Oceans 2019 Marseille Conference and Exhibition Gets Underway

The Oceans 2019 Marseille conference will take place until 20 June on the Mediterranean coast in Marseille, France, at the Congress & Exhibition Center Chanot, with more than 2,000 delegates attending. The programme comprises of 88 technical sessions, six tutorials and two workshops, plus demonstrations at sea, roundtables and symposia. Over 100 exhibitors will present their products and services. Technical Presentations The conference will feature a host of technical presentations to inform delegates about a range of topics from Data Visualization to Marine Law. There is also a special keynote on Climate Change. There are also many sub-categories diving into... (read more)
2019-06-17 10:21:35

Exploring the Deepest Points on the Planet

As extreme explorer Victor Vescovo continues his round-the-world expedition to become the first person to descend to the five deepest points in the Earth’s five oceans using the custom-built deep submergence vehicle 'Limiting Factor', it prompts the question: ‘Do we know as much about the deepest places on our planet as we thought?’ The best global maps of the oceans have a resolution of 30 arc-second grid cells (926m at the equator). Approximately 82% of the grid cells do not include a single depth measurement (Weatherall et al., 2015), and the percentage of the seafloor that has been directly measured... (read more)
2019-06-02 09:26:10

Basics of Hydrography and Inspection of Subsea Infrastructures

French positioning and geomatic specialist Geraud Naankeu Wati recently published his first book entitled 'Basics of Hydrography and Inspection of Subsea Infrastructures – Principles and Practice'. After several years of experience in hydrography and inspection of subsea infrastructures, the author noticed that it is important for professionals and orderers to have knowledge of these fields and decided to share his theoretical knowledge and experience of the field in positioning, hydrography, and inspection of subsea. “I wanted to contribute to the training of surveyors and meet the needs in hydrography and inspection of subsea infrastructures. I also intend to help the orderers to... (read more)
2019-05-28 04:13:03

Unique 3D Habitat Map of the Great Barrier Reef

International aquatic remote sensing company EOMAP recently showcased its unique contribution to the world's first 3D habitat map of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) at the International Forum on Satellite-Derived Bathymetry (SDB Day 2019) in Australia. The mapping project, titled ‘3D live habitats for the full extent of the Great Barrier Reef’, will for the first time provide maps of the predicted coral types and underwater landscape for the more than 3,000 reefs within the 350,000 square kilometres of the GBR. EOMAP’s cutting-edge technology provides essential data for this revolutionary project, in which the University of Queensland (UQ), Great Barrier Reef Marine Park... (read more)
2019-05-20 10:58:04

Recent Developments in Airborne Lidar

Multispectral Laser Scanning, Single-photon Lidar, Hybrid Sensors and UAVs
The arrival of airborne Lidar, also referred to as airborne laser scanning (ALS), has revolutionized area-wide 3D data acquisition of topography, bathymetry, vegetation, buildings and infrastructure. This article presents an overview of the progress made since then in both sensor and aircraft technology. It also highlights how ongoing miniaturization has recently enabled the application of Lidar on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), resulting in ultra high-resolution 3D point clouds with centimetre precision. From Single to Multiple Pulses in the Air Current trends include a steady increase in the measurement rate, achievements in full-waveform processing, the spread of multispectral and topo-bathymetric laser... (read more)
2019-04-19 01:19:15

World’s Biggest Ocean Technology Event Open to the Public

Ocean Business 2019, the world’s biggest ocean technology event this year, has just opened its doors to welcome visitors from all over the world. The show is a global stage for the latest sea technology innovations. Ocean Business will take place from 9-11 April 2019 at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK. Unmanned boats and underwater vehicles Cheri Arvoni, Ocean Business event manager, said "There is no doubt that sea technology this year is dominated by unmanned boats and underwater vehicles. In fact, we had to build an extra floating pontoon to accommodate all these products at the show. Two local companies,... (read more)
2019-04-09 11:38:49

A18D in Business for AUV Survey Services

ECA Group demonstrates the high-performance of its mid-size AUV during deep survey missions
As announced in early 2018, ECA Group signed a cooperation agreement for subsea robotic services to Oil & Gas companies with a leasing offer on its latest generation A18D AUV creating a new dimension for its AUV services activity. Throughout 2018, ECA Group conducted several successful deep survey missions. The next generation AUV demonstrated its capabilities to perform multi-sensor surveys during deep sea operations (around 2,500m water depth) in the Mediterranean Sea.   A Comprehensive Survey Solution The A18D is the most compact multi-sensor AUV on the market for long-endurance deep water surveys (up to 3,000m). The AUV can capture... (read more)
2019-04-05 01:31:24

Advances in High-speed Underwater Remote Vehicles for Subsea Pipeline Inspection

The Benefits and Challenges of the Technological Revolution in the Pipeline Survey Industry
The pipeline survey industry has undergone a technological revolution in the past couple of years, and the consequential benefits and challenges are only just beginning to be fully realized. The cost efficiency of subsea operations has been one of the key focus areas of the offshore energy industry in recent years. This focus, combined with increased growth in the amount of subsea infrastructure now in-situ on the seafloor, has seen a rising need for innovative approaches to subsea asset inspection. These solutions need to be cost-efficient, maintain data quality, and be able to provide a platform that supports future technologies.... (read more)
2019-04-02 10:25:26

SeaRobotics Corporation Launches SR-ENDURANCE ASV

SeaRobotics Corporation (SeaRobotics), has announced the successful completion of its factory acceptance testing of its entry into the Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) Workboat market with the SR-Endurance 7.0 metre system. The system is optimized for sonar research through the utilization of an optionally manned helm configuration and a serial diesel-electric propulsion system. Outfitted with an instrumented launch and recovery system (LARS), and supporting hydrographic winch system, the SR-ENDURANCE 7.0 can deploy towed sonar/instrument systems, dipping sonar/systems, or ROV systems. “Having built numerous ASVs in the 6-11-metre range, we are now offering a commercial workboat for the research and survey markets,”... (read more)
2019-03-18 03:17:05

Resolutions of the IHO

The year 2019 sees the centenary of the first Hydrographic Conference which took place in London in the summer of 1919. Only one year after the end of the First World War, representatives from 26 countries met in London at Trinity House to discuss and agree on future technical cooperation in hydrography. The report of the proceedings starts with the following statement: 'The experiences of the war in special relation to hydrographic matters showed most clearly the enormous importance of the possession of accurate charts and hydrographic information generally, and the very grave disadvantage attendant on their no-possession; and also... (read more)
2019-03-05 10:02:58
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