NCS Survey Acquires SRD Survey Division

NCS Survey Ltd and Halma PLC have signed Heads of Agreement to transfer the Survey Operations Department of Sonar Research and Development (SRD) to NCS Survey. This leaves SRD (a division of Tritech) to concentrate on the development and manufacture of 3D visualisation systems while NCS Survey will take on SRDs existing and future survey projects.     NCS Survey is the leading independent survey contractor specialising in survey and subsea positioning to both the Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy Sectors.   Andy Gray, NCS Chief Executive, stated "The addition of the SRD team, the high-specification multi-beam sonars and... (read more)
2009-10-13 01:30:11

Survey Suite for New German Survey Vessel

Kongsberg Maritime, Norway, has been awarded the contract to supply a survey suite to a vessel currently under construction and for use by a consortium of German universities. The universities are the first to specify the 0.5º x 1º configuration of the EM122 multibeam echo sounder system.       The contract, an open tender won amongst tough competition, covers all hydro-acoustic aspects of the new-build survey vessel ‘Tiefsee Forschungs Schiff’ (TFS), which has been commissioned to replace the old RV Sonne, the current vessel being shared by the same group of German universities. The EM122 is a field-proven and... (read more)
2012-12-18 09:54:11

Fugro Survey Expands Geohazard Survey Vessel Fleet

Fugro will acquire the vessel KV Tromsø from Kystvaktskipet Tromsø of Norway. This vessel will be converted initially for acoustic pipeline inspection survey operations and will be ready for deployment in May 2007. It was built in 1997 and is currently serving as a Norwegian Coastguard vessel. This acquisition is part of Fugro’s ongoing policy to partly replace, modernise and expand its fleet of seabed survey vessels. KV Tromsø will be renamed and will be operated by Fugro Survey Ltd of Aberdeen, increasing the UK/Norwegian operated geohazard survey vessel fleet to five units. The vessel will be equipped to a... (read more)
2007-02-08 11:35:45

Survey And Positioning Contract for Utec Survey

UTEC Survey Asia (Singapore) has received a contract award from Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering (MMHE) to supply survey and positioning services in Turkmenistan. UTEC Survey will support the MMHE-Technip JV installation of a 7,000mT Gravity Based Structure (GBS) and topside floatover. The work is scheduled to take place in fourth quarter 2010. In addition to providing positioning services for the structures, UTEC will deploy precise motion and environmental sensors in order to provide real-time monitoring during the installation. Sean Fowler, Managing Director of UTEC Survey Asia, commented that this contract represents a key milestone in UTEC Survey's service record.... (read more)
2010-11-15 10:44:35

Optimisation of Survey Frequency

The Netherlands Hydrographic Service
The Netherlands Hydrographic Service tries to optimise its bathymetric survey planning by interpreting archived surveys of the sea floor on The Netherlands Continental Shelf. This allows survey capacity to be used as efficiently as possible. This article presents the statistical method applied by the Netherlands Hydrographic Service, using an example area in a southern North Sea sand-wave field. The Netherlands Hydrographic Service is responsible for charting The Netherlands Continental Shelf. Two ships survey the sea floor, according to the plan shown in Figure 1 in the magazine. Shallow and busy areas are surveyed more frequently than deep or quiet areas.... (read more)
2008-01-01 01:00:00

Nautical Depth Survey System

The Port Authorities in China want to adopt as standard in ports and harbours the navigable water depth; many ports in China have a problem with silt, liquid mud, deposited by rivers. Liquid silt has the characteristic of prohibiting navigation if it reaches a certain density. In most ports, silt with a density of 1,250kg/ltr and more is not navigable. The depth at which this density is found is called the Nautical Depth. To determine the Nautical Depth, instruments are needed to measure the density of the mud and to determine this datum for safe navigation and for dredging purposes.... (read more)
2008-01-01 01:00:00

China Oceanic Survey

The National Bureau of Oceanography of China started a two-year oceanic environmental survey. Doing so, China probes the conditions of its maritime space. The results of the research are used to develop the maritime economy, tapping of oceanic resources, maritime disaster relief and prevention and oceanic environmental protection. Data collection covers 1.02 million square km of sea and records depths, waves, water levels, ocean currents, water temperatures and colors, minerals and plankton in four seasons. In the first summer phase, over 3,000 surveyors work down from north to south. (read more)
2006-07-18 12:00:00

Lake Michigan Coastline Survey

Under a contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in support of the National Coastal Mapping Program (NCMP), Fugro, USA, is to survey the coastline of Lake Michigan. This multi-sensor project will cover a 1,500m-wide corridor extending 500m inshore to 1,000m offshore. The project involves the utilisation of one aircraft to simultaneously collect data with four sensors: aerial RGB imagery, hyperspectral imagery, topographic Lidar and bathymetric Lidar over land and water. Data acquisition will be coordinated, to ensure sufficient overlap in both the land and water, enabling the creation of a seamless dataset in a common frame of... (read more)
2012-09-12 04:10:18

Dubai Bathymetric Chart Survey

UTEC Survey is now well into the first phase of its hydrographic survey of offshore Dubai. Work began at the beginning of October 2008 and the processing and hand-over of the acquisition data is now scheduled for completion by the end of November. This will place the survey team on-track in the preparation of a revised detailed bathymetric chart SP 334 of the Dubai Emirate.   The second phase of the project is on schedule for completion by the end of 2009 when Dubai will become the first of the Emirate States to have up-to-date ENCs (Electronic Navigation Charts) of... (read more)
2008-10-28 04:30:42

Indian Seismic Survey Vessels

The Geological Survey of India has equipped its two coastal vessels Samudra Kaustubh and Samudra Shaudhikama, with single-channel digital seismic systems. Each vessel has received a SIG 2mille sparker system from SIG France, completed with Delph Seismic acquisition and interpretation licences from Ixsea France.   Activities of the Marine Wing of GSI include seabed mapping within territorial waters, parametric studies in the shelf area, placer mineral resources evaluation, geotechnical investigation of the seabed, monitoring of coastal processes and shoreline changes, shallow seismic surveys, evaluation of sand bodies, sediment dynamics, high resolution study of planktons, close spaced bathymetric survey, and geo-environmental... (read more)
2011-08-01 10:27:05
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