Kongsberg Highlights Compact Acoustic Solutions and AUVs

Alongside the autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) available for mine countermeasures (MCM), the Kongsberg stand (C40) at Underwater Defence Technology (UDT 2017) in Bremen, Germany, will host Kongsberg Maritime’s compact acoustics solutions, which are used on small platforms by navies in littoral areas for diverse missions including anti-submarine warfare (ASW), search and rescue (SAR) and MCM. A core focus for UDT 2017 is compact sonar for Littorals. The Kongsberg product portfolio consists of several solutions for this purpose, suitable for installation on a wide variety of littoral platforms including unmanned surface vehicles (USV), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and AUVs, in addition... (read more)
2017-05-29 09:18:45

AsteRx3 OEM GNSS Receiver

Septentrio announces AsteRx3TM, a compact multi-frequency GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO and COMPASS-ready receiver. AsteRx3 TM is specially designed for integration in demanding precision positioning, navigation and automation applications such as land and maritime survey, machine control, UAV payloads, and many others, and provides excellent preparation for reaping the benefits of all modernized GNSS signals.  Providing simultaneous access to legacy and modernised GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO signals on L1, L2, L5, E5a, E5b and E5 AltBOC, AsteRx3TM is a most compact and future-proof OEM receiver.A range of innovative features, GNSS+, is introduced. ATrack+, Septentrio's patented Galileo AltBOC tracking, provides low noise tracking and multi-path... (read more)
2010-02-01 12:16:28

Magellan BLADE GNSS Signal Processing

Magellan has announced its exclusive BLADE (Base Line Accurate Determination Engine) technology, a GNSS processing solution that facilitates centimeter-level accuracy for real-time and post-processing surveys and mapping operations. Magellan’s BLADE combines ranging and carrier phase data from two satellite systems, GPS and SBAS, for superior satellite coverage and signal reliability to enable rapid, centimeter-level solutions. Magellan’s BLADE is the first GNSS processing system that uses SBAS ranging and carrier phase measurements in the RTK data processing. These SBAS measurements, which are GPS-like, improve satellite geometry to allow centimeter-level accuracies to be achieved in a shorter time compared to GPS-only algorithms.... (read more)
2007-05-24 12:00:00

SurvTech Selects NEXUS 800 for Aerial Mapping

A NEXUS 800 UAS powered by HYPACK has been provided to the US southeastern geospatial solutions company SurvTech. The company will use the device to acquire upland data simultaneous with subaqueous data and make a seamless point cloud of upland and submerged data. The integration with the company’s heading RTK GPS, IMU, sonar and HYPACK was experienced as straightforward. President David O’Brien of SurvTech stated they have been collecting mobile LiDAR with the HYPACK solution from their boats and trucks and are extremely happy with the datasets. Choice of the NEXUS 800 UAS When planning to equip a UAV copter... (read more)
2017-01-26 09:41:34

POSPac MMS 8 Featuring Post-processed Trimble CenterPoint RTX Service

Applanix has introduced POSPac MMS 8 GNSS-aided inertial post-processing software for georeferencing data collected from cameras, Lidars, multibeam sonar and other sensors on mobile platforms. The announcement was made on 11 October 2016 at Intergeo 2016, the world's largest conference on geodesy, geoinformatics and land management. Using the Trimble CenterPoint RTX subscription service with RTX technology, POSPac MMS 8 delivers significant new benefits for mobile mapping from land, air, marine and UAV platforms: Achieve centimetre-level accuracy within one hour after data collection with just an internet connection – no need to wait for delivery of public-domain ephemeris data, providing productivity... (read more)
2016-10-12 10:07:55

Insights into Multi-spectral Airborne Lidar

Mr Judah Westby, regional sales manager at Teledyne Optech, will deliver a presentation on the multi-spectral Optech Titan during the Asian Conference on Remote Sensing (ACRS) taking place from 19-23 October 2015 in Quezon City, the Philippines. The presentation, titled ‘New, Flexible Applications with the Multi-spectral Titan Airborne Lidar’, will explore new shallow-water survey data that the Titan provides and what can be done with it. The Titan’s data is showing how its 532nm channel penetrates up to 15 metres deep in clear coastal areas. By using all three channels, Titan can also measure up to 900,000 points per second... (read more)
2015-10-15 08:44:31

Optech Showcases Airborne Terrain and Bathymetry Sensors

Optech, specialised in the development, manufacture and support of high-accuracy Lidar 3D survey systems and productivity-enhancing workflow software, is exhibiting at the USA's largest intelligence event, the GEOINT 2013 Symposium, from 14 to 17 April. Anyone interested in the latest in airborne seamless topography and bathymetry technology to address ISR needs is welcome to drop by Optech booth 7051 to see the compact and UAV-compatible Orion airborne Lidar system, which enables high-altitude, wide-area GEOINT base mapping with excellent accuracy characteristics, maximising coverage efficiency without sacrificing detail and data accuracy. Also on display will be the Optech line of aerial camera systems, including... (read more)
2014-04-15 10:34:20

Research Vessels with Modular Mission Modules and Proven Technologies

During the Oceanographic Survey Vessel Conference, held in London, UK, from 7-9 June 2016, Damen Shipyards Group announced the introduction of a range of multi-role auxiliary vessels (MRAVs). The common theme running through the series is the provision of a basic platform offering reliable and cost-effective multi-role potential and hydrographic survey capabilities to naval clients. With the addition of supplementary modular mission equipment, this new family of Damen vessels can be mobilised in numerous, mainly littoral, naval tasks such as: explosive ordnance clearance and disposal, diving operations, torpedo recovery and overhaul, ROV and UAV deployment, SAR, coastal infantry and submarine... (read more)
2016-06-08 02:50:11

OGC Seeks Comment on Unmanned Systems Domain Working Group

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) seeks comments on the draft charter of a proposed Unmanned Systems Domain Working Group (UXS DWG). The proposed DWG will provide an open forum for the discussion and presentation of interoperability requirements, use cases, pilots and implementations of OGC standards in the Unmanned Systems Community (including aerial, underwater and other unmanned vehicle platforms). The UXS DWG is chartered to identify standards requirements and use cases for all aspects of unmanned systems operations focused on mission planning, geospatial data collection, and analysis. Comments should be sent via email to charter-requests@opengeospatial.org and are due by 10 April... (read more)
2017-03-13 03:21:32

OSRL Tests and Validates Remote Sensing Equipment

A recent offshore exercise, conducted by Oil Spill Response Ltd. (OSRL, UK), was designed to understand how remote sensing technologies can help detect oil spills at sea more effectively. Utilising the latest in satellite, airborne and in-water surveillance and communications equipment, the successful event demonstrated the value of the technology in identifying and monitoring spills and was conducted with full approval of the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) following a rigorous planning and stakeholder consultation process. The main surveillance tools and providers involved in the exercise included: Radar and optical satellite imagery (MDA, Earth-I, Airbus, Telespazio) Infra-red and Ultraviolet sensors on... (read more)
2017-07-10 01:31:40
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