New Portable Sub-Bottom Profiling System.

EdgeTech has introduced the new 3100 Sub-Bottom Profiling System: a portable solution for sub-bottom imaging. The 3100 System uses Full Spectrum (‘chirp’) pulses to create high definition image slices of the sub-bottom structure. It can be used in rivers, lakes, ponds, and in the ocean. The 3100 System comes with a choice of two tow vehicles to meet the penetration and resolution requirements of a survey. The SB-216S tow vehicle has a frequency range from 2-16 kHz and the SB-424 tow vehicle from 4-24 kHz. Both vehicles use specially designed transmitters with low Q- wide band characteristics best suited for... (read more)
2005-09-15 12:00:00

Product Survey: Sub-bottom Profiling Systems

It is likely that you will find sub-bottom profiling equipment onboard most of the survey vessels involved in offshore investigations. Whereas the echo sounder is designed for top-layer investigations, with high-resolution and seismic equipment for deep penetration, sub-bottom profiling equipment covers the area in between and provides a glance into the first ten to hundreds of metres of the sea bottom. On top of this, the sub-bottom profiler is a thankful piece of equipment when it comes to enjoying onboard discussions between hydrographer and geophysicist regarding required penetration, frequency used versus data resolution, definition of the top of the seabed... (read more)
2008-01-01 01:00:00

Lasts decades’ evolution in sub-bottom profiling

Most sub-bottom profilers of the 60s, 70s and 80s were only designed to generate cross-sectional images of seabed sediment layering and other sub-bottom features. The data were degraded by system limitations such as narrow bandwidth, nonlinear and un-calibrated electronics, low signal-to-noise ratio of filtered data, source ringing, poor pulse repeatability and poor temporal and spatial resolution.<P> Frequency Modulated pulses (taken from RF Radar Technology) addressed these limitations. A quantitative sub-bottom profiler was introduced in the mid 1990s so that the reflection seismogram has the wide dynamic range required for signal processing procedures in sediment classification methods. These procedures, which initially... (read more)
2008-08-27 12:00:00

L3 Klein CHIRP Sub-bottom Profiler

L-3 Klein has launched a CHIRP Sub Bottom Profiler (SBP) attachment for the 3000 Model Side-scan Sonar. The older SBP was a single transducer 3.5kHz "pinger" and delivered satisfactory performance for a lightweight SBP, but lacked penetration and resolution. The new SBP has a two transmit transducers and linear hydrophone Mills Cross configuration for optimum "sea bottom footprint", as well as a CHIRP transmit pulse.   Deliveries of the new K-CHIRP Model 3310 Sub Bottom Profiler are based on feedback from the demos; this SBP will raise the performance bar for Sub Bottom Profilers at a competitive price. (read more)
2007-08-20 04:04:15

Hypack Sub-bottom Software Simpler to Set Up

Hypack is pleased to announce the release of our new Hypack Sub-bottom Profiling Software. The package has a comprehensive global geodesy model and a simplified hardware setup with the ability to setup up the preferred positioning systems together with numerous analogue and digital sub-bottom profiling systems. This is a software package designed for the acquisition and processing of sub-bottom profiling data. The software is used for marine geophysical, engineering and geotechnical site surveys, dredging, mining applications. It’s a simple to use, feature-rich software solution for all your sub-bottom profiling survey requirements. Key Features: Interfaces to both analogue and most digital... (read more)
2017-06-28 10:16:56

AAE Sub-Bottom Profiling Equipment for Abu Dhabi

Seatronics prides itself on offering its many clients the latest technology. This strategy has seen them make a significant investment in further equipment from Applied Acoustic Engineering (AAE) to expand the sub-bottom profiling stock available from their Abu Dhabi operation.   The additional CSP1500 and AA300 boomer plate system has been immediately used on a pipeline route survey between Qatar and the UAE and is already earmarked for other engineering surveys offshore UAE and Oman.     (read more)
2007-07-02 03:30:16

AAE’s Seismic Energy Source for Sub-bottom Profiling Applications

Applied Acoustic Engineering is launching their range of CSP Seismic Energy Sources, the latest in a long line of products from the company constantly setting new industry standards for performance. CSP-D range is developed with improved technologies, enabling the device to serve as a ‘workhorse’ seismic power supply. Along with an increased energy output, the CSP-D has its dual voltage output, giving the product extra versatility. By adjusting the output, switchable on the front panel, better penetration can be achieved from the boomer plate sound source, a feature previously only obtainable to the same extent with sparker assemblies. Another feature... (read more)
2007-03-27 10:50:45

3D High-resolution Sub-bottom Profiling: 3D Chirp

3D Chirp is a surface-towed sub-bottom profiling system capable of imaging the upper tens of metres of the subsurface in three dimensions with decimetric resolution. This article describes the concept of high-resolution 3D sub-bottom profiling, outlines the design and application of the 3D Chirp system, and demonstrates its capabilities using a data set imaging a buried coffer-dam in the Port of Southampton, UK. The hydrocarbon exploration industry has routinely used marine 3D seismic reflection methods for over 30 years to image geological structures down to kilometres depth with resolution capabilities of some tens of metres with the aim of detecting... (read more)
2008-01-01 01:00:00

GeoChirp 3D Sub-bottom Profiler Delivered to China

UK-based Kongsberg GeoActoustics has delivered a GeoChirp 3D high resolution sub-bottom profiler to China. The First Institute of Oceanography (FIO), in Qingdao, is its first commercial customer. China’s internationally reputed research institution is looking forward to applying the technology in its line of research. The product provides three-dimensional acoustical images of shallow sub-seabed structures and buried objects. It transfers the principles of conventional 3D reflection seismics, used in hydrocarbon exploration, to high--resolution chirp sub-bottom profiler technology. It has been used in a wide variety of applications, including marine archaeology, imaging buried wrecks in the UK; marine geology, researching landslide mechanisms... (read more)
2014-05-06 09:48:18

General Acoustics’ Sub-Bottom Profiler at US Hydro 2007

The “SUBPRO 1210” Sub-Bottom Profiler will be featured at the US Hydro Conference from 14th to 17th May at booth 35, which is shared with General Acoustics’ US representative Seafloor Systems. The Sub-Bottom Profiler operates with 12 kHz and a peak power of up to 10 kW. The system shows solutions for many applications and different tasks. Especially the use in very shallow water starting at 1.5m, the high resolution and the 10m penetration in sand will surprise and excite the visitors. General Acoustics also will exhibit its tide and wave gauge LOG_aLevel, which is used by the US Army... (read more)
2007-04-30 12:00:00
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