Autonomous Launch and Recovery System Demonstrated

Planet Ocean Ltd & ASV Ltd, UK, recently demonstrated autonomous launch and recovery of multiple AUVs from an ASV as the closing part of their two-year Innovate UK project. The demonstration was in front of invited guests and project partners including Planet Ocean, National Oceanography Centre, ASV Ltd, University of Southampton and funders Innovate UK and Dstl. The event took place in July 2017 in the Solent, UK. Two extremely capable low cost AUVs were developed along with the launch and recovery systems which can be installed on almost any floating asset. The technology has also contributed to a University... (read more)
2017-07-24 11:32:16

Teledyne RESON Acquires Business From ATLAS HYDROGRAPHIC

Teledyne RESON A/S from Denmark has announced that its German subsidiary, Teledyne RESON GmbH, has acquired assets of ATLAS HYDROGRAPHIC, Germany, and that the business, product lines and a number of employees from ATLAS HYDROGRAPHIC GmbH are now part of the Teledyne Marine Acoustics Imaging group. ATLAS HYDROGRAPHIC specialises in high-performance deep-water hydrographic survey solutions for the civil market. The product portfolio consists of deep-water Multibeam Echosounders, Parametric Sub Bottom Profilers that from now on will be sold under the product line name Teledyne ATLAS Hydrographic. According to Kim Lehmann, President, Teledyne Marine Acoustic Imaging Group and Teledyne RESON Group,... (read more)
2014-08-26 04:17:11

New Range Of Sub-Surface Buoyancy

Hippo Marine Limited launched their new range of sub-surface buoyancy solutions at OI 2006. Applications include ROV / AUV buoyancy modules, umbilical floats, sub-surface mooring buoys and pipelaying modules. Orders have already been taken from major names in mooring systems design and installation, offshore surveying, cable-laying and ROV operation. (read more)
2006-04-03 12:00:00

ISS Buy Mohawk and Super-Mohawk

Integrated Subsea Services Ltd has placed orders with Sub-Atlantic Ltd for Mohawk and Super-Mohawk ROV and TMS systems. The two vehicles will commence work on contracts for Shell Expro through Subsea 7. The Mohawk will be fitted with Sub-Atlantic's new SPE-75 brushless DC thrusters instead of the usual CTE-01 units. (read more)
2004-05-27 12:00:00

SubConn 13 Pin Low Profile Power and Ethernet Connector

The SubConn Low Profile 13 Pin Power and Ethernet Connector provides gigabit data speed, signal and power transfer for underwater instruments in one high-performance connector. The connector comes with a SubConn Combined Power and Ethernet Cable. While allowing ROVs and other underwater systems and equipment to be powered through the same cable and connector as used for data transfer, the entire solution works to make data and power transmissions faster and less expensive. When one adds the design optimisation capacity provided by the low profile layout of the new SubConn connector - operators will gain the opportunity assemble more streamlined... (read more)
2013-05-23 09:21:09

Portable Sub-bottom Profiling System

EdgeTech has introduced the new 3100 Sub-Bottom Profiling System, a portable solution for sub-bottom imaging. The system uses Full-Spectrum (‘chirp’) pulses to create high-definition image slices of the sub-bottom structure. It can be used in rivers, lakes, ponds, and in the ocean. The 3100 System comes with a choice of two tow vehicles, to meet the penetration and resolution requirements of a survey. The SB-216S tow vehicle has a frequency range from 2-16kHz and the SB-424 tow vehicle from 4-24kHz. Both vehicles use specially designed transmitters with low Q-wide band characteristics best suited for ‘chirp’ transmissions. Two multi-element line-array hydrophones... (read more)
2005-10-15 12:00:00

Ross Laboratories 4900

Ross Laboratories has introduced an integrated side-scan Sonar/sub-bottom profiler survey system. The portable modular design allows the user to configure a system that will best suit their requirements. Housed in two rugged Pelican cases, the system is ideal for surveyors traveling to remote areas using small local vessels.   Three versions are available. Each one can be configured for both side-scan and sub-bottom or one system only. The second system can easily be added at a later date.   Model 4901 is a complete system  housed in two splash-proof portable cases. The main display controller has a 12 inch 1000nit... (read more)
2008-01-07 09:44:56

Combined Tri-frequency Sidescan Sonar, Sub-bottom Profiling and Bathymetry System

EdgeTech has announced the release of a new towed sonar system providing tri-frequency sidescan sonar, enhanced sub-bottom profiling and MPES bathymetry: the 2300 system. The unit combines EdgeTech’s line of sidescan sonar, sub-bottom profilers and MPES bathymetry into one fully integrated system. The 2300 system has been developed for deep-water combined sonar operations and provides many enhancements to traditional systems. Utilising EdgeTech’s proven Full Spectrum CHIRP technology to provide crisp, high-resolution imagery, surveyors can choose to operate any two frequencies simultaneously from the versatile tri-frequency system. Sub-bottom profiler capabilities have been expanded on the 2300 and includes the ability to... (read more)
2016-03-21 02:02:30

New Portable Sub-Bottom Profiling System.

EdgeTech has introduced the new 3100 Sub-Bottom Profiling System: a portable solution for sub-bottom imaging. The 3100 System uses Full Spectrum (‘chirp’) pulses to create high definition image slices of the sub-bottom structure. It can be used in rivers, lakes, ponds, and in the ocean. The 3100 System comes with a choice of two tow vehicles to meet the penetration and resolution requirements of a survey. The SB-216S tow vehicle has a frequency range from 2-16 kHz and the SB-424 tow vehicle from 4-24 kHz. Both vehicles use specially designed transmitters with low Q- wide band characteristics best suited for... (read more)
2005-09-15 12:00:00

GeoChirp 3D Sub-bottom Profiler Delivered to China

UK-based Kongsberg GeoActoustics has delivered a GeoChirp 3D high resolution sub-bottom profiler to China. The First Institute of Oceanography (FIO), in Qingdao, is its first commercial customer. China’s internationally reputed research institution is looking forward to applying the technology in its line of research. The product provides three-dimensional acoustical images of shallow sub-seabed structures and buried objects. It transfers the principles of conventional 3D reflection seismics, used in hydrocarbon exploration, to high--resolution chirp sub-bottom profiler technology. It has been used in a wide variety of applications, including marine archaeology, imaging buried wrecks in the UK; marine geology, researching landslide mechanisms... (read more)
2014-05-06 09:48:18
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