Subsea Lidar Laser Scanning System Using Terrestrial Methodology

Teledyne-CDL and 3D at Depth present during Oceanology International 2014, to be held from 11 to 13 March 2014 in London, UK, their subsea patented technology which uses subsea Lidar (Laser Radar) scanning techniques for the installation/field development of inspection environments. A 532 nanometer laser line scanner is used at depths of 3,000m to collect ranging and imaging data at resolutions that are not commonly known or seen in harsh subsea environments.   The track record of the system and its data sets are focused on increasing the scale of the data to 40,000 points per second with proven ranges... (read more)
2014-03-04 10:48:17

Port-Log for ABP’s Environmental Monitoring

Associated British Ports (ABP) has contracted OceanWise to install Port-Log across all of ABP's 21 UK ports. The project has not required any of ABP's existing sensors to be replaced. A major benefit of is its ability to accommodate a wide range of sensors from different manufacturers. Consequently, pressing deadlines for installing and testing the system were able to be met. The service utilises OceanWise' Smart Telemetry units to transmit data to a cloud server, providing real-time publishing of monitoring data direct to individual VTS centres at each Port Cluster, as well as to other users and devices at... (read more)
2017-01-17 11:28:56

Antinoise Plugin for Navimodel

The AntiNoise plugin module for NaviModel Digital Terrain Modeling software is developed in close cooperation with SCALGO, a Danish company founded in 2009 and specialised in software for massive terrain data through utilisation of basic and applied research on algorithms for efficient handling of massive geometric data. The AntiNoise plugin for NaviModel uses the high-density of modern marine surveying data to clean a point cloud at its intrinsic granularity without use of interpolation. The software automatically computes a "noise score" for each data point, and the user can then easily and interactively clean parts of (or the whole) dataset in... (read more)
2010-05-28 12:00:00

SHOM’s Coastal Mapping Project to Use Global Mapper

The Service Hydrographique et Océanographique de la Marine (SHOM, France) has selected Global Mapper for its Litto3D project. The goal of this programme is to create a seamless, high-resolution elevation model incorporating both bathymetric and topographic coverage for the entire coastline of France as well as French Overseas Territories. The inclusion of Global Mapper in the project planning and data-processing tasks is a fitting testament to the strength and versatility of the software. Operating under the administration of the French Ministry of Defence, SHOM, utilises both airborne Lidar and multibeam data collection techniques in the Litto3D project. As a result,... (read more)
2016-08-10 09:45:52

EdgeTech and Esri Cooperating on Data to ENC Solution

EdgeTech has entered into a cooperative engagement with Esri. Utilising Esri’s ArcGIS for Maritime platform in combination with the EdgeTech 6205 sonar, customers have access to real-time, high-resolution, three-dimensional (3D) maps of the seafloor and electronic navigation charts stored and accessible in the cloud, anywhere, anytime and on any device. To meet the emerging requirement of creating hydrographic products, including charts, more efficiently and accurately, the two companies have collaborated and streamlined the process of bathymetric data collection, management and production. Customers can quickly produce and access IHO S-57 compatible data which can be published and used directly from the ArcGIS... (read more)
2017-04-10 04:14:27

iXblue Builds Capacity for Simultaneous Operations on Either Side of the Tasman

iXblue has announced the award of two significant hydrographic charting projects this month. The projects were awarded by the Australian Government Department of Defence and Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) under their respective annual survey and charting programmes. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic this year, iXblue will be exercising new in-house capabilities to undertake both major projects simultaneously. The LINZ project, part of iXblue’s programme on the Hydrographic Suppliers Panel, will see nearly 2,000 linear nautical miles of high-resolution bathymetry data collected in coastal waters off the Coromandel Peninsula – a highly trafficked waterway on the east... (read more)
2020-09-29 08:40:10

Free MARS Viewer

Merrick & Company has released its free MARS Viewer at the International LIDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) 2006. MARS Viewer is an intuitive, easy-to-use viewing application for LIDAR and associated terrain data. Designed as a lightweight visualization application, MARS Viewer allows users to view and navigate point cloud and surface models. Merrick Advanced Remote Sensing (MARS) software is a stand-alone, Windows-based application specifically designed for processing, analyzing and managing terrain data. (read more)
2006-03-03 12:00:00


HYPACK has released HYPACK 6.2B, which version includes updates to HYPACK 6.2A and new features. Among some of the features of Version 6.2B are new Point Cloud editing tool , Sub-Bottom Profiling integration, HSX to XTF converter and GSF to HSX and vice versa, and support of MrSID and JPEG2000 background charts.   HYPACK 6.2B is available for download from the Hypack website to all the users subscribed to the HYPACK Maintenance Plan.       (read more)
2007-09-18 09:44:15

FME 2015 Includes Various Improvements

FME 2015 by Safe Software is available in both FME Desktop and FME Server. Developments aim to help users easily move their data to where it needs to be and keep up with technology that is constantly evolving. New tools enable them to use more data in more ways and enhanced usability features allow them to work with FME more efficiently. The focus is on getting the most from the data. Users of the new version of FME can take advantage of additional point cloud capabilities including read support for new formats CARIS CSAR and RIEGL 6.0 RDB and the... (read more)
2015-01-19 09:45:51

North Sea Laser Survey Work

UTEC StarNet has announced that the company is currently performing laser surveys on the Shearwater platform in the North Sea. The survey work follows on from a recently-completed project on the Shell Gannet platform and involves use of technology to digitally capture, in high detail, a 3D data-set of the entire production asset. The survey will encompass all major structural elements, piping, all fixtures and fittings, production equipment, safety systems, communication equipment, plant rooms and drilling derrick to a very high, accurate and reliable detail.   The survey will produce a complete and measureable point cloud that, in conjunction with... (read more)
2013-12-20 12:00:00
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