Directional Wave Monitoring Buoys for China

Following an international tender process, AXYS has been awarded a contract by the State Oceanic Administration's (SOA) First Institute in Qingdao for the supply of two TRIAXYS directional wave monitoring buoys. The solar-powered TRIAXYS buoys gather directional wave data, which is processed and logged on board before being radioed to SOA personnel ashore once per hour.     SOA's decision follows publication of the TRIAXYS directional wave sensor specification in the Chinese Department of Transport's Technical Directive JTJ/T 277-2006, which validated wave sampling at 4 Hz.   The purchase was facilitated by AXYS' representative in China, DNT Gore (Qingdao) Ltd.... (read more)
2009-04-15 03:05:07

Ocean Wave Energy at Affordable Price

SyncWave Energy has announced SyncWave Power Resonator, that captures the energy in Ocean Waves with frequency-based technology. SyncWave is a free-floating, self-reacting point-absorber system that is expected to improve the economics of wave energy. This system is believed to cut the cost of wave energy down to levels affordable by consumers and industry today. SyncWave power could sell for US$ 0.05/kWh. SyncWave Power Resonator is comprised of two floats and a controller deployed in deep waters offshore. Under the regular stimulation of ocean swell the floats naturally heave out of phase due to differences in their physical properties. The SyncWave... (read more)
2006-11-28 12:00:00

Biopower and Elecnor to Develop Wave Energy

Australia’s ocean energy company, BioPower Systems, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Spanish global project development company Elecnor SA. The MOU establishes a process for the two companies to work towards agreements for the development of wave energy projects using BioPower’s proprietary bioWAVE technology in Elecnor’s core business regions (Spain, Portugal and South America).   The bioWAVE system is designed to supply utility-scale grid-connected renewable energy while being out of view and without affecting marine life. The unique system sways with the forces of the ocean and naturally streamlines when extreme conditions prevail, leading to cost-competitive lightweight... (read more)
2009-11-05 10:03:14

Ireland Formally Funding Wave Energy Technology

Wave energy developer Carnegie Wave Energy has signed the formal funding agreement with the Irish Government's Sustainable Energy Association (SEAI) for a EUR150,000 project to evaluate potential CETO wave sites in Ireland and develop a site specific conceptual design. The project is 50% funded by the SEAI and 50% by Carnegie and forms the first phase of detailed design for a potential 5MW commercial demonstration project in Irish waters. The project will be managed through Carnegie's Irish subsidiary, CETO Wave Energy Ireland Limited (). The project has now commenced with the appointment of Ireland-based engineering specialists RPS Consulting Engineers to... (read more)
2011-01-10 12:01:31

Wave Energy Demo Proposed at Irish Site

Wave energy developer Carnegie Wave Energy has formally applied for a Foreshore Licence in order to further explore the viability of its proposed 5MW CETO commercial demonstration project offshore of County Clare, Ireland. Through its Irish subsidiary CETO Wave Energy Ireland (CWE Ireland), Carnegie recently completed a detailed site evaluation and conceptual design study.     The initial study identified two potential near-shore sites for further development. Having assessed the two potential sites in consultation with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), CWE Ireland has formally applied to the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government for a Foreshore... (read more)
2011-12-27 11:23:12

WERA System to Monitor Effects Wave Hub

The Wave Hub is to be developed approximately 10 miles off Hayle, on the north coast of Cornwall, UK. The hub is a 'socket' sitting on the seabed for wave energy converters (WEC) to be plugged into. The extraction of energy by the devices will by definition change the physical environment at the Wave Hub site. Radar systems are sought in order to determine the magnitude of this change and to assess the nature and magnitude of far field changes present in the shadow area in the lee of Wave Hub. Radar devices will provide the offshore wave boundary conditions... (read more)
2010-02-01 11:02:48

High-res Current and Wave Mapping

Helzel Messtechnik is the German manufacturer of the remote ocean sensing system WERA. The shore-based ocean radar “WERA” provides reliable data of ocean surface currents and significant wave height and direction over long distances (> 200km) with outstanding spatial and temporal resolution for VTS, SAR and environmental protection applications.   As WERA is modular and broadband, it can be operated at very low frequencies to provide very long ranges or at the upper HF band (30MHz) with a resulting range of 50km. This product family is now extended by a VHF instrument operating up to 50MHz providing highest resolution (down... (read more)
2011-04-06 03:55:18

TRIAXYS Buoys for Ecuador’s Wave Monitoring Programme

AXYS Technologies, Canada, has recently delivered two TRIAXYS Next Wave Directional Wave Buoys to Instituto Oceanográfico De La Armada (INOCAR) of Ecuador. These TRIAXYS buoys will be deployed along the Ecuador coastline for its developing coastal wave monitoring programme. The AXYS services team travelled to Guayaquil to provide system training, and will return shortly to continue instructing INOCAR personnel on managing and operating the network. INOCAR chose to use the TRIAXYS wave buoy based on its success in other coastal monitoring networks for similar clients in South America. “INOCAR’s choice to use the TRIAXYS buoys builds on our foundation of... (read more)
2013-04-12 12:00:00

Douglas-Westwood Launch Online Wave & Tidal Database

Douglas-Westwood Ltd. are pleased to announce the official launch of The World Wave and Tidal Database, a unique online data source for the rapidly developing wave and tidal industries. The database contains project information on every identified wave and tidal energy project worldwide, in both operation and planning. More than 30 data fields are included for each project including location, costs, capacity, output, key contacts etc. and a detailed profile for each project is given. The World Wave and Tidal Database offers comprehensive project information in an easy to use and fully searchable format. (read more)
2004-05-14 12:00:00

Free TRIAXYS Next Wave Sensor Training

The TRIAXYS Wave sensor has proven itself capable in hundreds of deployments over the past 10 years. In 2010 it was upgraded to the TRIAXYS Next Wave sensor, with several new features added including continual wave sampling and expanded interface and memory capabilities. Reo Phillips is to give a free training session during Ocean Business 2011, Southampton, UK. Reservation is required.     Reo Phillips, AXYS Director of Operations and lead engineer in the development of TRIAXYS, will be on hand at the Ocean Business Conferenceto provide free training on how to use and get the most from this sensor.... (read more)
2011-02-25 02:13:59
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