Miros Launches Real-time Sea-state Data as Cloud-integrated Service

Ocean-surface measuring specialist Miros Group will make dry measurements of sea state available through the cloud as a service. For customers, this means flexible access to real-time data without having to cover the investment in data collection and transfer equipment. “Making sea-state data available in real time through the cloud was a major step forward, but we believe that offering this as a pure service will be equally as important for our customers,” explains Miros Group CEO Andreas Brekke. Brekke explains that Miros’ line of Internet of Things (IoT)-based dry sensors, with no equipment exposed to water, is the key... (read more)
2018-10-02 10:13:15

‘Geospatial Big Data’ Webinar

GCS, based in the USA, has opened additional online seating for its first Geospatial Big Data webinar. The webinar will focus on “Building, Deploying and Managing Applications in the Cloud” and will feature the Montana Site Selector cloud-enabled GIS application. The free one-hour webinar will be broadcast live at 3 pm (U.S. Eastern Daylight Time) on Wednesday 12 June 2013, and will include a Q&A session with the audience. GCS Founder and CEO Alex Philp, PhD., has experienced that geospatial organisations face unique technical challenges in deploying GIS applications in the cloud. The webinar will demonstrate how to cloud enable... (read more)
2013-06-11 09:53:02

Improved Sonar and Lidar Features for NaviSuite Kuda

EIVA launched the NaviSuite Kuda software solution for shallow-water surveys in September 2015. This bundle included new features in the entire NaviSuite product line allowing for simultaneous acquisition of multiple sonar and Lidar datasets. Together with an Eiva customer specialising in shallow water surveys, SensorSurvey, a system with an R2Sonic SONIC 2024 (400 & 700kHz) broadband multi-beam echosounder and a Renishaw Merlin vessel-based Lidar mapping system were mobilised for a seabed and quayside/elements port mapping survey. The results of the test survey showed places where coding could be improved allowing for a more efficient solution for shallow water surveys in... (read more)
2016-07-04 11:14:10

QuickStitch Processing Software Powered by EIVA

The dedicated QuickStitch software package has been designed specifically for data collected with a Teledyne BlueView 3D Scanning Sonar to streamline the review, cleaning and alignment process. Developed by EIVA from the NaviModel solution, which is part of the NaviSuite software suite, QuickStitch is based on industry-proven hydrographic software. Teledyne BlueView’s underwater 3D acoustic imaging equipment is used to inspect, monitor, measure and quantify areas of interest below the surface. The 3D Scanning Sonar scan from a fixed location and produce a highly detailed point cloud centred on the scan location. To obtain data over larger areas, multiple, overlapping point... (read more)
2015-02-24 11:03:12

Open Source Software and Hydrographic Survey Data

3D Point Cloud Editing for Quick Seafloor Extraction Analysis and Visualizations
Hydrographers and data processors are expected to produce high-quality deliverables with a swift turnaround in this present age of data collection and technological refinement. However, the cost of proprietary commercial software processing programmes has excluded many in the past. Such programmes incorporate finely-tuned tools suites and nested algorithms that have been polished and distilled over the years. However, the financial hurdles are not as high as the passion and love that these individuals carry for this explorative industry and, thankfully, open source resources and collective intelligence are changing the game. Processors are often given large datasets with requests for end product... (read more)
2020-12-01 09:08:59

Software for Mosaicking, Positioning and Full-colour 3D Point Clouds

Cathx Ocean, a supplier of subsea machine vision systems, is presenting SOLID, a range of software tools that deliver local positioning, mosaic capabilities and real-time full-colour 3D point clouds at Ocean Business in Southampton, UK, from 4 April 2017. Cathx Ocean has delivered over 30 laser and imaging systems on commercial AUVs and ROVs last year. These systems provide real-time laser point cloud with sub-millimetre resolution and co-registered UHD or HD images. They are available in flexible configurations for small and work-class ROVs and AUVs including 6,500m-rated systems, and are fully integrated with Navimodel and QINSy to provide real-time data... (read more)
2017-04-04 10:12:23

Obtaining Detailed Dimensional Data of Subsea Well Operations Equipment

Seatronics and 2G Robotics recently conducted a demonstration of the ULS-200 underwater laser scanner for Total Marine Technology (TMT, Australia). TMT provides locally built work-class remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and intervention tooling designed specifically for the offshore drilling and production industry. TMT took delivery of a ULS-200 for a trial period. TMT's objective was to test the accuracy of the ULS-200, how it functions from an operational perspective, and how the data can be processed and presented for measurement purposes.  TMT scanned a Subsea Intervention Device (SID), H4 Wellhead Connector with ROV Interface Panel, and a Light Well Intervention (LWI) Device.... (read more)
2015-12-01 08:44:46

Major Funding for Remote Operations Survey Processing Project

Teledyne CARIS, a Teledyne Technologies company, has announced significant funding from Canada’s Ocean Supercluster award to develop software for remote operations survey processing. This is in alignment with the company’s leading AI strategy. Canada’s Ocean Supercluster will contribute CA$944,000 to the CA$2.1 million project. The CARIS Cloud Technology Project will break down technical barriers to entry for hydrographic processing and charting in support of remote operations. Teledyne CARIS’ project aims at three targeted deliverables: 1. The enhancement of its desktop-based product line to leverage the cloud to deliver consistent access for global users in every possible circumstance.2. Support for remote... (read more)
2020-11-27 10:00:36

Bathymetry from UAV Imagery and Machine Learning

Improving Results with Refraction Corrections
Accurate bathymetric mapping of shallow areas is essential for a plethora of offshore activities. Through Structure from Motion (SfM) and Multiview Stereo (MVS) techniques, images can provide a low-cost alternative compared to Lidar and sonar systems while also offering important visual information. This article presents a new framework for mapping the seabed in clear and calm shallow waters for small- and large-scale surveys using aerial imagery and machine learning to correct the geometric effects of refraction on the 3D point clouds and the imagery. SfM is a photogrammetric technique for estimating 3D structures from 2D image sequences. It involves acquiring... (read more)
2020-10-13 10:42:39

Big Ocean Data Unlocked

OneOcean Corporation has announced the beta release of ClipCard, its cloud-based innovation for managing, accessing and exchanging marine geospatial data. With ClipCard, it is now possible to instantly view and share key information from big ocean data, anytime, anywhere, without the need to transfer the data itself. Ocean data can come in more than 100 file formats, reach terabytes in size, and take a week to download. Users have limited tools for managing their own holdings and even more limited means of exchanging huge files with others. Because of the sheer magnitude of the data, valuable information remains dormant behind... (read more)
2013-02-22 11:34:36
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