Patrice Coholan Recognised

Patrice D. Coholan, president of Horizon Marine Inc., USA, has been named a Cambridge Who's Who Professional of the Year in Oceanography. While inclusion in the Cambridge Who's Who Registry is an honour, only a small selection of members in each discipline are chosen for this distinction. These special honourees are distinguished based on their professional accomplishments, academic achievements, leadership abilities, years of service, and the credentials they have provided in association with their Cambridge Who's Who membership.   With nearly three decades of professional experience and a background in cartography, Ms. Coholan serves as the president of Horizon Marine,... (read more)
2011-08-01 03:13:25

IHO Builds Capacity in Antigua and Barbuda

The International Hydrographic Organization (IHO, Monaco) Capacity Building Sub Committee (CBSC) and the Meso American and Caribbean Sea Hydrographic Commission (MACHC) recently executed an Introduction to Hydrographic Surveying and Nautical Cartography training course in St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda.The purpose of the Project, which took place from 30th May to 10th June, was to establish hydrographic capacity in the region so that maritime authorities can begin providing necessary products and services to comply with basic requirements for safety of navigation in the area.     The United Kingdom Hydrographic Organization (UKHO) developed the basic course curriculum, with industry participants CARIS,... (read more)
2011-07-25 10:59:47

Navionics “XL9” Regions For the Americas and Europe

Navionics has added a new coverage size for its Gold+ Charts, XL9 for the Americas, Europe and Rest of the World. Providing over three times the coverage previously available in XL3-size regions and featuring the same level of detail and accuracy, the XL9 regions are available for the Great Lakes, US navigable rivers and coastal waters throughout the Americas and Europe. The vectorized XL9 charts are legible charts without clutter, holes or discontinuities at every zoom level. With the same details of the XL3 charts at up to 16 zoom levels, XL9 charts offer information on navaids, tide and currents... (read more)
2007-02-21 11:29:37

Multibeam Data Processing

Using CUBE Surfaces for Nautical Cartography and Dredged Measurements
This article is about the evolution of acoustic sounders imposed on Hydrographic Service’s new methodologies for the interpretation, handling and application of hydrographic information. Considering spatial resolution and high-density data acquired by multibeam echosounders (MBES), algorithms such as Combined Uncertainty Bathymetry Estimator (CUBE) are used in the processing workflow to generate depths and uncertainty estimates. Can bathymetric surfaces be considered the final survey product in exchange of the traditional shoals selection? IHPT conducted hydrographic surveys in order to evaluate CUBE processing for nautical cartography and for dredged volume calculation. Shoals validated by hydrographers were compared with CUBE estimated depths and... (read more)
2012-05-02 04:24:26

Navigating Through Land and Water

This year the Geodetic Institute of Slovenia is celebrating its 55th anniversary. As a public institution, the work of the Institute was and remains dedicated to geodesy, photogrammetry, cartography, geomatics and property. Its experts in different fields of the profession are also the lecturers at the University of Ljubljana and, in this way, they transfer their knowledge to younger generations. About 10 years ago, the Institute started hydrographic activities as official support to the Slovenian Hydrographic Office.<P> The Institute for Geodesy and Photogrammetry (IGF) was established on 14 December 1953 as a research institute at the University of Ljubljana. The... (read more)
2009-01-05 12:00:00

AHS Annual Education Award

The Australasian Hydrographic Society offers an Annual Education Award of AUD2,500 (USD2391). The award is open to students studying or researching in any maritime discipline. Application closes Friday 12th December 2008.   The disciplines include, but arenot limited to: Hydrography - Nautical Charting  - Surveying at Sea Coastal Studies - Coastal Zone Management Offshore Resource Surveys and Management Port Development and Maritime Engineering Law of the Sea Marine Cartography Environmental Studies Marine Geology and Geophysics   Application Forms are available from the Australasian Hydrographic Society Web Site.     (read more)
2008-07-07 10:33:31

Australian Education Award

This year once more a student will be supported in joining the hydrographic profession by an Australasian Hydrographic Society Annual Education Award of AUD2,500.   The award is open to students studying or researching in any maritime discipline including, but not limited to, the following:•Hydrography - Nautical Charting - Surveying at Sea•Coastal Studies - Coastal Zone Management•Offshore Resource Surveys and Management•Port Development and Maritime Engineering•Law of the Sea•Marine Cartography•Environmental Studies•Marine Geology and Geophysics Closing date for applications is Friday 9th December 2010. Application Forms are available from the Australasian Hydrographic Society Web Site. (read more)
2010-08-26 10:03:57

NOAA to Expand Hydrographic Services Advisory Panel

In a Federal Register Notice, NOAA is soliciting nominations for membership on the Hydrographic Services Review Panel, a U.S. federal advisory committee that advises the NOAA administrator on the agency's hydrographic programs, products, and technology. Applications must be received by 10 October 2014.    The panel advises NOAA on operations and research issues related to hydrographic surveying, nautical charts, tides and currents, geodetic and geospatial measurements, and coastal resilience. Applicants should have expertise in marine navigation; port administration; marine shipping or other intermodal transportation industries; cartography and geographic information systems; geodesy; physical oceanography; coastal resource management, including coastal resilience and... (read more)
2014-08-20 09:20:06

Australian Education Award

Students studying or researching in a maritime discipline can look forward to be awarded by the Annual Education Award of the Australasian Hydrographic Society. This award supports capacity building in the Australasian area. The winner receives AU$2,500 (US$1783). The award covers maritime disciplines as Hydrography, nautical charting, surveying at sea Coastal studies, coastal zone management Offshore resource surveys and management Port development and maritime engineering Law at sea Marine cartography Environmental studies Marine geology and geophysics This list is not a limitation. Application forms are available from the Australasian Hydrographic Society Web Site. Closing date is Friday 7th December 2007.... (read more)
2007-04-26 09:59:20

Portuguese Hydrographical Institute Upgrades With iXSea Delph Seismic+ Plus

iXSea announced the signing of a contract with the Portuguese Hydrographical Institute for the supply of the latest release of the new Delph Seismic+ Plus imagery software suite. The ‘Instituto Hidrográfico’, based in Lisbon, has for a number of years been using Delph Seismic products for their research in the fields of oceanography and marine geology as well as for their Official Nautical Cartography. The new Delph Seismic+ Plus imagery software suite will add value to geo interpretation and save on precious survey time by delivering in real time graphic 3D visualisation of the survey data. (read more)
2005-03-11 12:00:00
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