Teledyne to Acquire CARIS

CARIS and its international affiliates have agreed to be acquired by a wholly owned subsidiary of Teledyne, Teledyne Digital Imaging. Terms of the transaction have not been disclosed. The closing of the transaction, which is subject to customary conditions, is anticipated to occur in the second quarter of 2016. CARIS, headquartered in Fredericton, Canada, is a developer of geospatial software designed for the hydrographic and marine community. Founded in 1979, CARIS pioneered software for processing and visualising sonar data, as well as for producing, managing and distributing marine geospatial information. Today, CARIS offers the most comprehensive solution for bathymetry, seafloor imagery... (read more)
2016-04-09 05:39:33

Formation of Teledyne CARIS Finalised

The acquisition of CARIS by Teledyne Technologies Incorporated was finalised on 3 May 2016. By acquiring CARIS, Teledyne adds critical capabilities in geospatial software that complement its marine instrumentation and digital imaging businesses. CARIS will allow Teledyne to extend its scope by providing the complete software workflow needed to convert marine sensor data into rich geospatial datasets and marine data products. Through Teledyne, CARIS will have access to additional markets, such as terrestrial and bathymetric Lidar and satellite data capture, plus greater financial resources and an extended global presence in the marine and imaging industries. Teledyne CARIS, Inc. will continue... (read more)
2016-05-17 01:26:34

Teledyne CARIS Releases HPD 3.2

Teledyne CARIS has released Hydrographic Production Database (HPD) 3.2. As part of the CARIS Ping-to-Chart solution, HPD offers an integrated suite of products for managing data in a seamless database, providing simultaneous data compilation by multiple users. This release offers features which will allow HPD users to implement new workflows, create new products and obtain even more value from their database. HPD 3.2 expands the range of products that can be generated. The Tiled Raster product creates image tiles from usage data, which can be served as background data for use with on-line services. The Atlas production capabilities have been... (read more)
2016-08-22 11:28:28

The Finnish Transport Agency Chooses Teledyne CARIS

The Finnish Transport Agency Liikennevirasto (FTA), which is responsible for hydrography in Finland, has selected Teledyne CARIS to provide a bathymetric data management system. This will be a fundamental part of FTA’s infrastructure to manage existing bathymetry, as well as managing and validating incoming bathymetric surveys provided by external contractors. The MERTA project, which has a seven figure contract value, will include the deployment of software, migration of existing bathymetric datasets, and will provide optimised workflows at FTA. A 13-year support agreement is also part of the contract highlighting the long term nature of the relationship. The CARIS software will... (read more)
2016-12-28 08:53:32

Teledyne CARIS’ User Group Conference 2017

Teledyne CARIS is asking its users to save the date for its 16th International User Group Conference, CARIS 2017. It will be held in Ottawa, Canada at the Sheraton Ottawa Hotel from 19-22 June 2017. This four day conference gathers CARIS software users worldwide. Participants will have access to on-site training opportunities for HIPS and SIPS, and specialised user group meetings focused on innovations found within Hydrographic Production Database (HPD) and Bathy DataBASE (BDB). As a collective event, CARIS 2017 embraces, educates, and explores hot topic themes in the hydrographic and wider geomatics industry; including management of ports and waterways,... (read more)
2016-07-27 09:01:31

Teledyne CARIS Onboard Accelerates Data Processing

The release of Teledyne CARIS Onboard 1.1 enables users to process data in near real time, resulting in minimised data conversion and processing times. This release introduces several new processes including the incorporation of the SIPS Backscatter engine. Backscatter mosaics can be generated alongside surfaces in near real time. This version also presents the ability to compute GPS tide and to apply observed depth and attitude filters. Designed with autonomous operations in mind, CARIS Onboard will save valuable time as less interaction is needed for automated survey activities. In addition to expanding the HIPS and SIPS processes available for real-time... (read more)
2016-12-13 10:14:53

Teledyne CARIS AI Software Contributes to Successful UTAS USV Mission

Teledyne CARIS, a Teledyne Technologies company, was an integral part of the illustrious team involved in the ground-breaking uncrewed offshore survey mission in the Atlantic Ocean. Teledyne CARIS’ Mira AI and CARIS Onboard software were present on the vessel to enable autonomous survey and real-time processing operations. The mission’s Uncrewed Surface Vehicle (USV) built by SEA-KIT mapped over 1,000 sq. kms of the ocean floor in 22 days, while being continuously monitored via satellite communications at its Remote Operations Centre in Essex, United Kingdom. A specialized team comprised of the GEBCO-Nippon Foundation Alumni Team operated the survey equipment and provided... (read more)
2020-09-11 11:38:00

S-58 for ENC Validation Checks in Teledyne CARIS Composer

Teledyne CARIS has adopted Edition 6.0 of IHO Publication S-58 for ENC validation checks in the latest release of CARIS S-57 Composer 3.1. Now supporting ENC validation based on the new standard, S-57 Composer’s internal and customised quality control tests have been reorganised, rewritten and extended to match the standard. New messages have been added to the tests and the descriptions have been re-worded to add clarity. New test collections have been created to quickly determine if an ENC passes the mandatory Error and Warning checks. S-57 Composer’s validation reporting tools allow users to evaluate, view and resolve any issues... (read more)
2017-06-30 09:04:24

Fugro signs Enterprise Licensing Agreement with Teledyne CARIS

Teledyne CARIS has entered into an Enterprise Licensing Agreement with Fugro. This agreement will enable Fugro worldwide on-demand access to CARIS software, specifically HIPS and SIPS for the purposes of hydrographic data processing and Bathy DataBASE for data management. The agreement will also provide Fugro with market leading technical support and will lay the groundwork for greater collaboration for research and development initiatives going forward. According to Teledyne CARIS general manager and vice president Doug Lockhart, this agreement builds on a history of collaboration and paves the way for new developments in both companies' common interest.   (read more)
2016-09-26 03:01:16

CARIS 2017

This four day conference is the largest gathering of CARIS software users worldwide. Participants will have access to on-site training opportunities for HIPS and SIPS™, and specialized user group meetings focused on innovations found within Hydrographic Production Database (HPD)™ and Bathy DataBASE (BDB)™. (read more)
2016-07-27 08:52:25
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