Drumgrange Wins Defence Sonar Contract

Drumgrange has won a major defence contract for the support and advancement of sonar systems. The contract will provide dedicated operational support for the next three years and involves installation, fitting, de-fitting, and sea calibrations. In competition with other major UK defence contractors, Drumgrange offered the best technical ability at the most competitive price, backed by a customer service track record. Drumgrange designs, develops and manufactures complete sonar system solutions and has both analogue and digital systems in service with the Royal Navy. The company also supplies communications systems, tactical systems, and training systems to defence agencies and leading electronics... (read more)
2007-04-10 10:12:19

Quick-deploy ‘PulSAR’ Sidescan Sonar

Kongsberg Maritime, Norway, has introduced a tow fish sidescan sonar for use in search and recovery (SAR) missions as well as underwater inspection, engineering and scientific surveys. Developed by Kongsberg Geoacoustics, PulSAR is designed for intuitive operation and easy deployment by non-specialised personnel, enabling effective short-notice surveys using vessels of opportunity. The PulSAR system acquires high resolution acoustic images of the seabed using a compact, rugged stainless steel tow fish that is operated with a water protected (IP66) deck unit and small cable hand reel. The system can be deployed on small vessels such as open RIBs. Large areas can... (read more)
2015-01-14 10:25:43

ROVs and Sonar for Universities

Many universities are now adding ROVs to their marine science programs. These remote-controlled camera systems can assist in a multitude of operations including underwater archaeology, monitoring the health of benthic habitats, behavioral studies of fish and other marine species, and performing specialized research. In addition to their high-resolution cameras and lighting, the ROV can carry a variety of other sensors including sonar to explore beyond the range of visual sensors, manipulator arms for sampling, and temperature and depth probes to measure and record environmental conditions.   One of the schools that recently acquired an ROV is King Abdullah University of... (read more)
2009-12-30 11:55:01

Sonar Equipment for Autonomous Vessel

Deep BV is entering into a partnership with the initiator of an autonomous vessel, the big-data company Xomnia from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The autonomous vessel uses an advanced 3D sonar system from Deep BV to capture the underwater world, measuring the bottom and detecting objects. The captured images are being analysed and classified by Xomnia's big-data experts. The goal is to develop this autonomous vessel using artificial intelligence (deep learning) using the least hardware possible. By doing so, Xomnia intends to shift the focus from advanced hardware to an algorithmic approach and reduce the cost of autonomous vehicles.   (read more)
2017-09-05 12:05:28

Sonavision Launch TITAN Scanning Sonar

Sonavision Ltd announce the arrival of the long range sonar TITAN, the latest member of the Sonavision Scanning Sonar family. Although, measuring only 226mm by 90mm, the TITAN is capable of ranges up to 300m and is the only sonar of its size with the performance of a high-resolution sonar. TITAN uses a special wideband 1:3 Piezo Composite Transducer. Benefits of using composite transducers are enhanced beam control, optimisation of transmit and receive and suppressed side-lobes to reduce false returns. TITAN is available as a 500kHz sonar (standard) with options for different frequencies and ranges. The transducer uses separate transmit... (read more)
2005-03-18 12:00:00

Improved Sonar Resolution And Functionality

Two new sonar products from Kongsberg Mesotech were presented during Subsea ‘09. The 1171 Series is a range of multi-frequency, fast-scanning-obstacle avoidance imaging and profiling sonars offering unrivalled resolution, from an industry leader in sonar technology.     The 1171 Series of sonar heads have been developed to meet the requirements for both shallow and deep ocean applications. As well as the choice of operating frequencies, the new sonar heads feature faster scanning rates, improved range resolution and even clearer, sharper images, all in a more compact lighter housing.   The transducer is protected within an oil-filled, pressure compensating dome.... (read more)
2009-02-12 10:25:11

4,000m Gemini Imaging Sonar

Following the success of the shallow-water real-time imaging sonar, Gemini 720i, Tritech has launched a deep-rated version of the popular sonar, Gemini 720id. Available in 300m and 4,000m versions, Gemini is a forward-looking sonar which utilises an array of transducers to provide a 120º field of view, for a real-time sonar image of the underwater scene ahead. The company most recently achieved a nomination for the Subsea UK Innovation and Technology Award.   Gemini’s rapid and dynamic visualisation of the underwater scene makes it perfect for deep-water applications where successful navigation and obstacle avoidance is required. Gemini provides instant feedback... (read more)
2011-02-08 03:02:59

High-frequency Side Scan Sonar

JW Fishers, USA, has added a new high-frequency side scan system to its line. The 1,200kHz sonar produces detailed images of even small and soft targets such as old wooden wrecks, areas of scattered debris or a victim of drowning. The new sonar is available as a single-frequency system or a dual-frequency side scan with two sets of transducers in one towfish. Putting two sets in one fish provides versatility, allowing the operator to switch between frequencies at any time during operation. The lower frequency is capable of scanning long ranges, but with less resolution. When the 1,200kHz was towed... (read more)
2012-12-31 12:11:37

Underwater Sonar for Breakwater System

RESON is providing a SeaBat 7125 sonar system for a new breakwater mapping system GEOSUB 3DTM developed by the company MESURIS in France. It is a high-resolution 3D real-time bathymetric and topographic system designed to provide marine engineering data both above and below the water's surface, deployable either from a land or barge crane. MESURIS decided to use RESON’s SeaBat 7125 as the sonar for the GEOSUB 3DTM system because it combines beam density, high ping rates and extremely high-resolution data which is required to optimise underwater work. Also, it reduces work duration with cost effectiveness and quality. The unique... (read more)
2012-11-16 12:38:48
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