EIVA Expands ScanFish ROTV Sensor Platform Payload by 700%

The EIVA ScanFish remotely operated towed vehicle (ROTV) is designed to function as a platform for subsea sensors. It comes with a maximum sensor payload of 50kg as standard, but the total payload capacity for the EIVA ScanFish is 350kg. The EIVA R&D team took up the challenge in May 2017 and four months later, a ScanFish XL was introduced at the EIVA Days Denmark 2017. The ROTV itself measures 4.33x2.73x2.77 metres. It weighs 1840kg in air but is neutrally buoyant in water. A design upgrade was needed when the marine geophysical-geotechnical service delivery specialist PanGeo Subsea contacted EIVA to discuss... (read more)
2017-10-09 12:58:23

Successful Sea Trials for TRIAXYS g3 Wave Sensor

AXYS Technologies’ TRIAXYS g3 wave sensor has successfully completed a series of rigorous sea trials. The trials were conducted both in the German Bight and off the West Coast of Canada and used both AXYS' own TRIAXYS wave buoy and other industry standard buoys as references. The TRIAXYS g3 demonstrated high levels of correlation against all reference buoys, confirming that the TRIAXYS g3 sensor meets AXYS' high standards of accuracy for wave height and direction measurement. The TRIAXYS g3 is a next generation solid state wave sensor which offers, among other new features, frequency partitioning, continuous wave analysis and processing... (read more)
2016-09-20 01:10:32

First Use of TRIAXYS Next Wave II Sensor

International engineering and project management company AMEC (UK) will be the first company to receive the TRIAXYS Next Wave II sensor integrated into its WatchMate met-ocean monitoring buoy. The TRIAXYS Next Wave II has recently been released as the new wave sensor for measuring directional waves and motion. Major improvements include: reduced power consumption by nearly half, significant reduction in the sensor size and weight, and an increase in wave data accuracy and resolution. AMEC will be using the WatchMate 1.8 DM buoy to receive comprehensive environmental data, which will support marine construction operations. The WatchMate will transmit directional waves,... (read more)
2013-10-04 12:08:57

Valeport Reveals the Latest Sensor and Software Updates

Valeport is using Ocean Business 2017 as a platform to highlight a number of exciting new developments across its range this year. The company is showcasing new and developed technologies at its stand, M1. dredgeMATE A new sensor especially designed for the dredging community, which will be on show for the first time at Ocean Business. The new dredgeMATE turbidity sensor integrates with the popular and capable SWiFT SVP (CTD) to produce a useful profiler for any survey requiring CTD and turbidity. Valeport Connect The latest software from Valeport for use on iOS and Android was presented by product manager, Jim... (read more)
2017-04-04 05:39:29

Twin Spread Sensor for PI Catch Monitoring System

Simrad has announced the availability of a new sensor for use with its PI Catch Monitoring system. The twin spread sensor has been designed to make twin spread control affordable and works on single, twin or multi trawls. It is capable of supplying information about door spread and door stability in order to maximize the performance of the trawl. Mounted with ease using a door adapter, the twin spread sensor monitors the spread and stability between doors and between port door and centre weight. This information can then be used to detect incorrect rigging of doors or sweeps allowing the... (read more)
2004-05-14 12:00:00

Nitrate Sensor Options for Profiling Floats and Gliders

The Satlantic (Canada) ISUS and SUNA nitrate sensors have been adapted for profiling float deployment to provide a cost-effective method of observing biogeochemical parameters and thereby improve the understanding of biological productivity and carbon uptake in the ocean. With the support of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute and the University of Washington, two new nitrate sensor options have been developed.     The Deep SUNA is a bolt-on ancillary sensor for profiling floats. The ISUS-APF is integrated into the Teledyne Webb Research APEX profiling float top end cap. Both versions of the instrument use the Sea-Bird CTD data from... (read more)
2011-08-24 10:27:45

OFG Self-compensating Magnetometer Added to Teledyne Gavia Sensor Suite

Teledyne Gavia, manufacturer of the Gavia autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), has completed trials of the AUV self-compensating magnetometer (SCM) from Ocean Floor Geophysics (OFG). Following successful integration and field trials in Iceland of the OFG SCM on the Teledyne Gavia AUV, the sensor system is now being offered as part of the ever-expanding suite of tools available to Gavia users. CEO of OFG, Matthew Kowalczyk elaborated on the principal advantage of the SCM system: “There are many magnetometer technologies available on the market. The requirement that drove the development of the SCM system was to remove the need to tow... (read more)
2018-05-01 10:15:15

SeaView Systems SVS-603 Wave Sensor Deployments around the Globe

SeaView's SVS-603 Wave Height Sensor is enabling wave measurements on a wide range of buoy hulls worldwide. The SVS-603 is bringing wave measurements to a variety of platforms for which such measurements would have been impractical before the complete algorithms, small form factor and very low power consumption offered by the SVS-603. The SVS-603 ships with a custom GUI environment that enables configuration of the sensor for a variety of output requirements and deployment situations. It also includes support for analysing the measured results from either the serial or USB output stream or the on-board SD card. A few of... (read more)
2017-05-01 09:52:50

Applanix Releases the Latest Version of its DSS Digital Sensor System

Applanix introduced the latest version of its DSS Digital Sensor System. The new system incorporates a next-generation CCD, and single-axis azimuth mount, both designed to maximise the DSS system's capabilities in generating high-quality digital imagery for the aerial survey and remote sensing industry. The DSS is a medium format, digital airborne remote sensing system, using Integrated Inertial technology to produce georeferenced colour and Colour Infrared (CIR) imagery. The system's new super-fast digital chip delivers a 2.5 second cycle time for rapid data capture, together with enhanced pixel dynamics. Additionally, DSS systems now include an azimuth mount designed to remove the... (read more)
2004-06-07 12:00:00

Hydrographic Measurements 2.0 Seminar to Establish Multi-sensor Data Capture Strategy

On 5 December 2013, the Maritime Access division (of the Department of Mobility and Public Works) and IWT, the Flemish Agency of Innovation, are to organise a conference called HYDROGRAPHY 2.0 in Antwerp, Belgium. During this one-day event, the results of the market consultation that was held will be outlined as well as the intended procurement of the pilot project ahead , which will be based upon a multi-sensor data capture strategy for bathymetric measurements. Participants are requested to register for the conference Hydrography 2.0 before 1 December 2013 via email. Flanders has initiated a market consultation to investigate the current... (read more)
2013-11-25 09:44:53
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