Making Sense of Wave Energy

A recent survey conducted by Seaview Sensing has revealed some interesting insights into the wave energy market. A massive 72% of the 246 participants thought they needed to learn more about waves, the reasons give were varied including "Buoy data are not extensive enough nor are data sets complete nor standardised, to optimise the weather window for installation activities", "Poor access to accurate data", "A whole host of reasons ranging from wave energy, wave shadowing, flood defence, coastal erosion", "to evaluate energy yield from sites we need wave data".     Participants were from all over the world with the... (read more)
2009-03-19 09:18:53

Offshore Wave Power Brought Onshore

In the summer of 2011, Orkney-based Scotrenewables launched its prototype floating tidal turbine, the SR250, designed to minimise the installation and maintenance costs of tidal energy compared to seabed-mounted tidal turbines.     The 33-metre long, 100 tonne SR250 is fixed to a mooring turret which is tethered to the sea floor. The construction of the turret allows the turbine to move with the direction of water movement, positioning itself automatically for optimal energy capture in much the same way that windmills turn to face the oncoming wind.   Harnessing the renewable power is just one part of the process,... (read more)
2011-10-07 12:00:00

Consolidating Wave, Wind and Tidal Power Technology

The newly-established Norwegian renewable energy company STRAUM merges three technology environments in a move towards becoming a leading supplier of wave, tidal and ocean wind power technology. STRAUM believes that consolidation is the key to success.   "Norway has a strong history of developing world-class offshore and hydropower technologies. This is a unique platform to develop marine renewable energy systems from, and a competitive advantage we believe now is materialised in STRAUM," says CEO Harald Østerberg. Through consolidation, the company gathers expertise and financial strength to break through in the global market. He sees synergies connected to technology development and... (read more)
2012-01-30 11:03:20

New Wave Media Acquires Marine Technology Reporter

New Wave Media has acquired Marine Technology Reporter (MTR), a twelve year old quarterly publication dedicated to reporting on the marine, environmental and engineering business from Marine Marketing Services of Hingham, Massachusetts. Marine Technology Reporter, and its twice monthly electronic, sister-publication,, is dedicated to keeping its global audience of readers abreast of information on the worldwide ocean industry through feature articles, company and products news, and a comprehensive events calendar. The new Marine Technology Reporter – a four-color magazine printed on a coated paper stock – is set to debut this summer. It will be edited for an international... (read more)
2005-06-20 12:00:00

Greenland's Ice Melting: 50-year Atlantic Wave

A number of climate models predict that global sea levels could rise more than a metre if the Greenland ice cap melts. Many urban and economic centres around the world would be at risk, and several low lying Pacific Islands could disappear underwater. A twist to the story has been uncovered, one which should alarm western nations bordering the Atlantic Ocean.   The New Scientist (12th July 2008) reports on the work of a research group at the University of Hamburg in Germany. They have constructed a computer model which analyses the detail of huge amounts of meltwater from the... (read more)
2008-08-05 09:26:33

Liquid Robotics Introduces New Wave Glider Platform

Liquid Robotics, a manufacturer of long-duration unmanned surface vehicles (USVs), is introducing its newest Wave Glider. The USV features advancements to shoreside operations and in-water performance enabling customers to mobilize, deploy and operate fleets of vehicles more efficiently, the company states. “Over the years, our customers’ missions have grown in complexity and scale, operating in one of the most challenging environments on Earth – the ocean,” said Dave Allen, Chief Executive Officer, Liquid Robotics. “In response, we’ve continued to raise the bar for unmanned surface vehicles.” Advancements This release builds on the current Wave Glider capabilities with the following advancements:... (read more)
2019-09-12 12:37:06

Wärtsilä Contributes to Wave Energy Project

Wärtsilä will support the development of the WaveRoller wave energy convertor, designed by Finnish company AW-Energy, with a series of sub-assemblies for a prototype. The patented WaveRoller device harnesses the energy of ocean waves and turns it into electricity. It consists of a submerged steel panel, which is located near an ocean shore. As waves move back and forth, the mass of water moves the steel panel. Then hydraulic piston pumps transfer fluid inside a closed circuit into a hydraulic motor that drives an electricity generator, creating an energy output between 500 and 1,000kW per panel, depending on the intensity... (read more)
2017-05-17 08:54:05

Wave Buoys with Dual Primary Telemetry

AXYS Technologies (AXYS) now offers a dual primary telemetry option when ordering the TRIAXYS Wave Buoy. This option extends the operational capabilities of TRIAXYS while lowering overall capital expenditures. This feature will be useful to consulting engineering or leasing equipment companies, who can use one buoy in a broad range of applications. With the dual primary telemetry option, the end user can operate the TRIAXYS buoy in VHF mode for a near-shore application; then as needs change, cellular or satellite telemetry can be configured as primary by the end user over the air through a software change. No sending the... (read more)
2011-02-24 08:56:13

Wave Monitoring Buoy Deployed off Mauritius

Wave energy developer Carnegie Wave Energy Limited has successfully deployed and commissioned a wave monitoring buoy off the south coast of Mauritius. The project was carried out in conjunction with its Mauritian Project partners: The Mauritian Research Council (MRC), Australia’s High Commissioner to Mauritius and the University of Western Australia. This announcement follows Carnegie’s signing of a collaboration agreement with the Mauritius Research Council (MRC) to identify opportunities and develop pathways for commercial wave energy plants, for the republic of Mauritius, that are capable of providing a sustainable source of electrical power. Wave Energy Data Acquisition The purpose of this... (read more)
2016-07-04 09:31:12
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