4,000m Gemini Imaging Sonar

Following the success of the shallow-water real-time imaging sonar, Gemini 720i, Tritech has launched a deep-rated version of the popular sonar, Gemini 720id. Available in 300m and 4,000m versions, Gemini is a forward-looking sonar which utilises an array of transducers to provide a 120º field of view, for a real-time sonar image of the underwater scene ahead. The company most recently achieved a nomination for the Subsea UK Innovation and Technology Award.   Gemini’s rapid and dynamic visualisation of the underwater scene makes it perfect for deep-water applications where successful navigation and obstacle avoidance is required. Gemini provides instant feedback... (read more)
2011-02-08 03:02:59

High-frequency Side Scan Sonar

JW Fishers, USA, has added a new high-frequency side scan system to its line. The 1,200kHz sonar produces detailed images of even small and soft targets such as old wooden wrecks, areas of scattered debris or a victim of drowning. The new sonar is available as a single-frequency system or a dual-frequency side scan with two sets of transducers in one towfish. Putting two sets in one fish provides versatility, allowing the operator to switch between frequencies at any time during operation. The lower frequency is capable of scanning long ranges, but with less resolution. When the 1,200kHz was towed... (read more)
2012-12-31 12:11:37

Multibeam and Imaging Sonar Demonstrations

Teledyne Odom Hydrographic and Teledyne BlueView will be performing demonstrations onboard the survey vessel Meon Surveyor during all three days of Ocean Business 2013 in Southampton, UK. Teledyne Odom will be demonstrating its new Dual Head MB1 Multibeam with integrated Hemisphere Heading RTK Positioning module, and Teledyne TSS DMS-05 Motion Sensor. Each MB1 multibeam installed on the Meon Surveyor features 120° swath width, 170 - 220kHz user selectable frequency range, 24-bit resolution, 60Hz ping rate and up to 512 beams. This new fully integrated model enables users to install and calibrate the system in a fraction of the time of... (read more)
2013-03-28 09:48:00

Software Update for Navigation Sonar

FarSounder makes available SonaSoft version 3.2, a major upgrade to the software which powers the FarSounder-500, FarSounder-1000, and FS-3DT sonar. This upgrade includes processing, user interface, and display improvements. Major upgrade features include: True Target Motion Chart Viewer Improvements Sonar Status Indicator Improved Colour Scale Display Videos and screenshots of the new software are available on the company’s website. The software update is compatible with FarSounder’s existing products and integrates directly with select ECDIS and integrated bridge systems including the Wärtsilä SAM Electronics NACOS Platinum and Transas Navisailor 4000. The upgrade is available to all current and new FarSounder navigation... (read more)
2016-02-17 03:45:31

Sonar Linked to Whale Strandings

The first data on how beaked whales respond to naval sonar exercises appears in a new report from an international research team. Their results suggest that sonar affects the behaviour and movement of whales.   Scientists have long been aware of a link between naval sonar exercises and unusual mass strandings of beaked whales. Evidence of such a link triggered a series of lawsuits in which environmental groups sued the US Navy to limit sonar exercises to reduce risk to whales. In 2008, this conflict rose to the level of the US Supreme Court which had to balance potential threat... (read more)
2011-03-17 09:51:54

Cameras, Accessories and Sonar Launched

Kongsberg Maritime is showing ten new products at Ocean Business 09, including the launch of a new direct HD-SDI coax or fibre output option for its leading underwater HDTV colour zoom camera the OE14-502. A new pan & tilt unit, five new lamps, 625 and 525 line versions of the new OE13 124 BIT low-light underwater camera and two new Mesotech Scanning Sonar heads can also be found on the company's stand, N1.   Kongsberg is now able to offer its customers a more straightforward and cost effective way to output HD-SDI video format from its popular OE14-502 Component Underwater... (read more)
2009-04-01 11:54:57

2200-S AUV Sonar System

EdgeTech has introduced the new 2200-S AUV Sonar System: a combined side scan sonar and sub-bottom profiler specifically designed for small, limited power budget AUVs. The 2200-S contains a Full Spectrum (‘chirp’) dual frequency 120/410 kHz side scan sonar with a swath coverage of 800+ meters. The 2200-S processor transmits long, wide bandwidth pulses that result in higher resolution images and greater Signal to Noise Ratio resulting in extended range. In addition, the system also has a 4-24 kHz Full Spectrum sub-bottom profiler with a number of selectable pulses available within that range. By changing the centre frequency of the... (read more)
2004-09-13 12:00:00

Ultra High-resolution Sonar Head

Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd., the Canadian subsidiary of Kongsberg Maritime, has released the 1171 Series multi-frequency high-resolution fan/cone sonar head. The scanning sonar head is intended for applications where data and image clarity supersede any other requirement, including underwater construction support, site clearance and bridge and pier inspection.    The sonar head supports multi-frequency operation on both the fan and cone transducers. The operating frequency of the cone transducer can be selected by choosing one of four different ‘pre-set’ frequencies (675/900/1200/1300kHz). The operating frequency of the fan transducer can be selected by choosing one of three different ‘pre-set’ frequencies (900/1000/1100kHz) or... (read more)
2013-05-14 01:50:35

Multi-beam Sonar Training Course

Associated British Ports (ABP) Port of Southampton, UK, is to host the 56th international training course for multibeam survey operators in March this year. The six-day, 36-lecture course has previously been delivered in 55 locations worldwide. This is the first time that the course has been hosted by ABP. The course will take place in the Port of Southampton's QEII cruise terminal in the Eastern Docks. The course is designed to provide a theoretical and practical background in marine swath survey technology and techniques, which can be applied to a variety of applications such as hydrographic surveys; continental shelf boundary... (read more)
2011-01-31 10:40:49
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