Dead Sea Underwater Freshwater Springs Surveyed with USV

In November 2014, EvoLogics experts joined scientists from the Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), Germany, who led a two-week campaign north and south of the Darga river outlet on the Dead Sea coast in Israel. The divers investigated distribution and dimensions of the springs and sampled the spring water. The EvoLogics autonomous unmanned surface vehicle (USV) Sonobot was chosen to perform a bathymetric survey and seafloor mapping at the site. EvoLogics experts joined the campaign for a week to provide technical support and optimisation to ensure the USV, a light twin-hull catamaran craft, delivers best possible results in the mission’s... (read more)
2014-12-29 10:12:16

Elbit USV Teams Up with Klein for Minehunting Performance

Klein Marine Systems teamed with Elbit Systems to conduct structured mine countermeasure exercises in the Mediterranean Sea. The 5900 mine hunting side scan sonar, integrated onboard Elbit’s Seagull Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) successfully detected and classified all detectable moored and bottom Mine Like Objects (MLO’s) and did so in one-third the allotted time period for each exercise. During the trials which were conducted in various depth up to 85m, the 5900 sonar enabled MCM area survey at 8-9 knots with high performance and high area coverage rate. In addition to the controlled trial, the 5900 was operated by Seagull in... (read more)
2016-03-21 09:04:19

Kongsberg K-MATE Autonomy Controller for New USV-AUV Platform

K-MATE, an autonomous surface vehicle control system which is the latest marine robotics innovation from KONGSBERG, is to be integrated with SEA-KIT, a new class of maritime autonomous surface vessel being built by UK manufacturer, Hushcraft, and operated by SEA-KIT International. SEA-KIT can carry a deployable and retrievable payload of up to 2.5 tons. It is based on the AUV-USV concept, which could lead to more efficient, safer and cost-effective seafloor mapping operations, as well as providing a platform for numerous applications in a wide range of maritime sectors. The SEA-KIT vessel provides a next generation, long-range, long-endurance ocean capability.... (read more)
2017-08-10 11:15:43

Mapping a Hyper-acid Crater Lake with a USV

Surveying a Hell Hole
The 2,708m-high Poás Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in Costa Rica, located 35km northwest of the capital San José. This stratovolcano contains a 300m-wide crater lake called the Laguna Caliente (‘hot lagoon’) filled with naturally hot, very acidic concentrated chloride-sulphate brine. Knowing the volume and bathymetry of the lake is crucial in monitoring and predicting the behaviour of this active volcano, but there is no recent bathymetric data available. In this article, the authors explain how they developed a cheap and portable, sonar-equipped unmanned surface vehicle (USV) and used it to survey the lake. The pH of... (read more)
2017-03-14 01:58:45

Demonstrations of ARCIMS USV with Neptune Autonomy Software

Successful sea trials have been conducted to demonstrate the integration of the ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK (AEUK) ARCIMS unmanned surface vehicle (USV) with SeeByte’s Neptune autonomy software. In challenging conditions with winds gusting up to 45mph, the ARCIMS USV was controlled by SeeByte’s Neptune system in a number of autonomous missions in Portland Harbour, USA. These missions included single and multi-vehicle scenarios covering survey, target re-acquisition, survey with collision avoidance and multi-vehicle roles, demonstrating full collaboration between the ARCIMS USV and unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs). This series of missions demonstrated ARCIMS under Neptune control and explored the use of operational behaviours... (read more)
2017-04-05 02:53:11

USV to Map Lakes and River Sediment Movement in Norway

Swathe Services has announced that an Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV), designed and built by Unmanned Survey Solutions in Hayle, Cornwall, has been purchased by Trondheim University for research studies in Norway. The Inception Class Mark 2 USV is built by surveyors for surveyors. It’s designed for hydrographic surveys and data acquisition in ports and harbours, lakes and rivers, shallow coastal or enclosed inland areas. James Williams, managing director of Swathe Services said: “We are proud to have been selected to provide the Department of Civil Engineering with a complete Multi-Beam Echo-Sounder (MBES) system along with the USS Inception Mark II... (read more)
2018-07-10 01:25:49

Next-generation USV to Launch at Ocean Business 2019

Unmanned Survey Solutions (USS) has designed and built the next-generation Accession Class Unmanned Survey Vessel (USV) for use in nearshore and offshore hydrographic surveys. The device will launch at Ocean Business in April 2019. The unique modular design of the USV allows the vessel to increase its base design length of 3.5m to a maximum of 5m for additional payload equipment and/or power for extended endurance depending on operational requirements. James Williams, director at USS, said “We wanted to build a USV that was truly versatile, reliable and robust enough to withstand operating in offshore conditions while keeping it simple... (read more)
2019-03-14 01:58:45

Kongsberg Maritime Unveiled USV at Ocean Business 2019

Kongsberg Maritime has unveiled its new Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) during Ocean Business 2019 last week. The Sounder USV System is a versatile solution designed and built to provide the highest possible standard of data acquisition the company stated when demonstrating the new system in Southampton. Multipurpose Platform The Sounder USV System is a multipurpose platform designed to work across different market segments, including survey and fishery duties. It has been developed as a joint venture with Norsafe AS. The system has been configured from the keel upwards to deliver optimal hydroacoustic data quality, efficiency and productivity. Autonomous Control Operation... (read more)
2019-04-11 11:34:09

ASV Global C-Cat 3 USV Delivered to University of Southampton

ASV Global has delivered a 3m autonomous catamaran to the University of Southampton, UK. This vessel is the first of the C-Cat vessels to roll off the production line. The vessel will be used by the university for scientific research and development of autonomous behaviours. The investment was funded by an EPSRC RAS Capital Award. Dr Jon Downes from the University of Southampton’s Maritime Robotics Laboratory said, “We are very excited to have our own autonomous vessel which will enable us to undertake autonomy research and development. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with ASV – they worked closely with us... (read more)
2017-11-03 12:41:20

USVs Cause Lively Discussion at China-Israel Summit

Unmanned surface vessel (USV) technology brought hot discussion at the 4th edition of the China-Israel Innovation & Investment Summit, which was held in Zhuhai, China, between 2-4 July 2018. Yunfei Zhang, the founder of Oceanalpha, was invited as one of the top technical experts to give a speech. He stated that surface robots, represented by USVs, will subvert the traditional operation in the marine field, while the core of unmanned boats is AI technology. This speech matched the trend as both Israel and China are actively developing USV technology. Israel has always been known for its prosperous technology industry and... (read more)
2018-07-10 02:14:19
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