Mapping Diamondiferous Gravel

Using the Aquares Resistivity System on a Fluvial Diamond Concession
An Aquares resistivity survey was carried out in a river in sub-Saharan Africa to map the sub-bottom features of a diamond concession. Diamondiferous gravels were distinguished remotely from bedrock and other soft sediments by the Aquares Resistivity System (ARS), a sub-bottom acquisition and profiling tool. It was selected due to its cost-effective operation and ability to provide qualitative and quantitative results. The ARS utilises recently developed processing innovations, which enable data to be presented in vertical sections and horizontal slices. This facilitates accurate volume calculations and the development of isopach maps for distinguishable types of bedrock and sediments. Acoustic sub-bottomprofiling... (read more)
2009-06-04 12:00:00

Valeport Sensors Selected for New Micro AUV

Valeport has recently collaborated with ecoSUB who produce a micro AUV that is both advanced and cost-effective. The small and robust sensors are assisting Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) manufacturers and users to not only get the data they require, but to make AUVs more accessible in the marine environment. ecoSUB is a micro AUV (0.5 metres long) that uses Valeport’s sensors to autonomously acquire sound velocity profiles and has been jointly developed by Planet Ocean and Marine Autonomous Robotics Systems (MARS) group at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) in Southampton. Part funded by Innovate UK and the UK Defence Science... (read more)
2018-12-17 09:16:40

Submersible Echo-sounder Retrieval

Working with NOAA's Northwest Fisheries Science Center (NWFSC), the University of Washington recently retrieved a BioSonics DTX-SUB split-beam echo-sounder after a one-month deployment in northern Admiralty Inlet, WA. The unit was detecting, categorising and counting pelagic fish, invertebrate and marine mammal species in order to determine suitable locations for tidal energy turbines. The BioSonics DTX-SUB is an autonomous scientific echo sounder packaged in a subsea pressure housing with integrated power management and data storage systems.   "When it's down there, collecting data, it's completely self-contained. There's no line to the surface, no signal to the surface. It's entirely contained in... (read more)
2011-06-15 10:11:17

Live On-water Ixsea Demonstration

Industry professionals could familiarise themselves with the latest technology available in the Ixsea underwater acoustic and navigation equipment range during Ocean Business 2011 in Southampton, UK.   Directly after departure, the Ixsea Echoes 5000 was launched, a range of wide-band chirp sub-bottom profilers capable of generating from very low frequencies and deep penetrations up to very high resolution frequencies. The system is based on more than ten years of sub-bottom experience. The Echoes sub-bottom profiler was mounted on the towed body, but could also be mounted on a pole if required.   During the survey Ixsea representatives also demonstrated the... (read more)
2011-04-07 10:15:50

Seatrax Singapore ROV Contract

Singapore diving contractor Seatrax Singapore has contracted with subsea specialist Sub-Atlantic Asia Pacific to further strengthen its subsea services capability with their first electric work class ROV. The Comanche was chosen for its reliability, high power to weight ratio, hydraulic systems and to carry out work class tasks such as torque tool operations, drill support and survey projects. The system has been ordered as a Zone 2 certified unit which will compliment Seatrax Singapore's operational capability in the drilling / intervention support and construction market. The contract will see Sub-Atlantic supply a 2000 metre rated Comanche system with a delivery... (read more)
2010-07-19 11:25:06

Surveying a Greek Underwater Archaeological Site

Researchers from Plymouth University (UK) recently conducted a marine geoarchaeological survey off Methoni, Greece. The survey results from the sidescan survey presented digital sonograph records and georeferenced mosaics of the submerged prehistoric settlement ruins, the ancient harbour and its submerged breakwater, as well as records of historic shipwrecks, cannons and artefacts over the site. A Kongsberg GeoAcoustics dual-frequency sidescan sonar and the GeoPulse Pinger sub-bottom profiler were used for visualisation of underwater antiquities over the local underwater archaeological site, within the GE.N.ESIS project.  The results from the shallow seismic survey highlight profiles of semi-buried historic shipwrecks, numerous sub-seabed features of... (read more)
2013-12-16 02:43:55

New Parametric Sounder from Atlas Hydrographic

Atlas Hydrographic has introduced a new parametric multibeam sub-bottom profiling system, Parasound DS-3. The highest performance parametric system of its type presently available, it provides very precise high-resolution sub-bottom and water column data from 10m to full-ocean depth. Parasound DS-3 is capable of sediment penetration in excess of 200m while sampling data at up to 50 kHz frequency at all depths down to 10,000m. Digital pulse modulation ensures optimum signal-to-noise ratios, with Chirp and Barker code modulations as standard features and customised pulse modulation also available. A multi-pulse function permits transmission and receipt of up to 13 self-contained pulses within... (read more)
2004-07-23 12:00:00

Teledyne RESON from Mid-ocean to Full-ocean Depth

Back in 2014 Teledyne RESON acquired the business from ATLAS HYDROGRAPHIC GmbH. Since then Teledyne RESON has integrated the acquired ATLAS Hydrographic business and its multibeam echosounders into the Teledyne RESON business and our suite of deepwater echosounders. The brands, HydroSweep and ParaSound are now being developed, manufactured and serviced out of the Teledyne RESON business entities. The products are marketed and sold under the Teledyne RESON brand name. Teledyne RESON’s high-performance deep-water hydrographic survey offerings are available in a number of different configurations ranging from mid-ocean depth to full-ocean depth performance. The industry brands are: HydroSweep Multibeam Echosounders: Key... (read more)
2016-08-08 01:18:37

New Seafloor Map of Offshore NE Spain

Fugro Survey Ltd. and AOA Geophysics Inc. have mapped the Cap de Creus canyon head, northeast of Barcelona in the Gulf of Lion, acquiring a data set that demonstrates Fugro and AOA’s extensive capabilities with a hull-mounted multibeam system. The map data, acquired in early July this year, clearly shows a wide range of active geologic processes, from mass wasting and furrows, to faults and seafloor seepage, in unprecedented detail. The data were acquired with a hull-mounted Simrad 30 kHz EM300 system (1x1 degree configuration) on Fugro's Geo Prospector. Northwest-southeast lines were run approximately parallel to the canyon axis, at... (read more)
2004-09-13 12:00:00

Seabed Mapping Solutions

IXSEA launched its new seabed mapping brochure at Ocean Business 09 in Southampton today, which includes the new ECHOES 1500 Deep Tow sub-bottom profiler.     "The launch of ECHOES 1500 Deep Tow at Ocean Business, a step change in sub-bottom profiler technology, demonstrates the diversity of the IXSEA product range," said IXSEA's Offshore Director Richard Parkinson. "DELPH is a powerful suite of real-time data acquisition and fully integrated processing and interpretation tools. While SHADOWS, the fourth generation side scan sonar, provides ‘more pixels per hour'."     (read more)
2009-04-01 12:18:50
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