Tri-frequency Sidescan Sonar System

EdgeTech, USA, has released an AUV-based sonar system that provides three sidescan sonar frequencies as well as subbottom profiling capabilities in one compact and integrated system. One of the recently delivered EdgeTech 2205 tri-frequency systems was configured to operate at 230kHz, 540kHz and 1,600kHz. This configuration provides more flexibility for AUV operators and allows them to collect different sets of data for different missions without reconfiguration. The lower frequency provides a 450 metre swath while the higher frequency is suited for high resolution operations. The 1,600kHz frequency can provide across-track resolution of less than one centimetre. In the middle, the... (read more)
2015-02-05 08:51:43

Tritech Side Scan Sonar Demonstrations

During Ocean Business, Tritech International will showcase on-water demonstrations of side scan sonars. The range of side scan sonars have been tailored to suit requirements for imaging in shallow and deep waters.   Building on the success of the advanced side scan sonar systems Tritech complete the family with the next generation model, the daddy of the family; The SeaKing Towfish SK150 DST. Specifically designed to fly at depths of up to 120 metres, the SK150 can be used for high resolution surveys at depths other lighter systems can't reach.   The demonstration sessions will be held on board Bill... (read more)
2009-03-20 10:38:22

Seatronics Invests in Sonar Equipment

Seatronics Ltd, UK, has invested more than USD1.5 million in advanced sonar imaging systems and associated equipment from EdgeTech. The purchase is part of a multi-million dollar investment by Seatronics which will expand the marine equipment rental fleet. The company selected EdgeTech to provide the most underwater survey equipment to meet customer needs. Notable equipment purchased by Seatronics included the following EdgeTech systems: 4125 Shallow Water Side Scan Sonars; 4200 Multi-Purpose Survey Systems; 3200 Sub-bottom Profilers; 2000 Series Combined Side Scan Sonar/Sub-bottom Profilers; ROV-based Sonar Systems and 4600 Bathymetry/Side Scan Sonar Systems. Seatronics' UAE regional manager Jeff Holtom said that... (read more)
2013-06-19 03:34:36

Kraken Sonar for ECA AUV

Kraken Sonar (Canada) has been awarded a contract valued at over USD325,000 by ECA Robotics (France) to supply and help integrate its AquaPix Miniature Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Sonar and Embedded Real-Time SAS Signal Processor on the A18D AUV. Kraken's AquaPix is a sonar system providing military grade technology providing 3D seabed imaging, faster data processing and a lower cost than conventional sonar. AquaPix is designed for operation on AUVs, manned and unmanned surface vessels and towed bodies. The modular system uses the latest electronics, transducer arrays and signal processing software optimised for the demanding size, weight, power and cost constraints... (read more)
2015-08-12 09:52:18

Sonar for Enhanced Mammal Detection

Gemini SeaTec, UK, provides an early warning of the presence of marine mammals in the vicinity of marine current turbine structures. The Gemini SeaTec system has been successfully field-tested on the Marine Current Turbine (MCT) SeaGen installation in Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland, overseen and tested by the Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU) Ltd. The latest version of Gemini SeaTec system includes improved software algorithms for analysing moving marine life targets according to their size, shape and swimming behaviour. Targets are categorised using a traffic light system, indicating the probability that a moving target is a marine mammal. ‘Possible’ (green) targets... (read more)
2012-05-23 10:35:41

Towed Underwater Camera and Sonar

A new concept of towed underwater vehicles has been presented by Oceanflite. Through the shape of their bodies, the TUVs can fly underwater. The depth of their flight is determined by the speed of the boat: the faster the TUV is pulled, the deeper it will float. The TUVs can be euqipped with sonar or an underwater camera, making the device fit for surveying jobs, fish finding or underwater inspections. Images can be displayed on an in-boat monitor. (read more)
2006-11-20 12:00:00

Search & Recovery Side Scan Sonar

EdgeTech has introduced their 4125-P Portable Search & Recovery Side Scan System. The 4125-P is a digital single or dual frequency 400/1250 kHz system that produces very high resolution imagery. Designed with Search and Recovery and Harbor Security in mind, the system can quickly be deployed by one person within minutes from a very small boat and a 12-24 VDC power source. The 4125-P comes standard with a lightweight towfish in a rugged portable carrying case, portable waterproof topside processor with laptop computer and 50 metres of tow cable.       (read more)
2007-10-08 10:44:11

High-resolution Sonar for Engineering

Integrating Multi-beam and Inertial Navigation
In the event of an incident or inclement weather such as a hurricane, an engineer may be required to assess the situation of any subsea structure. Here, the ability to produce quick, accurate and dimensionally correct survey images in an easy to read format is imperative to enable any remedial action such as vessel position, lifting, deployment of ROVs, safe working areas and diving operations. The following ROV project was undertaken at a depth of approximately 80 metres (262 feet) on an artificial reef in the Gulf of Mexico (Eugene Island block 338 oil field) where there are several disused... (read more)
2012-04-19 04:09:56

Drumgrange Wins Defence Sonar Contract

Drumgrange has won a major defence contract for the support and advancement of sonar systems. The contract will provide dedicated operational support for the next three years and involves installation, fitting, de-fitting, and sea calibrations. In competition with other major UK defence contractors, Drumgrange offered the best technical ability at the most competitive price, backed by a customer service track record. Drumgrange designs, develops and manufactures complete sonar system solutions and has both analogue and digital systems in service with the Royal Navy. The company also supplies communications systems, tactical systems, and training systems to defence agencies and leading electronics... (read more)
2007-04-10 10:12:19
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