos has introduced SPAN GNSS+INS technology from NovAtel, also part of Hexagon, into the offshore oil and gas marine market. NovAtel and its SPAN technology have accelerated developments in GNSS positioning, sensor fusion and inertial navigation systems for over 15 years. Now, Veripos brings this proven technology to the marine market to optimize your positioning solution with GNSS and inertial measurement units (IMUs) to provide heading, attitude and heave measurements on the open water.  Through deep coupling, SPAN technology fuses measurements from the GNSS receiver and the IMU together to calculate robust and reliable position, heading, velocity attitude and heave.... (read more)
2020-09-15 09:30:58

Applied Acoustics Launches Pyxis Integrated Inertial USBL System

Applied Acoustic Engineering (AAE) has announced the launch of its next-generation USBL system, Pyxis USBL. Taking its name from the constellation Pyxis Nautica – the mariner’s compass – Pyxis USBL combines the best of AAE’s subsea acoustic tracking technology with a highly advanced inertial navigation system (INS) from a respected name in the industry, to create a state-of-the-art, inertially aided Ultra Short Baseline system capable of accurate subsea tracking with survey-grade performance. The combination of AAE’s Sigma 2 acoustic protocols and SBG Systems' high-precision Navsight Apogee Marine INS brings together two leading names in the field of marine technology, resulting... (read more)
2020-09-10 03:10:16

Sentinel-2 Coastal Charting Worldwide

The Hydrographers’ Final Search for an Effective SDB System
It is widely and wrongly assumed that the world’s coastal regions have been surveyed in detail by modern techniques and that the resulting nautical charts are an accurate reflection of the nature of the seabed. This optimistic approach is not shared by the world’s hydrographic offices or the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO). Hydrographers have a saying: “the world is fully charted, it’s a shame that so little is surveyed”, and one could add, looking at venerable charts, so poorly surveyed. Hydrographic offices and the IHO have been looking for years to find an affordable method to fill the coastal gaps in... (read more)
2020-09-07 08:55:46

Fugro’s ROV Survey and Monitoring Help Install World’s Longest Subsea Interconnector

Fugro has completed a contract for Nexans to provide remotely operated vehicle (ROV) survey and monitoring support services to lay the North Sea Link cable through a mountain and along a lake bed in Norway. National Grid NSN Link and Statnett are building an electricity interconnector between Kvilldal in Norway and Blyth in the UK which, on completion, will be the longest subsea interconnector in the world. Fugro’s innovative survey and monitoring solutions supported the installation of two cables through the mountain between Hylsfjorden and Lake Suldalsvatnet, and along the lake bed at a depth of 210m. Real-time Monitoring and... (read more)
2020-08-07 03:04:33

Submerged Munitions, No Hazard Left Undetected

Minimum Requirements for Munitions Detection at Sea
Munitions in the sea pose a risk to the sustainable development of the ocean economy. In particular, they are a global challenge during the construction of wind parks, pipelines and other infrastructure. To ensure high-quality performance during the execution of the necessary maritime munitions detection and clearance operations, industry experts and scientists from Germany have defined a set of requirements. These are particularly important in the detection phase which requires the attention of hydrographic surveyors. Safe access to large areas of the seafloor is a prerequisite for offshore economic development. However, this ability has been compromised by the presence of... (read more)
2020-07-20 02:06:12

Swathe Services Takes Delivery of SBG Ekinox Navsight INS for Customer Demonstrations

Swathe Services has recently added the SBG Ekinox Navsight to its equipment demo pool.  After extensive trials on manned and unmanned vessels operating under bridges, in harbours and offshore for Hydrographic applications, the performance of the Ekinox Inertial Navigation System (INS) has convinced the hydrographic survey services company. Its small compact subsea form factor and weight makes this system light and easy to install with portable sonar systems. The SBG Ekinox Navsight is ideal for shallow water applications. James Williams, managing director at Swathe, explained: “Since we became the distributor for SBG Systems, we have seen a steady increase in sales across... (read more)
2020-07-16 01:34:22

Mapping Submarine Groundwater Discharge with Thermal Infrared Imaging

Using Cutting-edge Technology and High-resolution UAS
Submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) is a significant part of the water cycle that delivers anthropogenically derived and naturally occurring nutrients to coastal waters. As part of the drive to develop methods to prevent the degradation of coastal water quality, research conducted at the University of North Carolina Wilmington attempts to address the ambiguity associated with SGD point source locations. This case study outlines how cutting-edge high-resolution unmanned aerial system (UAS) thermal infrared (TIR) imaging methods have been coupled with the newest technology for continuous and autonomous SGD monitoring. Submarine groundwater discharge – the process in which groundwater flows down-gradient through... (read more)
2020-07-14 08:21:52
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