New Seafloor Map of Offshore NE Spain

Fugro Survey Ltd. and AOA Geophysics Inc. have mapped the Cap de Creus canyon head, northeast of Barcelona in the Gulf of Lion, acquiring a data set that demonstrates Fugro and AOA’s extensive capabilities with a hull-mounted multibeam system. The map data, acquired in early July this year, clearly shows a wide range of active geologic processes, from mass wasting and furrows, to faults and seafloor seepage, in unprecedented detail. The data were acquired with a hull-mounted Simrad 30 kHz EM300 system (1x1 degree configuration) on Fugro's Geo Prospector. Northwest-southeast lines were run approximately parallel to the canyon axis, at... (read more)
2004-09-13 12:00:00

Atlas Parasound for Research Vessels

Atlas Hydrographic in Bremen has completed installation of the first of its latest Parasound DS-3 sub-bottom profiling and bathymetric survey systems aboard Maria S Merian, a new research vessel built by Kroeger Werft at its Rendburg yard under a project funded by the German Ministry of Education & Research in association with the States of Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein. Based at the Baltic Sea Research Institute in Warnemunde, the €55m (euros) vessel is due to begin service later this year. Its hull-mounted Parasound DS-3 system features multi-pulse operation and is capable of providing bottom penetration in excess of... (read more)
2005-08-08 12:00:00

Shallow Survey 2018 Announces Survey Areas and Instructions

The 2018 edition of Shallow Survey is to take place in Newfoundland, Canada, and the instructions and areas to be surveyed have been made available. The aim of the common dataset activity is to provide the international hydrographic community with a range of shallow water hydrographic survey challenges. Five separate survey areas have been selected that offer a good variety of depth, bottom type and slope conditions. Suppliers of shallow water survey equipment and/or services are invited to contribute to the common dataset. The organisers are encouraging use of multibeam, interferometric, sidescan and synthetic aperture sonars; airborne bathymetric Lidar; satellite... (read more)
2017-06-06 11:40:02

IXSEA Seafloor Mapping Solutions

IXSEA launched its new seafloor mapping solutions at 0i08. These products offer integrated solutions, which combine sonar, seismic, gradiometer and magnetometer technologies and sensors to meet the different demands of seabed mapping and survey projects.   IXSEA provides a powerful suite of real-time data acquisition, processing and interpretation tools, designed by geophysicists and survey analysts. The data stream is channelled to edit mission reports in real-time and boost productivity. This software is compatible with other manufacturers' sensors and technologies.   From off-the-shelf advanced processing sonars to sub-bottom profilers, magnetometers to gradiometers, IXSEA provides ideal sensors and solutions depending on each... (read more)
2008-03-26 12:18:20

Octopus Acquisition Systems Evolve

Utilising technology developed for the recently launched Octopus 760 geophysical acquisition system, two new instruments have just been introduced to the Octopus instruments range. The Octopus 360+ sub-bottom processor and the Octopus 460+ sonar acquisition system are the result of a radical overhaul of their popular predecessors, the Octopus 360 and Octopus 460. Developed using embedded Windows XP, each incorporates a 15” TFT screen with high resolution graphics, DVD RAM recorder and built-in UPS. The all-new compact, rugged and extremely easy to use package makes them ideal for all survey operations. With full format compatibility (XTF, Coda, SEGY), analogue input... (read more)
2004-04-05 12:00:00

Seatronics Invests in Sonar Equipment

Seatronics Ltd, UK, has invested more than USD1.5 million in advanced sonar imaging systems and associated equipment from EdgeTech. The purchase is part of a multi-million dollar investment by Seatronics which will expand the marine equipment rental fleet. The company selected EdgeTech to provide the most underwater survey equipment to meet customer needs. Notable equipment purchased by Seatronics included the following EdgeTech systems: 4125 Shallow Water Side Scan Sonars; 4200 Multi-Purpose Survey Systems; 3200 Sub-bottom Profilers; 2000 Series Combined Side Scan Sonar/Sub-bottom Profilers; ROV-based Sonar Systems and 4600 Bathymetry/Side Scan Sonar Systems. Seatronics' UAE regional manager Jeff Holtom said that... (read more)
2013-06-19 03:34:36

HYPACK 2008 Survey Software

On 15 February 2008, HYPACK officially released HYPACK 2008. This release represents almost a year of improvements to our previous version HYPACK 6.2B. HYPACK 2008 consists of a complete surveying package for acquiring and processing bathymetry, ADCP, magnetometer, side scan sonar, and sub-bottom data, and charting tools for S-57 production.   Some of the new features in HYPACK 2008 include Point Cloud editing tool, Sub-Bottom Profiling, new 3DTV with waves & sky. MrSID and JPEG2000 background charts support. Some of the new feature in HYSWEEP include the new Odom ES3 and Riegl laser scanning interfaces.  Also we have added the... (read more)
2008-02-21 10:34:31

C-Surveyor II AUV Begins Gulf of Mexico Projects

C & C Technologies’ second deepwater AUV, C-Surveyor II, recently began field operations in the Gulf of Mexico. The C-Surveyor II AUV is modelled after C & C’s existing state-of-the-art AUV, C-Surveyor I, and includes numerous advances. Survey sensors on board include a multi-beam echosounder, Chirp side-scan sonar, Chirp sub-bottom profiler, methane detector, CTD system, and an Edgetech DW106 sub-bottom profiler customised with narrow transmit and receive beams to permit significantly deeper seabed penetration. In December 2005, C & C intends to upgrade the Chirp side-scan sonar to a new Dynamically Focused (DF) side-scan sonar system capable of providing five... (read more)
2005-11-28 12:00:00

‘Killer’ AUV Sonar System

In January 2001, C&C Technologies (C&C), a company based in Lafayette (Louisiana, USA), introduced the first commercially successful autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) to the offshore industry. The AUV’s survey sensor suite, which included an EdgeTech side-scan sonar and sub-bottom profiler, performed well in the Gulf of Mexico and Brazilian offshore environments. However, West Africa proved more challenging – particularly for the sub-bottom profiler. C&C soon began searching for alternative technologies to provide better sub-bottom profiler penetration and higher resolution side-scan sonar imaging.Jim Chance, C&C Technologies (USA) Art Kleiner, EdgeTech (USA)<P> Narrator: Fast forward to the early autumn of 2004… C&C... (read more)
2008-04-02 12:00:00

Mapping Diamondiferous Gravel

Using the Aquares Resistivity System on a Fluvial Diamond Concession
An Aquares resistivity survey was carried out in a river in sub-Saharan Africa to map the sub-bottom features of a diamond concession. Diamondiferous gravels were distinguished remotely from bedrock and other soft sediments by the Aquares Resistivity System (ARS), a sub-bottom acquisition and profiling tool. It was selected due to its cost-effective operation and ability to provide qualitative and quantitative results. The ARS utilises recently developed processing innovations, which enable data to be presented in vertical sections and horizontal slices. This facilitates accurate volume calculations and the development of isopach maps for distinguishable types of bedrock and sediments. Acoustic sub-bottomprofiling... (read more)
2009-06-04 12:00:00
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